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Mar 9, 2021

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 66 – Communication from Andromeda Space Battleship Captain ‘Amelo’

image: Pixabay
Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 66 – Communication from Andromeda Space Battleship Captain ‘Amelo’
I received a communication from ‘Amelo’ calling himself the Andromeda Space Battleship captain on April 17, 2018, but I have not made it public until now because it was not sent with the purpose of disclosure.

He is a member of what Mr. Corey Goode names as “Sphere Being Alliance” and his physical body (in narrow sense) exists in 3.3D. Therefore, it means that he is the captain of the highest level group of "Sphere Being Alliance.”

As the communication shows, aliens like him who are said to come to Earth to liberate it know my information. With a little bit of research about me, they must understand that I do not intentionally tell a lie or release fake information. Of course, my information is not always correct. I have no intention to spread disruptive information. In case there is any wrong information, it is simply due to lack of my knowledge.

The communication from Amelo reads that the Cobra Resistance Movement and the Pleiades army connected to the group “secretly communicated with the shadow army of the earth” and continued to sabotage the earth as part of Darkness. I have the same recognition.

Decent aliens who recognize this fact launched an organization “Galactic Federation of Worlds” which is a different organization from Sphere Being Alliance, Galactic Federation and Galactic Confederation of Light. Subsequently, Amelo became the supreme commander of “Galactic Federation of Worlds.”

He seems to have visited me. I saw a strange man join hands in prayer, kneeling at my feet in the morning. I can determine exact the date and time if I see my diary. He is a tall alien. Strangely, he has an 8-inch fin along the body including hands and legs. I thought he was a merman.

According to the communication below, “the army of Cobra/RM has completely disappeared at present and their physical body on the earth is in the state of no power and non-resistance. When I got this communication, I checked their vibrations. Undoubtedly, their bodies subtler than physical body (in narrow sense), including plasma body, had been destroyed

Communications including this communication from Amelo published on this blog are completely different in contents from so-called channeling information. I think that people with good intuition know that mainstream media always release fake news and never report the truth, and so we cannot find true information unless we check by ourselves. As is the same with it, most of channeling information comes from Darkness. So, we have to check the information by ourselves whether it is true or not. Vibration of information source is important to know whether the information comes from Darkness or Light. If you cannot tell the difference, it is wise to ignore channeling information.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 28, 2020
Heavenly message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 66

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: April 17, 2018 5:46 pm>


I come here to ask you a favor.
We alien races never intend to fight against the Army of Light.
However, some of them ignored the alliance with us and secretly communicated with the army of Darkness on the earth. They have superficially taken a stand for Light while they have joined various manipulations to destroy the earth behind the scenes and given a lot of damage to the Earth’s ecosystem.
Space Union* including us Andromeda has not noticed their manipulation behind the scenes but has maintained cooperation as allied forces.

* It was not Space League but Space Union.

However, we knew on the blog published by Mr. Takeshita that there had been unlawful attacks on you by the Pleiadian army, Cobra Resistance Movement group since last month. Since then we have searched their move by espionage and technology.
And then we found the decisive evidence of their betrayal and fought against them who are part of Darkness. And then we have won just now.

I’d like to convey this victory to you Mrs. Nakanishi, who have been attacked in many forms. And I have sent this communication in the hope that you would explain to Mr. Takeshita about where we stand.

At present, Cobra and RM forces have completely disappeared and their physical bodies on the earth are in the state of no power or resistance.

(Nakanishi) I was attacked for many hours by an army of half million this morning. Do you know who they were?

It is likely that various allied Dark forces colluded in attack against you.

To tell the truth, based on the request from deities in the heavenly world, our army also participated in expelling them and had them disappear.

Please feel safe.

I’ve come to ask you to tell to Mr. Takeshita about a series of events, which, I hope, will serve as reference about our future duties in the universe.

(Nakanishi) You mean that you did kindly join in fighting together with deities this morning, don’t you?
Thank you so much.
I felt it took a few hours until the fight ended. It was difficult to defeat them, wasn’t it?

Yes, it actually took four hours to defeat them.

(Nakanishi) When I send this communication to Mr. Takeshita, I think it is necessary to write your name and where you belong. Please let me know.

I am Andromeda Space Battleship Captain ‘Amelo’.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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  1. The Galactic Federation of Worlds is like a Galactic United Nations.