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Jan 29, 2021

In the U.S. the two administrations by Biden and the military are being operated in parallel! – Joe Biden follows the instruction of “Q”

image: Joe Biden Wikipedia [Public Domain]
In the U.S. the two administrations by Biden and the military are being operated in parallel! – Joe Biden follows the instruction of “Q”
We have received the following information from Popo-chan. I have slightly changed the order of sentences for easier reading. Mr. Simon Parks says: “The two administrations by Biden and the military are being operated in parallel in the U.S.” Judging from various information available, we can’t think of anything else that this is exactly true.

“The executive order signed by Mr. Trump in 2018 says that presidential assumption can be revoked only by the military administration.” In the video below distributed on 21/1/24 on YouTube, Major General Walker in charge of Washington DC security says: “We are here to assist in the peaceful transition of power to the military together with the police and Secret Service.

From the announcement of a new organization “Republic Revival” by Sidney Powell and establishment of “Patriot Party” by former President Trump, we can see the fact that the military tries to return the U.S. to a republic.

As for the procedure, I think that the article by Mr. Yoshiyuki Onagi posted on Facebook may hit the mark. As Texas seemed to make a move be independent, it is no wonder that some states will be independent and declare to become a republic if they have support from the military. Based on the prediction, “the U.S. will transfer all of sovereignty and administrative functions to the republic.”

To make it possible, Biden’s turnover to Q with a plea deal is prerequisite. See the video posted on Twitter. This is part of the “official White House YouTube.” We can hear the voice of a man saying “I guess so you know about my life as we’re waiting to do this. I just agreed to a plea sentence for some guy.” This is said to be the voice of Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. I am sure that “a man” is Joe Biden.

Why did White House post such audio on official WH YouTube? I think that “Joe Biden follows the instruction of “Q.” I think that it is highly likely.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 25, 2021
Information from popo-chan, the contributor to Shanti Phula's Blog
This is Popo-chan!
Here is a video posted a few days ago by Before It’s News, in which Mr. Simon Parks appeared as a guest.

The Japanese version is also available. I have summarized the points to be sure.
Mr. Simon reports on his website that the video has finally been suspended from YouTube.
However, he has moved to BitChute and Rumble. According to him, we can see the video.

  • In the U.S. the two administrations by Biden and the military are being operated in parallel. However, Biden has almost no power.
  • The executive order signed by Mr. Trump in 2018 cannot be revoked by Biden. It’s because the presidential order can be revoked only by the military administration . Mr. Trump is still signing the executive order and sends it to the military administration.
  • The U.S. constitution enables to cancel the assumption of Biden after being elected.
  • According to Paul’s intelligence information, Mt. Trump is scheduled to take office as the 19th president around early to middle of April.
  • Paul’s view (expectation) is that the new administration will be inaugurated in Pennsylvania.
  • Italian prime minister is still on duty because he negotiated with the Trump team and promised to attack the Vatican Bank.
  • The explosion in Nashville was caused by the good guys. They showed Space weapon to bad guys as a warning.
The following is the news reported by ordinary media.
  • Biden wanted to know information about F35 currently for sale in Saudi Arabia and contacted to the Pentagon’s Air Force. They refused to answer by saying “you don’t need to know.” That’s because they never recognize Biden as president.
  • The bank used by Mr. Trump in Florida handed over a check a check for approximately $5 million in account balance and closed his account without asking his permission.
  • The footage of Biden in Oval Office is shot in a studio in California. The background beyond the window is computer graphics.
  • Click on antifa.com, and you connect to the White House site.
That’s all.
Quoted by Facebook of Yoshiyuki Onagi 21/1/20
1. A republic is established and Tora-san (Mr. Trump) assumes the 19th head of the republic (January 18)
2. Biden assumes the 46th president of the U.S. (January 20)

―  The following is prediction.

3. The U.S. will transfer all of its sovereignty and administrative functions to the republic.

# This is where Biden and Tora-san will sign.

Without 2, it is impossible to transfer sovereignty from the U.S. to the republic country.


The question is whether the Biden camp will accept 3. To make it happen, it is necessary to take steps in advance to prevent the current U.S. army from being controlled by Biden. Total command of the U.S. army belongs to the president. So after the 20th, the national army will be under the command of Biden.


*If an order is issued in advance that the supreme command of the military be transferred, for example, to the supreme commander of the Texas Military Forces during the necessary period of time, and yet the order indicates that it is impossible even for President to revoke it by the Commander-in-Chief, the army will not be able to come under the command of Biden. As long as these preparations are made in advance, Biden would not be able to use force and would be forced to raise the white flag in front of the republic country. Tora-san would be going to march for victory

<The rest is omitted>
Distributed by Twitter
Distributed by YouTube – January 24, 2021

Interview by a national guard who slipped up (with Japanese subtitle)

Comment on the video by Taizan Armrich:

*I looked him up and found that he is the commander in charge of security in Washington D.C., Lieutenant General Walker. He used to be a military intelligence officer, Chief of Staff for Operations in Afghanistan, Chief of Staff elsewhere, and was appointed directly to the rank of Major General by President Tora. I think he intentionally dropped the bombshell on the hostile media, ABC news, rather than just being a hunchback, given his background.

Note: *Translation by DeepL

Distributed by Twitter

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