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Sep 5, 2020

Those who have been used by the remnants of the Hierarchy have finally been able to contact the real “Light Forces” because the villains who spiritually guided them have been eliminated

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Those who have been used by the remnants of the Hierarchy have finally been able to contact the real “Light Forces” because the villains who spiritually guided them have been eliminated
The woman in the video below seems to have high psychic ability. As Japanese translation of the summary was available, I used it. This woman as well as Mr. Corey Goode does not have higher vibrations but I’m not saying terrible vibrations. I can say for sure that they are not in the state of original vibrations. I think that both of them are honest.

“Why do such people have no good vibrations?” That’s because they have been used by the remnants of the Hierarchy” for a long time. We can guess it from her words, too.

She said that she met Jesus in a dream. This is her misconception. This is because Jesus was executed after Sanat Kumara was destroyed, in the “Reformation of Heavenly World.”

In a dream she met a man whom she thought Jesus Christ. Her body seems to have been purified after some negative energy was gone. This man is an ascended master of “Galactic Confederation of Worlds” who follows the deities of “First System Earthly Deity 5th Level.” He says about President Trump: “He has great mission. … He fights against many demonic enemies. … He is a brave warrior.”

She says, “as a matter of fact, I did not like President Trump very much at first. … I think that I was brainwashed by the media.” Why didn’t the person who had spiritually guided her tell her through visions that Trump is a “brave warrior” as this ascended master did?

The answer is simple. She has been spiritually guided by the “remnants of the Hierarchy” so far. As the villains who spiritually guided her have been eliminated, the real “Light Forces” have finally been able to contact her. This is the same with Mr. Corey Goode.

Now you can see why their vibrations have fallen. For example, if you take part in “evil” by participating in “meditation” recommended by Cobra, you will be punished and your vibrations will gradually decrease. The “judgment” by deities is always going on now. For example, actresses who have provided sexual service in the entertainment world will have vibrations decrease by “judgment” and some of them will get “depressed.”

I have commented on this blog for a long period of time that "the villains tend to have bad vibes build up in the body and they look darkish. You can tell who villains are.” You can see on TV that this is true. However, any villain can have a chance to have vibrations get back to normal ones by deeply reflecting himself. For example, many people might be surprised if I say that family heads of the Rothschilds have higher vibrations than Mr. Corey Goode.

The last article is about the information from Mr. Corey Goodes. It includes inaccurate information. I quote from some of it here. Mr. Xi Jinping is a central figure of the “deep state in China” against whom President Trump and the Q group are fighting. He has fallen down because he yielded to temptation of the Rothschilds and tried to come out on top in the new global order to become a king maker.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 30, 2020
Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.
Distributed by YouTube – August 28, 2020
Excerpt from a Japanese article: Fountain of Truth- Disclosure– August 30, 2020
Back translation of Prediction of World Trends *August 29 reading* by psychic LJ

-Actually, I didn’t like President Trump very much at first. I understand now that I was brainwashed by the media at that time.

I had a dreamed the other day. It was a dream in which I connected to God. I felt it very real. I’d like to share this with you. I was walking in a desert. It was a warm day and I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face. I came to a beautiful oasis.

There was a man standing there. (I feel emotional just by thinking it back.) The man stood with his back to me. When he turned around, I found that he was Jesus Christ.

He said to me: “Donald Trump has come with a mission. “He has come to bring about a big mission to bring about big changes. He has come with mighty power, fire and the lion’s roar. He is fighting against many devilish enemies. We humans have been brainwashed and controlled by satanic technology and rituals.”
“Donald Trump has come with a big mission. It was decided before he was born. He is a brave warrior.”

“We need to release love and light, not hatred. We can make a difference with all.”
Distributed by YouTube – August 23, 2020
Possible China Coup, Rouge CIA Nuclear Submarine, Militias vs Anarchists & Q-Larp Infiltration
Back translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: note – August 26, 2020 Cosmic Secret JAPAN
Mr. Corey Goode & Dr. Michael Salla August 20 Latest Briefing

Dr. Salla: In other words, there seems to be factional conflicts in China . Q was saying something like Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping are cooperating with each other in terms of anti-Deep State. Is China’s deep state attacking Xi Jinping to the same degree as the deep state in the U.S. is attacking Trump?

Corey: Some politicians in China are fighting against the deep state. We are hearing from multiple sources that a coup in China has moved beyond the level of concern and has entered a phase where it is expected to happen in the near future .
Dr. Salla: Now I understand. China also has the deep state that is eroding the government and wants to start a world war under the influence of the CIA and the global deep state . And China was trying to rise to the top in the new global order and become a kingmaker , wasn’t it?

Corey: Yes. And they rely completely on brinkmanship diplomacy.
<The rest is omitted>

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  1. This blog post is good. I've been thinking of a world where instead of using cursed technology for darkness, we can use that same technology for divine vibrations. It's an interesting world, but it isn't perfect because we still get clogged chakras. A perfect world is one where all we do is do soul-friendly pure energy using pure-hearted technology. The Hotsuma Tsutae book tells us about the pure world I love to experience. To accomplish the building of such world, eliminate villains; this means that more people will become part of the side where individuals such as Hotsuma goddess Shirayama-hime reside, and realize a Hotsuma-like society.