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Jul 7, 2020

The water resources department in Chongqing, China issues a warning about the possibility of “largest floods in history” / The Jesuits have a plan to create civil war in United States by taking advantage of the riot triggered by the death of Mr. George Floyd

image: Author:Nyx_Ning [CC BY-SA]
The water resources department in Chongqing, China issues a warning about the possibility of “largest floods in history” / The Jesuits have a plan to create civil war in United States by taking advantage of the riot triggered by the death of Mr. George Floyd
Reportedly, China seems to suffer severe flood damage. On June 22, rivers flooded in various places of Chongqing due to heavy rain. In the morning of the day, the water resources department had warned that the “largest floods in history” would occur.

According to the first video below, the police authorities in Chongqing directed all departments concerned to immediately arrest Internet users who posted ‘irresponsible information’ on damage situation of floods and strictly punish them. As a result, the information the users delivered seems to be suppressed by the government. According to the second video, the water of the Three Gorge Dam was secretly released without reporting the residents probably in order to prevent the dam from collapsing.

According to the first article, coronavirus-shaped hailstones hit Beijing . It is bigger than table tennis ball. This incidence makes us have doubt “if somebody might use a climate weapon.”

It seems that the coronavirus mutation G type (D614G) is spreading in Beijing and it is said to be 10 times more contagious than ever before.” It is this G type that goes on a rampage in the U.S.

The last article is Cobra information. “The Jesuits have a plan to create civil war in United States” by taking advantage of the riot triggered by the death of Mr. George Floyd. I think that this is correct information. My intuition tells me that the flood damage in China is also caused by the Jesuits.

The 13 Zoroastrian bloodline families , top echelon of the Jesuits, are split into “Light” and “Darkness” and fighting with each other. Pepe Orsini who is often mentioned in QAnon tweets belongs to the Light forces.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 28, 2020
Shanti-phla has indicates some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.
English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe - June 28, 2020
Update on information by Meika

Twenty-six of 31 provinces in China suffered heavy floods. The number of disaster victims is 11,200.
Gigantic hailstones hit Beijing. Car windows were broken and agricultural crops were destroyed. It hailed in Tianjin, too.
With regard to Beijing pneumonia, according to insider information by doctors in China, 24,536 people have been confirmed to be infected on examinations. The number of deaths is 2,100. However, the Chinese government covered up this fact. The government secretly built temporary isolation facilities in three places.
Confection of Beijing pneumonia will spread across China this fall. It is 10 times more contagious than ever before. People will easily get infected.
Residents in Beijing where infection spreads escaped to other areas across the country and abroad.
<The rest is omitted>
Distributed by YouTube - June 25,2020
Floods in southern China are man-made? Dam secretly discharges water

Residents in southern and central China have been severely affected by floods caused by heavy rains. Internet users posted a series of videos of flooded rivers and houses being swept away. In the midst of all this, it is said that the authorities will tighten control over online speech and arrest those who posted video of flood damage. Senior officials from China's top leadership have not visited the flood site either.

*(Translation by Shanati-phula)
Distributed by YouTube - June 24, 2020
Floods in southern China are man-made disaster? Water is secretly released in the Three Gorges Dam

Twenty-four provinces and areas suffer floods every day.
On June 22, the largest floods since 1940 occurred in the upstream regions of the Three Gorges Dam. The highest rainfall level has reached 10 - 20 meters. At least six counties in Guizhou have been submerged
On 22, an internet user introduced on Twitter a video filming secret water release at the Three Gorges Dam.
On the 21, China Center Television (CCTV) reported that the water level at the Three Gorges Dam continued to rise, even though it was more than two meters above the flood protection level, and more than a dozen provinces downstream had suffered flood damage. Secret release of water at this time has resulted in severe disaster damage to downstream cities.
One internet user commented on this, saying that the high water storage in normal times at the Three Gorges Dam deals only with the possibility of drought damage in the area downstream of the power plant. But the dam is likely to collapse because of no storage capacity. In case of heavy rain, the only way to get rid of it is to release water. As a result, flooding will occur downstream, the internet user pointed out.
Another internet user posted by saying that the water release is meant to prevent the dam from collapsing. If it collapses, cities downstream will be in trouble. Water discharge is no longer a secret.
According to Mr. Chou Suikou, the founder of the Rakusuikou, the water resources department has been privately releasing water for quite some time. He stated that there is almost no advance notice.
'The water conservation sector seems to have ignored this kind of social function for a long time. They think of themselves just as the business sector and therefore all of what they do is unacceptable. This time, water release from the Three Gorges Dam was at least five months too late. They should have allowed the dam to have more than a month's worth of water in storage in case of rising water level.”
Mr. Chou Suikou said the authorities’ misprediction of the amount of rainfall and their sloppy management caused floods in the dam.

Mr. Wang, who lives in Hunan province, said that because the water had been secretly discharged and many people were still asleep as early as 6 a.m., the city was submerged. A large number of passengers in a large bus were swept away along with the car.
“Then the water receded and the streets and stores on both sides of the road were covered in mud, and when residents cleared the mud away, bodies were found inside.
I heard later that the great flood at that time was caused by a dam upstream that released water. It was early in the morning and many people were still asleep, but the water swallowed them up and killed a lot of people. But this has not been reported though so many people died.”

The Hubei Daily reported on 22 that water was released at 479 dams across the province but did not mention the release of water from the Three Gorges Dam.

Some overseas media have suggested that the severe flooding in Chongqing and Guizhou provinces must have been related to water release from a dam in Hubei province.

On June 22, the city of Chongqing issued a Kikou flood red alert, citing the threat of the worst flooding since 1940 in the Chongqing area of the Kikou watershed. Then the roads along Kikou were flooded, the railroad was cut off, and some houses were flooded up to the second floor. At least three counties in Guizhou have been submerged and the number of local casualties is not yet known.
NTP Japan reported.

(Translation by Shanti-phula)
* Please note that some Chinese names above are read in Japanese.
Excerpt from a Japanese article: PFC-JAPAN - June 16, 2020
SISTER OF THE FLOWER (SORT) Interview with Cobra


Debra :
Let's get some clarity about what is really going on with the protests and the riots. Was the situation with George Floyd planned as a false flag to instigate the Black Lives Matter protests, which have then led to the violence and riots?
Cobra :
Basically the Jesuits have a plan to create civil war in United States.
<snip>   There is greater and greater divide between the Democrats and the Republicans. This is exactly what the Jesuits want.
You have two camps of people opposing each other, and then the Jesuits polarized this more and more and more until a violence starts. And they tried to trigger this with those protests, which were happening last week. And the light forces have managed to contain this last weekend. So hopefully they will not be successful this time, but they will keep trying.
<The rest is omitted>

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