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Mar 6, 2020

[Twitter] This year’s “Fukuyosehina”

image: Illust-ya
[Twitter] This year’s “*Fukuyosehina”

It is the season of Doll Festival or Hinamatsuri
I look forward to see “Fukuyosehina” every year.
As expected, it is the just Fukushosehina this year. 

Manoji, chief-in-editor
March 3, 2020

FukuyosehinaDolls after retirement participate actively in many scenes.

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This is a standard type of Fukuyosehina, but it is interesting 
Now this is what I call Fukuyosehina.
Dolls playing mahjong!
Ryoji Kuwahara
Dolls after retirement enjoys too much?

And this year ...

Fukuyosebina Project

Coronavirus measures ...? Dolls with masks appeared at Chubu International Airport.

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