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Mar 16, 2020

“Breathing” is most deeply relevant to immunity … It has been revealed that “breathing out” has the key to boost immunity – Body gets relaxed when breathing “out”

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“Breathing” is most deeply relevant to immunity … It has been revealed that “breathing out” has the key to boost immunity – Body gets relaxed when breathing “out”

I conveyed in an article dated March 4 that “meditation helps to change the brain and boost immunity.” According to the article below, “‘breathing’ is most deeply relevant to immunity and it has been revealed that ‘breathing out’ is the key to boost immunity.” As shown in the article, “breathing abdominally” is recommended as an easy way to boost immunity.”

When you breathe out, it works on your parasympathetic nervous system (PSNA). As you can see from this that when you breathe “out”, your body goes “slack” and when you breathe “in”, your body “tightens.” You will understand this very well by observing how you breathe when you empty your bowels.

As your body goes slack when you pass urine or empty your bowels, your body goes slack when you breathe out. I think that everybody knows that you feel relaxed because PSNA is dominant after relieving yourself. It is often the case that you come upon a good idea in the toilet. If you practice some meditation in daily life, you will be able to create such state of mind consciously.

Imagine that when your boss appears in front of you, you stand upright. When your boss is gone, you feel relieved and you relax your back. At this time, you should stretch your back while breathing in and relax your back while breathing out. This is actually the way to breathe in which sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is dominant.

People who have some experience of how to use the body know that when they breathe conversely – they “straighten their spine while breathing out and relax their back while breathing in” – their parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) is dominant. So to breathe deeply in *radio calisthenics is the “SNS-dominant breathing method.” On the other hand, when you breathe in an opposite way, that is, “when you open your arms, you breathe out and when you put your arms back in place, you breathe in.” It is PSNS-dominant breathing method.

If you actually “breathe deeply like in radio calisthenics” and “breathe deeply in the reverse direction,” you will understand that in the latter case, it takes longer time for you to breathe out than to breathe in. In this way, ordinary people and experts use the reverse method.

Lastly, there is something I’d like to advertise just a little. I advise you to use Piyochan mala (a string of prayer beads) “energy release type (gold string)” while working at your computer and “energy absorption type (silver string) while taking rest, respectively. And when you feel tired, put the absorption type beads on your neck, and then, as I told you in an article dated March 4, “stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and close your eyes, and then try to look at below the right ankle of your right leg with your right eye and below the left ankle of your left leg with your left eye in your heart.” You will find that you recover from fatigue surprisingly fast.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 6, 2020

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

English translation of a Japanese article: yoganess - December 10, 2019 –

Meditation is an effective way to boost immunity!? How does meditation boost immunity?
The fact that meditation boosts immunity attracts the attention from the medical area, too. Meditation is actively adopted as an option of treatments in the U.S., Britain and Germany.
“Breath” is the most deeply related to immunity. It has been elucidated that “breathing outin particular is the key to boost immunity.  <snip> Breathing out is an act to activate “parasympathetic nerve”in our automatic nervous system.
Signs indicating a decrease in functioning of parasympathetic nerve
* have bad circulation
* have stiff shoulders and feel tired
* evacuate not smoothly
*sleep badly
For example, if you breathe in for four seconds, breathe out slowly over time for eight to twelve seconds and repeat it for five minutes.Your body gets warm only by doing this and you will feel tension alleviated, which is parasympathetic nerve effect.
On the other hand, if the sympathetic nerve dominantly works for a long period of time, granulocytes increases (too much increase is related to the onset of cancer) in blood, which suppresses the function of lymphocytes (cells also called the center of immunity) and reduce immunity. This is a well-known fact in immunology.

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