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Jan 11, 2020

Kitaro Nishida’s “Self-identity of Absolute Contradiction” – Our world cannot exist without “reverse thinking” that people create the future

Kitaro Nishida’s “Self-identity of Absolute Contradiction” – Our world cannot exist without “reverse thinking” that people create the future
The text in the article below explains Kitaro Nishida’s self-identity of absolute contradiction in an easy-to-understand way. The article has an interesting view that in our world the present exists as a total of events in the past. This view is familiar to modern people and classical physics tries to clarify the world based on this viewpoint.

However, when we act in daily life, I suppose that we determine our current behavior based on a future plan or vision, namely by back calculation thinking in which we think what is necessary to realize this plan.

In short, those who lead a creative life should use this reverse thinking on a daily basis. 

Humanity is a small creator. If we want to design the future creatively, we might feel that this reverse thinking is indispensable and the worldview of classical physics is abnormal. As a matter of fact, it is natural to think that the world is made up of both the worldview of classical physics and this reverse thinking.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 3, 2020

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English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Yasukazu Nishida’s Scrapbox

Self-identity of absolutely contradiction

After reading Kitaro Nishida’s logic of absolutely contradictory self-identity, I comprehended that the logic of “A is non-A and therefore A”is nothing wrong and he just exactlytells the truth but it is just expressed in a very compressed way.  
And he tries to say “A is neither X nor not X but union” but most people have a simple worldview that A is X and they are confused. Incidentally, this simple worldview X is the “world where the present is determined by the past”and the “world where [individuality] such as invariant atoms interact.”

I think that this worldview X is understandable physically but he says “it does not work when human beings act with intentions or purposes.” 

Then, what is the worldview not X as antithesis of worldview X? It is the worldview that “the present is determined by the future”and “the present is determined by thinking backward from the purpose of future.”


Such contradictions are the same and yet the same with the self. Therefore, it is “absolutely contradictory self-identity.”

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Aoki Takafumi
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“#May 19 is the birthday of Kitaro Nishida, a philosopher who advocates Absolutely Contradictory Self-identity ….
Kitaro Nishida, a philosopher, was born on May 19, 1870. This philosophy is also called the Kyoto school’s Nishida philosophy. The path where he took a stroll is called the Philosopher’s Walk in Kyoto. 
Masaya Furuse

As I have found the Kitaro Nishida’s “Absolutely Contradictory Self-identity” in Aozora Bunko which is available free of charge in Kindle, I immediately downloaded from the version of Kindle. I have strongly been enchanted by the first page. 

The real world has to be the world in which matter and matter work together. The form of reality is considered to be the relationship between matter and matter and it is considered to be the result which can be obtained by working together.

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