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Jan 15, 2020

Everybody is impressed by Dr. Tetsu Nakamura’s great achievement – If you want to lead “life without regret,” keep in mind that “marriage determines almost everything in life.”

image: Tetsu Nakamura Author:Embassy of Afghanistan in Japan [CC BY]
Everybody is impressed by Dr. Tetsu Nakamura’s great achievement – If you want to lead “life without regret,” keep in mind that “marriage determines almost everything in life.”
I think that everybody is impressed by the great achievement of Dr. Tetsu Nakamura but some people may envy his life. I made a comment on yesterday’s article as follows: “The real reason ‘why time goes by fast as we get older’ is that people live out of habit.” I hear that everybody says “I wanted to live in a way that is more true to myself” as a word of regret at the last minute before death.

I have no regret in my life because I think I am “the happiest man in the universe.” Of course, there are a number of happiest people in the universe. When I met my wife, I had no job and no savings. Additionally I had debt of scholarship payment. However, my wife got married to me. She has no regret about a difficult life she had with me.

If we could give advice about “life without regret,” all we can say is that “marriage determines almost everything in life.” When I met my wife for the first time, I thought “If I can marry her, I am sure I’ll be happy.” Therefore, I thought that I was going to be single forever if not. Why did I think so? That’s because I felt assured that our marriage was sure thing. As I believed, I met her three years later and we immediately decided to get married.

Everything in our life goes something like this. We regret nothing because we have led a life with conviction that “there was no other life.” That’s because we believe that what is the most important in life is “first husband and wife and secondly family.” Our belief has never been shaken.

If you realize like us that the “heartwarming bondage in a small world” is really everything in a happy life, all you have to do is just to surrender everything to God. “Marital love” is superior to “total surrender to God.”

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 8, 2020

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English translation of a Japanese article: Peshawar-kai - December 25, 2019 

Mountain people trust God and people <last writing by Dr. Tetsu Nakamura>

—What does Afghanistan reveal?

Tetsu Nakamura, PMS (Peace Medical Service Japan) president/Local representative of Peshawar-kai
Source: Peshawar-kai Newsletter extra edition December 25, 2019

We were escorted into the guesthouse in the village, where approximately 200 family heads got together to welcome us.
“We’ll entrust everything to you experts. We trust your sincerity. Our village is happy just to welcome you.” 

In the society filled with apocalyptic atmosphere

Such phrase is rarely heard. They can survive in this harsh world only with trust in God and people. While nostalgically listening to the essence of ethics which was generally accepted in the past, I thought of spiritual change in urban dwellers in contrast with them.
We have started to clearly see the result of the military intervention about 18 years ago (in 2001) and subsequent modernization.
In megacity Kabul, we can see the fashion not so different from that in Tokyo and London, among upper-class people. We have never seen traffic rush or exhaust gas covering streets like haze before.  <snip> Polluted Kabul River covered with foam can no longer be called a river and plastic waste is piled up along both banks of the river.

Irresponsible claims which neglect homeland, longing for gorgeous consumption life, endless civil wars and droughts caused by attacking global warming – What does Afghanistan reveal in the society filled with apocalyptic atmosphere?

I ask for the meaning of finding out a heartwarming bondage in an abandoned small world and stare at a place far more distant from modernization.

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Eri (QmapJapan)

I’m not a religious person, but everybody always reads the Bible in the meeting room of Qarmy. All are religious. If I consult my senior about something, she just says: “Pray. Or you can ask him to pray for you.” Everybody trusts the power of prayer more than anything else. It sounds silly, but this seems to be a fight between light and darkness.
Kensuke (QarmyJapan)@vWLqgZOrgj4wbR
Good evening, @okabeeri9111 Eri! I have another question.
I wonder how QAnon understands Christianity and the Bible.
Personally, I feel it is the existence and resurrection of Jesus Christ that the Deep State fears most about.
Eri (QmapJapan)

True awakening is not to gain “knowledge” about the many facts which humanity has been kept away from by the New World Order. It would be better to confirm by yourself whether you could gladly give unconditional love even to strangers without negative feelings such as acceptance, grudge or hate and furthermore whether you could unconsciously act only thinking about how to make all people smile.    

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