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Nov 1, 2019

The essence of the universe is “karmic backlash” and life is the process of “what you give gets back to you” – End and means have to be one

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The essence of the universe is “karmic backlash” and life is the process of “what you give gets back to you” – End and means have to be one
The blogger Toukaiama says that the essence of the universe is “karmic backlash” and life is the “process of “what you give gets back to you.” This is exactly true. “What you give gets back to you.” That’s why end and means have to be one. It is nonsense to use violent revolution to bring about peaceful world.

For example, many experiments on animals are conducted for toxicological screening of cosmetics. In other words, many animals are sacrificed for humans (or for money). Some people gain profits by causing pain to many creatures and others try to make them beautiful by using such cosmetics. In the light of karmic backlash, we cannot gain true pleasure from products made by inflicting a heavy sacrifice on animals. Instead, we should feel the beauty of smiling face which is produced by good relationship with various creatures.

Bad guys, however, say: “ends justify means.” They think that some sacrifice is inevitable for a great plan and seemingly evil acts are not evil after sublime ideal is achieved. Therefore, they think nothing of killing people. I think that this type of people think nothing of reducing population with the use of contraceptive vaccine. 

They think that they can be happy by causing pain to others. Strangely enough, they are initiators (participants in secret ceremony) who fully know karmic backlash (the law of karma). I wonder why they can act contradictorily.

As a matter of fact, esotericism has gnosis (hidden wisdom) and Buddhism has “Hannya wisdom.” They have such delusion that the wise who gain the Gnosis or Hannya wisdom transcend karma and whatever deed they perform cannot be evil. They really believe that they are the wise who achieved “enlightenment (Gnosis or Hannya wisdom) and transcend karma. Such villains think nothing of waging war, using meteorological weapons and spreading contraceptive vaccine on the pretext of excessive population on the earth.

Naturally, such stupid people cannot transcend the Karmic Law. They have increased karma. However, they think differently.

For example, as long as the Abe administration lasts, divine justice cannot be applied to Abepyon and people loved by Abepyon. If the Abe administration is toppled, villains will be brought to justice. As shown in this example, they know that karmic law cannot be applied to them as long as the god they believe in, (which is actually Prince of Evil or Satan), controls the earth.  

For this reason, the Reformation of Heavenly World was needed. In the Reformation, many gods who had never been accused of crimes they committed were destroyed. I’d like to point out that the first gods who were destroyed were Toyoukeno-ookami and Amaterasu-oomikami.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 21, 2019

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English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Tokaiama Blog– October 20, 2019 –

After watching a video about Mr. Kurokawa, leader of political party Olive Tree

Many business people make the same mistake. I think that they lose sight of the fact that this world is “human society.”They have no viewpoint of “of what avail it is to earn more money than others” and they are only brainwashed by obsessive notion of “it is life to strive for making money.”
They can never understand the essence of this universe. The principle or essence of the universe prevailing through the world is “karmic backlash” and life is the process of what you give gets back to you.”<snip> “Those who have made people happy gain happiness. This is the ultimate karmic backlash.
Without money, we can make people smile and make them happy. However, if we have extra money to spend, we often make people around us unhappy because we try to protect it.

Until understanding the importance of others, humans have to be born again many times after death.  Those who make others unhappy have to live the same karmic life over and over until they realize their own foolishness.

Ideological manipulation by capitalism and neo-liberalism is really dreadful.Look around the Internet industry, there are few people who think about above-mentioned essence of human existence and predict the social change.  <snip>  We can say that there is no website that think about the fundamental meaning in life.
Human beings are neither less than human beings nor greater than human beings. We “live and die as human beings.”

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