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Sep 13, 2019

Almost all information prevailing in the world is “Spiritual messages from Darkness” – Enemy of deities visit Earth for colonialization in the disguise of Light

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Almost all information prevailing in the world is “Spiritual messages from Darkness” – Enemy of deities visit Earth for colonialization in the disguise of Light
I introduced the first article yesterday. But I’ve picked up different subject here. The blog manager mentions a “book of talk between Akio Seki and Bashar” in the article and he points out that they are in a position to promote the agenda of the Illuminati. This is the same feeling I have. Bashar is one of the remnants of the Hierarchy I call.

As shown in the article, most of channeling information like this prevailing in the world is “spiritual messages from Darkness.” 

I’ll give you an example. The second TOCANA article mentions Billy Meier and various photos he took and says that “it is highly likely that the photos are authentic.” I also think that his photos are true. However, the aliens he had contact with were exactly Hierarchy members.

There is a photo of Asket in the article. I think that it is probably real. That’s because it is difficult to find an earthling woman who has such terribly bad vibrations. Look at the picture of this woman with being aware of the time and date when this photo was taken, and you can see all chakras at least on the body surface will open. It turns out that her evolutionary level is 5.0 or higher and she is a member of the Hierarchy.

When you have contact with aliens deeply soaked to these vibrations of Darkness, you will plunge into the vibrations of Darkness as you can tell from the photos of Mr. Billy Meier. Probably Mr. Meier is a good person and believes that aliens he has contact with stand on the side of justice and have come to liberate Earth. What is important is to keep away from beings that emit the vibrations of Darkness like Asket. If once you have a connection with such beings, it would all the more get you into hot water because of their high evolutionary level.

They are not deities but mere extraterrestrial beings. They are the enemy of deities that came to colonize the earth in the disguise of Light. I want you to be able to know the difference in vibrations between true God and extraterrestrial beings.

See the illustration of Shirayama-hime drawn by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. The vibrations of Shirayama-hime have been exactly copied out in the illustration. Please look at the illustration. Can you feel your consciousness rise far above the top of the head? This is what divine vibrations are all about.

Please compare the illustration with the photo of Asket. When looking at the photo of Asket, you can feel your consciousness go down to the perineum or lower. This is the vibrations of Darkness.

Shirayama-hime is the highest-ranked goddess in new posts created after the Reformation of Heavenly World. She is a Hotsuma Deity (belonging to First System Heavenly Deity First to Fifth Levels) and she is the Supreme Deity at the top of the System.

Please repeatedly chant the name of the goddess Shirayama-hime for three minutes, while looking at her illustration. You will find the whole body filled with pure energy and all chakras open.

Furthermore, try to chant the name of god, Buddha or saint you worship. If no change occurs physically like felt in case of Shirayama-hime after you chant the name, it is highly likely that the person has already disappeared. If you mistakenly chant the name of beings that have fallen to Darkness, you feel sick.

If you should feel sick, you should immediately chant the “Prayer of Exorcism and Prayer of Purification with Gayatri Mantra”.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 2, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: note– August 30, 2019 –
Cosmic Secret JAPAN

Dimensions of Disclosure 2019  Report (1)

A person who happened to sit next to me on plane to Los Angeles this time recommended a book of talk between Akio Seki and Bashar. I read it through. They stated in the book that they are in a position to promote transhumanism, namely, the agenda of the Illuminati.Such spiritual messages under the influence of Rockefeller and Rothschild are still prevalent in Japan and throw the majority of the people into confusion. This was the incidence which made me feel that I have to tell the truth and expand the network of people who have realized the truth.
<The rest is omitted>

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: TOCANA– August 8, 2018 –

Billy Meier UFO incident more than 40 years ago proves to be true! NASA mentions 250 scientific information on “planets, gravity, earthquakes, etc.” is likely to be true! 

Mr. Billy Meier Image quoted from “Wikipedia

Mr. Billy Meier, a well-known contactee from Switzerland, has reported numerous aliens and UFOs since his media exposure in 1975.
They say that he has taken more than 1,000 photos of UFOs and aliens. One of the most famous photos would be the photo of Asket, an extraterrestrial beautiful woman who came from the star Ella in the Pleiadian Tigedas star system.

Nonetheless, many of UFO and alien photos Mr. Meier shot have been considered to be fake photos; a model hang with thread or TV images.

However, UK newspaper EXPRESS (dated on May 22) reports that the research by Mr. Michael Horn, paranormal theorist, states that Mr. Meier’s photos are likely to be authentic.

(Shanti Phula has replaced the image with tweet.)

Mr. Horn says that if Mr. Meier’s photos are analyzed by using Internet or the latest software, we will find them authentic.

“If Mr. Meier’s claims are true, it turns out that we are trying to make the most important and unexpected discovery for science and humanity” (Mr. Horn)

<The rest is omitted>

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