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Aug 28, 2019

It is desirable to have a society where mothers can stay with and watch over children when they are young

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It is desirable to have a society where mothers can stay with and watch over children when they are young
I find the Eri’s tweet below very good. I think that it is exactly true. Young children need parents and they especially need mothers in terms of affection. The father is nothing but a playmate for most of young children.

If possible, it is a desirable where mothers can stay with and watch over children when they are young. I think that it would be desirable for mothers to make a social contribution after raising children.

For example, even if a woman gives birth to the first child at the age of 25 and the second child by the age of 30 and concentrates on raising children as a full-time housewife until they reach adulthood, she is still before 50. I think that it would be good if more and more women become politicians after taking good care of children. In the political world, 50-year-old politicians are newcomers. I think that half of Diet seats should be assigned to women.

I have never changed my point of view. Please see this vision on the blog “From Sea of Light.” This is an article dated Mach 2009. “Kumano-fusumino-kami, deity enshrined at Kumano Nachi Taisha in Wakayama Prefecture” appeared in Serena’s vision. Next, you can see the vision of a female attendant embracing a child of the deity. 

After seeing these visions, I made a comment: “This baby is the child of Kumano-fusumino-kami. As seen in this vision, it is often the case with high-ranking deities in the world of deities, who do not raise their children but instead leave them to nannies. This creates unnecessary anxiety among children, and as a result it has negative impact on the world.”

I could say it now. To tell the truth, I got slightly angry when I saw these visions and I thought about what I should say to Kumano-fusumino-kami who enjoyed her leisure time with leaving her son to the nanny.

It seems that one of my wives understood how I felt and conveyed it to Kumano-fusumino-kami.

The article says: “It seems that she decided to raise her son at 9:45 p.m. yesterday on 27. At this moment, the child’s vibrations rose from 2-2-2-2 to 7-7-7-7 all at once.” I still remember that clearly.

When I saw the visions dated August 2009, I was relieved to see Hayatamanoono-mikoto and Kumano-fusumino-kami happily embrace their second son.

If there’s uneasiness about the future of the earth, it’s that earthlings in the future will abandon childcare and leave it to robots, which is often seen among women of royal or patrician families who leave childcare to their nannies. If earthlings do so, I suppose that humanity will be destroyed.

Why do women aim to participate in society? There are various reasons, but one of the main reasons for working outside is that it is much easier than raising children. Humans tend to work on light duty.

When mothers have their children play in a sandbox, they talk about how to save the trouble of housework and childcare. They are engrossed in chattering and pay no attention to children. Such mothers never understand what childcare is all about.

It would be better to think that children are monsters that eat parental love. Men and women need to understand that they should give far more love than meals children need.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 24, 2019

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A society where moms don’t have to work outside when children are young!
Abnormal personality/behavior after the time of puberty is due to lack of communication/lack of love with mons in childhood.  Children with plenty of mom’s love grow into adults who are mentally stable and can afford to give love to others.
What is necessary for a human to grow? This is the field that people with no experience of childbirth and childcare cannot realize. I used to think lightly of childcare: I thought that after giving birth to a child, I can leave my child to others and go out to play. In reality, the child never wants to leave the mother. The child grows very wisely when mother takes good care of him/her in the childhood. This is the power of love.
Yes, Eri. What you say is true. Mom at home is the most natural way. If either parent is away from the life of a child, there is imbalance. Both parents are important in their natural role. Evil in the world has tried to remove natural growth from children to confuse their natural development.
I quite agree with you.
In today’s society, there is the feeling that mothers also have to work.
If women want to work, they can work after finishing child-care.
There is a strong image that working women are cool and women should participate in society.
I feel so sad that the importance of relationship between mothers and children at home is not recognized at all.
As you probably know, separation of the bond between parent and child is the origin of “Nazi Germany.” The moment a baby gives its first cry, the brain starts to develop with being embraced by the mother. The Nazi Germany started putting a baby in an incubator without being embraced by the mother in order to inhibit brain development. 

An excerpt from a Japanese article: I just like Japan– October 28, 2010 –

Women’s Liberation Movement starts at the instigation of Jewish international capital fund


Well, one of the things he told me was that — he was at the house one night and we were talking and he started laughing, he said:
"Aaron, what do you think 'women's liberation' was about?"
And I said — I had pretty conventional thinking about it at that point — I said I think it's about women having the right to work, getting equal pay with men, just like they won the right to vote.
And he started to laugh and he said: "You're an idiot."
And I said: Why am I an idiot?

He said: "Let me tell you what that was about. We, the Rockefellers, funded that.We funded Women's Lib. And we're the ones who got it all over the newspapers and televisions — The Rockefeller Foundation."

And he says: "You want to know why? There were two primary reasons." And one reasonwas: we couldn't tax half the population, before Women's Lib. And the second reasonwas: now we get the kids in school at an early age. We can indoctrinate the kids how to think. So that it breaks up the family. Your kids start looking at the state as the family. As the school, as the officials as their family, not as the parents teaching them.

Aaron, did you know that Gloria Steinem, in one of her own books, now admits that the CIA funded Ms. magazine?
Funded Ms. magazine— with the stated goal of taxing women and breaking up the family.
<The rest is omitted>

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