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Jul 12, 2019

“Basic organizational structure” of the Hierarchy and the Cabal – The true identity of the remnants of the Cabal and the Hierarchy who have been driven into the corner is being exposed

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“Basic organizational structure” of the Hierarchy and the Cabal – The true identity of the remnants of the Cabal and the Hierarchy who have been driven into the corner is being exposed
In the article on December 11, 2018, I introduced a diagram showing the “basic organizational structure” of Hierarchy and Cabal. I have made a slightly detailed diagram this time.

The Hierarchy consisted of the three Sirius, Solar and Earthly Hierarchies, and the de facto ruler was Sanat Kumara (Lucifer). The Supreme God of the Sirius Hierarchy was Rah and the two Christs were Amen and Horus. The two Christs of the Solar Hierarchy were Rama and Krishna and the counterparts of the Earthly Hierarchy were Mitra and Maitreya.

The Sphere Being Alliance Mr. Corey Goode introduces was an organization consisting of the Sirius Hierarchy and the Solar Hierarchy. The Blue Avians belonged to the former and the 9th dimensional Arcturus Council belonged to the latter.

As I showed in the article on May 18, the Chimera group faithfully obeyed instructions of the Blue Avians. In the article on June 8, I showed that the 9th dimensional Arcturus Council had provided directionsto the 7 groups of the Ancient Earth-Breakaway Civilization. I also conveyed that the Pleiadian High Council had provided directions to the Cabal organizations such as NSA and Google. 

The Cobra RM is not only involved in genocide by 5G but closely related to religious forces in Japan that support the Abe administration behind the scenes. The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the Soka Gakkai and 80 percent of religious groups related to the Japan Conference are considered to be under control of Cobra RM. In a word, the mastermind behind gang stalking is Cobra RM.

They induce Japan to wage a war against China. Cult religious organizations rely on *Hitsuki Shinjias the basis of such induction. This is similar to the fact that the forces that want Armageddon put their faith on the “Revelation to John.”

The organizations except for the Cabal and the Ancient Earth- Breakaway Civilization are what I call the “remnants of the Hierarchy.” They never stop destroying the earth according to their old agenda. The “remnants of the Hierarchy” is now led by the “Yellow Emperor” who is considered to be an ancient holy king in Chinese mythology.

What is happening on Earth is very similar to the war of aggression in Syria. In Syria, theterrorist organizations represented by ISIS (Daeish) drove the Assad regime into the corner. The U.S. led Coalition intervened in the Syrian war without approval of the Syrian government on the pretext of waging “war on terrorism.” Although media reported that the U.S.-led coalition was supposed to fight against the terrorist organizations, they actually destroyed Syria’s infrastructure, killed Syrian citizens, defended terrorist organizations, and supplied weapons and fund to terrorist organizations. After all, it was the Syrian government, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah that exterminated terrorist organizations. 

So far, the Earth (the Syrian government) has been driven into the corner by the Draconians/Reptilians (terrorist organizations). The remnants of the Hierarchy (the coalition) intervened without the permission of earthlings, claiming that they would clean up Draconians/Reptilians (terrorist organizations). Although they say: “wiping out the Chimera group is being continued,” they actually support the Cabal, provide directions to the Cabal organizations and companies, destroyed the earth environment and shift responsibility on the Cabal. It is the organization called the Earth Alliance, which is the “army of deities” represented by Russia and Q group, that have been wiping out the Cabal.

Not only the Cabal but also the remnants of the Hierarchy have been driven into the corner by deities and their true identity is being exposed. Above all, the remnants of the Hierarchy don’t know the fact I have just mentioned. It is the same with ordinary Americans and U.S. soldiers who don’t recognize the truth of the war of aggression in Syria. However, they come to understand that they have been deceived by their leaders. Most of them believed that they “came to liberate the earth.” However, actually they were helped to destroy the earth.

Today I heard an alien woman crying and she probably belongs to the Galactic Federation of Light. Probably most aliens will realize the truth of the matter tomorrow. They have to correct their mistakes by themselves.

Masatoshi Takeshita
Jul 7, 2019

Hitsuki Shinji: a revelation in cipher through automatic writing from God that created the universe.

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