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Jul 22, 2019

After attaining “enlightenment” appropriate for evolutionary level, some people develop talents others lack – The talent of individuals is deeply connected to Kundalini awakening

image: Shanti Phula
After attaining “enlightenment” appropriate for evolutionary level, some people develop talents others lack – The talent of individuals is deeply connected to Kundalini awakening
In yesterday’s article, I commented that liberation attained through Kundalini Yoga can be easily obtained in another way. I have already disclosed the specific method on this blog. However, I’d like to post it here again because I’m afraid that it is rarely seen.

Please read the two articles below. The first article is about Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi’s personal experience of Kundalini rising, which I asked her to write anonymously at that time. The second article is about my comment on her experience.

Read her personal experience, and you can see that she practiced “mudras (hand gestures) to awaken chakras”, gave “Prayers with Gayatri Mantra for Exorcism and for Purification” and chanted the “Gayatri Mantra” every single day.

As a result of her assiduous efforts, in about three years she attained “liberation” which is equivalent to Kundalini yoga. The “liberation” here does not mean “liberation” in the strict sense of the word and instead it means that she achieved “enlightenment” appropriate for her evolutionary level.

Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi has developed various talents and in particular, she has an excellent ability to accurately hear communications from deities. Furthermore, she draws illustrations of deities and accurately transcribes even the vibrations of deities. I have never seen such examples. Like this, after attaining “enlightenment” appropriate for evolutionary level, some people develop their talents. As a matter of fact, the talent of individuals is deeply connected to Kundalini awakening.

It was after she experienced Kundalini awakening that Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi went through a hard time. At that time, I needed a person who can communicate with deities. I decided to ask Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi for that role. However, she had already been possessed by an evil spirit that deceived her. I suppose that whenever she remembered the battle against the evil spirit, she must have reminded her of painful memories since then.

As seen in Mrs. Nakanishi’s experience, even if “enlightenment” through Kundalini yoga or a similar method is attained, inner heart has not been purified in the original meaning of the word. Purification of Linga Sarira and causal body is a battle that requires far more efforts than attainment of Kundalini Yoga.

There are many people in Japan who claim that they have attained Kundalini Yoga but they don’t know at all where they actually are. They are still beginners at spiritual level and some people are obsessed by the delusion that they have attained final liberation. They fall into such delusion because religions on the earth are at remarkably low level and these people are basically connected to the Hierarchy and not to deities.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 2, 2019

English translation of a Japanese article: Shanti-phula– March 17, 2013

“Experience of a certain participant” in Oriental Medicine Seminar

The following text with Mr. Takeshita’s comment was disclosed as experience note by a participant in Oriental Medicine Seminar, in March 2006 on the blog. 
We think that there are many new readers who don’t know about her. So we’d like to introduce her again.

As a matter of fact, the name of a woman who anonymously wrote this experience note is Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi.

She displays her talent in the “Illustrations of Deities” on the blog. She diligently put into practice what she learned in the Oriental Medicine Seminar Mr. Takeshita gave. As a result, she has developed her talents and senses to an unimaginable level. 

One of the goals of Oriental Medicine Seminar is development of latent abilities and talents. We can say that she is one of the most splendid model participants.

I participated in Oriental Medicine Seminar about three years ago, in March 2005. I remember that everything started with it.

The first thing that I did was to work on how to activate chakras with mudras (hand gestures)As I practiced it every day, I experienced such an unbelievable change that my body involuntarily moved

There is a cosmic energy transformation system called “chakras” inside the body. It had been secretly waiting for the door to be opened, for years without being known to me. I felt surprise and rejoiced at the fact that the system was opened by mudras and it started moving. This surprise and joy stimulated me to step into the next move.

As for how to purify heart and mind, to be honest, at first I felt doubtful about it and found it bothersome. However, as I put the method into practice, I became surprised at its practical effect, got engrossed in it and felt its undeniable effect physically. This experience hardened my convictions for Mr. Takeshita’s teachings.

Before long I began to clearly know the location of each chakra and then I strongly felt odd sensations on the forehead and top of the head day by day. I started to give daily Prayers for Exorcism and Purification and chant Gayatri Mantra three maras. In about four months, at the beginning of September 2007, I was able to receive the light of grace for the first time.

Subsequently, strong energy entered the body day by day. Energy flew into the head as if energy is running through bypass freely, and strong vibrations of energy sometimes passed like wind, rotated and tightened the whole brain. Energy encased me in a dazzling space with blinking red and gold light, pierced through chakras on the body surface, plexus and spinal code, engulfed me in a vortex of energy in a variety of ways and descended along the backbone from the medulla to the bottom of the spine and then began to turn abruptly upward there.Energy climbed up in sigmoidal curve while extending the backbone. It reminds me of Kundalini energy like a snake. When energy rises to Sahasrara chakra, the top of the head is pushed up again and again as magna rises up, and daily thoughts and desires disappear in a different dimensional space, where light emerges from the center. After I finish chanting Gayatri Mantra three maras, I am often in a state of shock.

Every time I saw Mr. Takeshita at seminars or lecture meetings, I asked him about such mysterious phenomena that strongly changed one after another. He provided appropriate advice to me to cope with unknown experiences about which I felt anxiety and surprise. I greatly appreciate Mr. Takeshita’s enthusiastic guidance.

Seiko Nakanishi

Comment from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita

This woman made remarkable progress and I gave appropriate advice to her whenever necessary. She had already attained liberation by the light of grace which was poured for half an hour from 12:30 p.m. on February 3, 2008. She seemed to have confirmed it by herself by using the method I had taught her. 

It seems that this woman continued to do mudra (hand gestures) practice which helps awaken chakras, for one hour every day for approximately one year.Furthermore, she has assiduously made efforts to give Prayers with Gayatri Mantra for Exorcism and Purification and chant Gayatri Mantra three maras (3x108 times) every single day, and to read books recommended by Shanti-phula. As a result, she has achieved remarkable progress, attained liberation in a short time and moved up her spiritual rank. I suppose that such light of grace is likely to be poured several times in the future and it will help you rise in spiritual rank in each case. I think that those who make honest and diligent efforts like this woman will make remarkable progress and will receive benefit which was unthinkable in previous reincarnations.

People tend to make great efforts for external things such as success in entrance exams and Olympic medals, but they can achieve remarkable progress just by putting one-tenth of efforts into spiritual practice. Those who realize what is really valuable can see that enough time in human life is given to make it happen.

I do hope that you will make continuous and steady efforts like this woman.

Masatoshi Takeshita

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