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Jun 24, 2019

The Hierarchy is the root of all evil! – If you pray to the remnants of the Hierarchy instead of gods, you will help them destroy the earth

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The Hierarchy is the root of all evil! – If you pray to the remnants of the Hierarchy instead of gods, you will help them destroy the earth
Although it is an unacceptable fact for those who put faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ to fight against the Illuminati, the main cause of the current confusion on Earth is the Hierarchy. The God of the Old Testament made a promise to give land to the descendants of Abraham. Understandably, the Hierarchy knows that the original kingdom of Israel is not situated in the current Israel. It is obvious from the prophecy of the final war (Armageddon) described in the Apocalypse that a series of processes leading to current confusion have been plotted by the Hierarchy. In short, the Hierarchy is the root of all evil.

The Bible is the scripture they created and Judaism, Christianity and Islam are also man-made religions they created. Jesus was reborn after being crucified and became one of key persons in the Hierarchy as an Ascended Master.

The Hierarchy were originally a group of beings expelled by gods and thrown to Earth. They shifted the blame onto beings that they kicked out of their own group for evil on Earth and they call such beings the devil.It’s true that the Devil has committed unimaginable level of evil, but the Hierarchy use the devil as a tool to deprive the deities of the right to control Earth and furthermore the right to control the Solar system and Sirius system. In this sense, the Hierarchy should be called not the deities but the “Evil.”

For the above reason, it is an appropriate expression to call Sanat Kumara Prince of Evil in Japan. If Sanat Kumara at the top of the Earthly Hierarchy is Prince of Evil, Maitreya and Jesus Christ, who serve Sanat Kumar, should be called “Evil.”

By the way, the Hierarchy has been dismantled in the reformation of heavenly world. When Christians pray to Jesus Christ with pure heart, their prayer reaches St. Francis, who assumes the post of Christ in the First System Earthly Deity Fifth Level. Therefore, it is safe for Christians to pray to Christ.

Since Q group is undoubtedly connected to the deities in the First System Earthly Deity Fifth Level and they are under the direction of deities, you can trust them. They are real “warriors of Light.”

On the other hand, the nine-dementional Arcturus Council, the Pleiadian High Council, the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ancient Earth-Breakaway Civilization and Cobra Resistance Movement are the remnants of the Hierarchy.

According to today’s Sorcha Faal information, the rural area in the middle-west of the U.S. was hit by apocalyptic flood and suffered severe damage. It is exactly the nine-dimentional Arcturus Council and the Pleiadian High Council that gave instructions to cause this catastrophe.

Luckily, it seems that the Earth Alliance has taken control of the weather weapons and others, this problem will be resolved in the future. However, many earthlings misunderstand and assume that the Alliance will defeat the Devil.

Such being the case, praying not to deities but to the remnants of the Hierarchy will help them destroy the earth. Prayer is important, but it is more important to which side prayer is connected.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 13, 2019

Distributed by Twitter

I have no religion. Everybody always reads the Bible in QArmy’s conference room. Everyone is pious. Even if I consult with my senior, they say “Pray. Or ask him to pray for you.”  Everybody trusts the power of prayer more than anything. It sounds ridiculous, but this seems to be the battle between Light and Dark.
@okabaeri9111 Good evening, Eri! I have a question again. How does QAnon see Christianity and the Bible? Personally, I feel that the Deep State is most afraid of the existence and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
It seems unbelievable, but if you pray, connect to each other as peers, love each other and get together, it will be an effective and the heaviest attack against them. It is a completely different battle from the common sense of ‘war’ created by warmongers before. If the enemy is the Devil, what do you think of Q’s true identity? Believe it or not …
We knew that the enemy is the devil.
Q fighting against the devil is completely opposite to the devil.
Let’s unite.
The most effective way to defeat the Cabal is to pray.
The world needs your prayer.
The most important thing you can do is to pray!! To contain evil and make the world a place filled with love, light and compassion.
What should I say? Basically, QArmy is based on ‘prayer.’ There is members specialized in prayer. Do you know why they pray? That’s because the enemy is very afraid of it. Why does the enemy fear it? That’s because the enemy is the ‘devil.’ A person who knows this (the devil) should understand what I say. 

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