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Jun 21, 2019

Japan is the only “country of gods” on earth – Indigenous peoples’ faith was completely eradicated and it is only in Japan that there are shrines where true gods are enshrined

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Japan is the only “country of gods” on earth – Indigenous peoples’ faith was completely eradicated and it is only in Japan that there are shrines where true gods are enshrined
Eri’s first tweet says that Japan is the only “country of God.” Regrettably, this is true. As man-made religions created by monotheism, namely, the Hierarchy has completely shrouded the earth, it is only Japan that enshrines true gods.

Nobody knows about this and I’d like to explain it briefly. Read Reformation of Heavenly World 1, and you can see that we belong to the First System. The deities of First System Heavenly Deity First to Fifth Levels were all enshrined in Japan. The deities of Earthly Deity First to Third Levels were worshipped all over the world.

Specifically, the deities of First and Second Levels were Egyptian deities, those of Third Level were Greek deities, those of Fourth Level were Celtic deities and those of Fifth Level were Norse deities. However, around 9,500 BC, Norse deities with Odin as supreme god were defeated in the battle against the Hierarchy. This is the battle between deities and giants in Norse mythology. The earth has been ruled by the Earthly Hierarchy since 9,500 BC.

Around 1,500 BC, Celtic deities of Earthly Deity Fourth Level were pushed out of poweras a result of defeat in the battle against the Hierarchy. The earth has been controlled by the Solar Hierarchy led by Rama and Krishna since then. That’s why the Vedas was compiled around this time.

Around 330 BC, a coup occurred in the Earthly Deity Third Level. Greek deities were pushed out of power and replaced by the Sirius Hierarchy mainly led by Ra and Horus.

Simultaneously, a coup occurred in the Earthly Deity Second Level and Egyptian deities led mainly by supreme god Ptah, Osiris, Maat and Isis were pushed out of power. Instead, Buddhist forces led by Gotama Siddhattha, five disciplinants and ten disciples took power.

The Earth has entered the dark ages since then. Among Earthly Deity First System deities, only Egyptian deities of the Earthly Deity First Level led by Iat, Khonsu, Satet and Bastet barely maintained power.

We have to keep in mind that Egyptian deities such as Bastet, Osiris and Isis were true gods, while La and Hors belonging to the Hierarchy who took power in the coup were not gods but evil deities. However, according to Egyptian mythology, they are collectively known as Egyptian gods. The Hierarchy is not a group of gods but a group of evil godsthat lost souls. 

The Buddhist forces that took over the Second Level are neither the Hierarchy members nor deities. Since they could not become gods, they instead created the concepts of Buddha, Nyorai and Bodhisattva.

Well, please look at religions on the earth from this point of view. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions and all were created by the Hierarchy. Buddhism looks down on deities and establishes the doctrine that they are superior to deities. Maitreya who worships Shakamuni created Mahanaya Buddhism. You can see that such man-made religions shroud the Earth.

Ingenious peoples represented by the Hopi tribe had worshipped deities. However, the Hierarchy totally destroyed their faith by committing genocide. Now, it is only in Japan that deities are enshrined.

Why did the bloodline of Japanese emperors manage to survive until Emperor Komei and escape from annihilation on the way? That’s because Emperor is the bloodline of Hotsuma deities (Heavenly deities) and most of past emperors were reincarnations of Hotsuma deities. Their spiritual power is extremely different from the spiritual power of ordinary people. Therefore, read the Japanese history carefully, and you will see that people with power in the past were very frightened with the “curse.”

The Illuminati is scared of Japan because of an extraordinarily big difference in spiritual power between deities in Japan and them.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 12, 2019

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The only “country of gods” on the earth is Japan.
Japanese don’t know the fact. Ask yourself again why you were born Japanese. No matter what we do or no matter what we make, we will lead the world. Definitely, we are good at achieving global peace.
Incidentally, the concept of “Japan is the country of gods” is the idea based on which Illuminati put Japan over any other ethnic group at the top priority list of eradication.
This is not my dogmatic opinion. This is not the idea of chosen people.
Other peoples said so when seeing the Japanese!
The evidence of the Illuminati’s vow for attack Japan by name is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones. I’m going to bump a thread.

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