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Jun 26, 2019

Introduction of Supreme Deity in Each Level of First System

image: (from left) Empress Jingu, Kengyu, and Kibi-no-waka-hime
Introduction of Supreme Deity in Each Level of First System
The reformation of heavenly world began in 2007, which resulted in the policy changeover from control by lineal descendants to assumption of posts by the pure-hearted in the heavenly world. As a result, most of deities in power have fallen from their positions and now deities who are suitable for heavenly posts are replaced by them.

Our earth belongs to the First System Earthly Deity Fifth Level, but it is also under the influence of higher level systems. Each level is ruled by the five deities of ki, tsu, wo, saand neand the 51 Futomanideities. When I say “God,” it refers to the five deities of ki, tsu, wosaand ne. When I say “Gods,” in most cases it refers to the 51 deities shown in the Futomanifigure.

This time, I’d like to introduce the supreme deity in each level of First System, that is, deity “wo” of the five deities ki, tsu, wo, saand ne. See the vision in this article, and you can see how the supreme deity Kengyu in Heavenly Deity First Level assumed the heavenly post.

To tell the truth, Serena “drew an illustration without knowing who the person was when she saw the vision.” And “Mrs. Nakanishi draws an illustration without knowing the identity of the person.” She draws an illustration while receiving spiritual guidance. When I look at the picture, I judge from the vibration that the person is Kengyu. Read this article, and you can understand it is exactly true. Serena writes on the blog: When I saw the illustration drawn by Mrs. Nakanishi, “I was very surprised because it was exactly like Kengyu I saw in vision.”

As mentioned above, Mrs. Nakanishi is so excellent at drawing illustrations of gods whose vibrations are also accurately reproduced that they can be called portraits of gods. 

The supreme deity of Heavenly Deity Second Level is Empress Jingu. She is the goddess Serena served and she often appears on the blog “From Sea of Light.” I think that this vision is drawn very well. I personally see the goddess in the heavenly world. The goddess is a far more beautiful lady than the illustration drawn by Serena.

As you can see in these examples, God and Gods exist. If you have spiritual eyes, you may have a chance to see their figures when visiting a shrine with time-honored history.

I think that those who are connected to God or Gods not superficially but deeply can see them in the world after death. However, in this world on earth fake gods have no hesitation in stating that they are gods and many people are deceived by them.

For example, when a channel visits a shrine to offer prayer, he/she receives a message saying “I am Konohana-sakuya-hime.” Undoubtedly, it is a fake. So, in many cases, the god who appears after death is undoubtedly a fake imposter and cannot connect to god in the after world.

However, it is not allowed to send a message under a fake name or appear in a vision. As Yama(universal morality) and Niyama(personal observances) are practiced little by little on the earth, such fake gods will no longer appear and I think that everybody will be directly connected to gods.

My job is to get rid of fake gods that confuse people. 

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 13, 2019

Supreme Deity in Each Heavenly-Deity Level of First System

Heavenly Deity First Level

Heavenly Deity Second Level

Heavenly Deity Third Level

Heavenly Deity Fourth Level

Heavenly Deity Fifth Level

Supreme Deity in Each Earthly-Deity Level of First System

Earthly Deity First Level

Earthly Deity Second Level

Earthly Deity Third Level

Earthly Deity Fourth Level

Earthly Deity Fifth Level

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