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May 29, 2019

Mr. Brad Johnson who is connected with the “Galactic Federation of Light” which works together with deities says: “no solar flash event will occur”

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Mr. Brad Johnson who is connected with the “Galactic Federation of Light” which works together with deities says: “no solar flash event will occur”
According to the article below, the speaker in the video is Mr. Brad Johnson, who channels Adronis of Sirius.

I didn’t know him at all until I saw this article. If you watch the video, you will find that he is in a higher vibration and he is a pure-hearted person.

In recent comment I pointed out that Mr. Corey Goode and Mr. David Wilcock had terrible vibrations. Please watch this video that Mr. Corey Goode introduces on his Twitter. Two commentators have higher vibrations than M. Corey Goode. Therefore, comparing the two videos, it is quite obvious that there is difference in vibrations between Mr. Brad Johnson and Mr. Corey Goode.

I believe that Mr. Corey Goode is faithful and never intentionally tells a lie. I think that every experience he had in the Secrete Space Program and in underground world is the fact. However, I think it is fatal to him that he deeply connected with Kali, priestess of the Ancient Earth-Breakaway Civilization, spiritually. 

By the way, unlike Mr. Corey Goode and Mr. David Wilcock, Mr. Brad Johnson says: “solar flash event is not going to occur.” Solar flares can cause a certain level of black out and communication failure, but such level of solar flash that will completely destroy the current civilization, as Mr. Corey Goods claims, is not going to occur.

Mr. Brad Johnson says that the “Galactic Federation of Light” secures safety by having a network of energy on the earth in order to make smooth transition.

The “Galactic Federation of Light” Mr. Brad Johnson is connected with is apparently an organization that works together with deities. If my intuition is not wrong, remnants of the Hierarchy who stand against deities no longer exist except for the earth.

I think that all false information sent through channels is from inside the earth. If they commit further crimes, it is just a matter of time before they are eradicated.

April 12, 2019
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

Distributed by YouTube– March 7, 2019 –

The Stream Towards the Event  NewEarthTeachings.com

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article – METAPHYSICSTSUSHIN - March 31, 2019 –

2019 Ascension prediction dated March 30 “Solar flash event will come?” Part 2: Opinion of naysayer group 

It is said among spirituality researchers and hypnotherapists that a large scale solar flash will occur.    <snip> However, a cataclysmic solar flash is not going to occur, not but that such time line does not exist. The reality is that no catastrophe will be caused by any celestial body.

At present, a coalition of space consciousness called Galactic Federation of Light is spreading energy like mesh on this planet. The network is prepared so that risky timeline is flipped to ensure a smooth transition from the third density to the fourth density of the earth.The earth and humanity are so important.A lot of effort is being made to create a new earth.

I myself (Brad) have been reading akashic records for the past eight years, but I have never seen a vision of solar flash. It is likely that it will happen after generations, but we can say that it will not happen during our lifetime.

There is a theory claiming that a solar flash which blows away the civilizations on the earth will occur. I must say that it is a hoaxIf it were decided that such a thing would occur, what the Galactic Confederation’s ships and extraterrestrial consciousness that are protecting the earth have done and every technology they have would have had no meaning at all.
<The rest is omitted>

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