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Feb 18, 2019

Pope Francis admits the fact of sexual abuse of nuns by priests! – There are no proper religions on Earth.

image: Wikimedia [CC BY-SA]
Pope Francis admits the fact of sexual abuse of nuns by priests! – There are no proper religions on Earth.
Pope Francis reportedly has admitted the fact of sexual abuse of nuns by priests. The issue of sexual abuse of boys has already been criticized globally.

Pope Francis has showed negative attitude toward these scandals and has covered up the fact. However, with the movement of “#MeToo” globally spread, it has become impossible to conceal the facts.

I think that such violent acts are nothing new and have continued for thousands of years. As being in the midst of a turning point of the times, the darkness of religions has come to light.

Most religions on Earth have been brought about by the Hierarchy or the Devil. I think that we can hardly find religions leading to true God. Many people have been absorbed into cult religions while religions going through changes from exoteric Buddhism to esoteric Buddhism and then to Western esotericism. Although they believe that they are connected to angels or deities, almost without exception they are connected to evil spirits, extraterrestrial beings or Hierarchy members.

Such beings pretend to be deities or angels, but they are actually beings that have their souls (Monad) fall into the Animal System as a karmic result of Satanism. If I describe them in general terms, they are those who have lost their souls.

Examples of such people include Sanat Kumara, Maitreya, those who are called Ascended Masters according to channeled information, and Hindu deities. The same is true for evil deities belonging to Sirius Hierarchy represented by Egyptian deities Ra and Horus.

Such being the case, the same goes for Ra appearing in “the Law of One” advocated by Mr. David Wilcock, that is, the Blue Avians: Ra-Tear-Eir, and the Golden Triangle-Headed beings. They belong tothe evil corps who lost their souls (Lucifer and Darkness corps).

It is the same with Buddha/Gotama Siddhattha and his ten disciples. Because they lost their souls and were unable to become God, they created another concept of Buddha and Bodhisattva. As shown by these examples, there are no proper religions on Earth.

They are characterized by impersonating God and preaching false teachings. Since everything is falsehood, we cannot choose true religion. As far as I know, the only literature I can recommend is Hotsumatsutae, which comes directly from God. Regrettably, most people pay no notice to it.

When we ignore Hotumatsutaeand attach importance to forgeries Kojikiand Nihon Shokiconnected to Israel, we cannot understand the true history of Japan. Considering Japanese history based on Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, understandably we Japanese people are connected to Israel and traced back to Sumer. There are so many people who are tainted by such false historical view.

Reading Mr. Corey Goode’s assertion, you will understand that the Sumer civilization was brought about not by deities but by the Ancient Earth Break-away Civilization and devils (the Black Lodge). If reading the Hotsumatsutae, you can understand the true roots of Japanese: we come from Hotsumadeity (true god).

February 10, 2019
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, Universe and World– February 9, 2019 –

Pope admits sexual abuse of nuns by priests, bishops

Pope Francis has admitted to yet another scandal in the Roman Catholic Church by publicly confirming that nuns have been sexually abused by priests and bishops.
The extent of the scandal first came to lightjust days ago when the Vatican’s women’s magazine, Women Church World, condemned the abuse of women in an article.“The abuse of women results in procreation and so is at the origin of the scandal of imposed abortions and children not recognized by priests,” the article read. <snip> According to current and former nuns, the women had been removed from the order after reporting the abuse.

The revelation about the abuse of nuns came just years after it was revealed that children, mostly boys, were being abused by clergymen in their congregations across the world and that senior clergy members had been covering up those crimes.

<The rest is omitted>

English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik – February 7, 2019 –

The Pontiff admits the fact of sexual abuse of nuns in churches for the first time

During the visit to the Middle East, Pope Francis made an official announcement for the first time about the fact of sexual abuse of nuns in the church.The pope admitted the fact of sexual abuse of nuns by priests.

Sputnik Japan

Also the pope talked about the case in which nuns had been treated as sex slaves. According to the pope, his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI was forced to close a women’s congregation because nuns had been sexually abused periodically.

The pope also admitted that sexual abusers included not only priests but bishops.

According to the pope, the church has not yet managed to stop sexual abuse but tries to find a way to resolve the issue.

The other day, the Vatican’s women’s magazine “Women Church World” posted an article on the abuse in churches. The article says that nuns in some cases were forced to go for an abortion, which is considered the serious crime in Catholic teaching, so that the church can leave no trace of sexual abuse.

English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: BBC NEWS JAPAN– February 6, 2019 –

Pope Francis I admits that clerics have sexually abused nuns

Pope Francis admitted on 5 that sexual abuse of nuns by male clerics was an ongoing problem and in some cases nuns were treated as sex slaves. This seems to be the first time that Pope Francis publicly admitted the sexual abuse of nuns by priests.

Pope Francison personal plane, on the way back from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), talked to reporters and admittedthat his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI dissolved a female congregation because priests had treated nuns as “sex slaves” there.
Pope Francis said sexual abuse of nuns by clerics was an ongoing problem, but happened largely in “certain congregations, predominantly new ones.”

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Pope Francis confirms priests’ abuse of nuns!
Details have not been released.  It appears that sexual abuses have occurred at least in Chile and India.
Suspected pedophiles among Vatican personnel are pointed out in the U.S.

English translation of a Japanese article: Bunshu Online – February 8, 2019 Bunshun March 2019 issue

“Repeatedly abused at an orphanage …” Japanese victim accuses Catholic priest of sexual abuse for the first time

“Pedophilia” is sexual preference for infants. Hearing this word, not a few people must recall the scandals of Catholic churches. This is because the scandals of sexual abuse to boys by priests (fathers) have been revealedand the Vatican, the center of Roman Catholic Church, has been globally criticized.
In the midst of commotion, Mr. Shinji Hirono, a non-fiction writer,contributed an article titled “Victim confesses under his own name the pedophilic abuse by Catholic priest” to the March issue of ‘Bungei Shunju.’ Mr. Hirono, who has been interviewing on this problem, has succeeded in interview with Mr. Katsumi Takenaka, 62, a Japanese victim of pedophilia.
Mr. Hirono explains:
“Mr. Takenaka is the first Japanese that has confessed under his own name that he was a victim of Catholic pedophile priest. Probably there are many more victims underneath the surface. According to an anonymous questionnaire on sexual harassment conducted in 2004 by Japan Catholic Central Council, 17 people complained about ‘forced physical contact.’However, the survey has not been conducted since then. The whole picture of Japanese sexual victims has not been revealed.”

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