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Jan 5, 2019

The human person and deities are different not in appearance but in vibrations! – We are always with God and we see the physical body of God as nature or universe

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The human person and deities are different not in appearance but in vibrations! – We are always with God and we see the physical body of God as nature or universe
Every article the blogger ‘In Deep’ offers is always something unique. I found the article below quite interesting because it has to do with the essence of religion.

Reading the parts written in red letters, you can get the point of the article. Black bold letters except for the title of the article are considered to be erroneous.

The human person isnot “the supreme being created by life” but their form (physical body) is the image of God. Although Pope Francis asserts that Satan exists, there really exist God and deities, too.

In Japan a second-dimensional *Moe-e is popular. In the universe there really exist aliens and deities who resemble Moe-e. I am familiar with such beings because I often see them in visions.

The human person and deities are different in vibrations, not in appearance.  Although there are beautiful women and girls on Earth, who are equal to deities in appearance, I feel women on Earth and deities are completely different in vibrations; deities emit very pure vibrations. This is because inner bodies (especially causal body) exist in different realms. 

It turns out, therefore, that the human person is not the “supreme being in the universe” but the human person is exactly like God in the physical body.

Stars take an immense amount of time to create life and finally create the human person, the image of God. The human person starts spiritual evolution and finally grows to be deities. Earth, one of such starts that created the human person, is the physical body of Hanatachibanano-himemiko, as I have conveyed many times. Hanatachibanano-himemiko is one of stellar deities that deities have further evolved into.

At the same time, the universe we see is the physical body of Hikarikiwamuru-himemiko.  Based on personal experiences, Emanuel Swedenborg, who was referred to as a spiritual giant, said that our universe is the image of a giant human person. His perception about the universe was right.

As described above, we are always with God and we see the physical body of God as the universe. However, we are simply not aware of it.

When the mind leans to extreme tamas(darkness), we say: “there are not any more deities who have lived in nature.” “The Universe has chosen the human person as final conclusion” is not true. It is only “pure-hearted people” that were chosen as final conclusion. This is not only applied to the human person. As a matter of fact, many wicked deities have been destroyed in the Reformation of Heavenly World.

December 18, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: In Deep– December 17, 2018 –

Bishops lament that the current situation of the U.S. is the “country masked by Satan power.” But Satan is actually …..


I was interested in the “relationship between the sun and human society” for the first time by getting to know the research by Dr. Alexander Chizhevsky.

Alexander Chizhevsky (1897 – 1964)
Wikipedia [Public Domain]

One of Dr. Chizhevsky’s words is as follows:
“The human person is the supreme being created by life”

This thought has become radicalized for these few years and I have finally come to think: “The supreme being in the universe is the human person.”Even if the universe had existed before the human person or even if something like that including the sun had existed before the human person, nothing can shake my certainty: “The universe exists only for the human person.”


A person, a practitioner of Rosicrucian theory as well as a researcher of Steiner, sent me an e-mail immediately after the March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.   <snip>   I’d like to introduce an excerpt from the mail as follows:

An excerpt from the e-mail I received from a Steiner researcher after the Tohoku earthquake in March 2011

Intelligence of human beings is hope for other beings now.
Deities living in nature no longer exist.

Nature is nothing but a machine that automatically operates. We cannot find life even by observing nature by means of science. Even if looking into our heart for self-searching, we can find a mere shadow.

Human beings are different from what they used to be, because deities entrusted destiny to human beings. Intelligence in universe was shifted to human beings at some time in the past. It is only unavailable rule that can be found by exploring nature as you did in the past.

When human beings realize the fact that they are the will of the universe, they can find their true nature for the first time. It is not given by deities but it can be found only through their judgment.

The universe has chosen human beings as final conclusion.

When we realize that our thought is the will of the universe, far inconceivable number of beings can be rescued from Darkness.  <snip>  Human beings have to act now for all beings living in the universe.

“When I think that human existence is the greatest in the universe,” at least I can easily understand how the world works.



Even if I accept such philosophy, “there is still I who never can see myself as the supreme being in the universe.”

While having the idea of “human beings are the supreme being in the universe,” I have been obsessed by the idea: “human beings are worthless beings.”

There was a 1976 hit movie “The Exorcist” adapted from the novelof the same name “The Exorcist.” In the novel we see the word of an old priest named Merrin who performed an exorcism to drive out a demon from a girl Regan as an exorcist

Father Merrin answered as follows when he was asked by his helper Father Karras: “What is the purpose of demons that possess human beings?”

From the novel “The Exorcist”

Nobody knows it.  <snip> They aim to drive us to despair and destroy our humanity. They try to make us realizethat eventually we are degenerate, lewd, bestial, without the slightest dignity, and ugly and worthless being.

<snip> Remembering that, I suddenly thought.   <snip>  I have the will inside me, which can make me put down human beings. I also have a lofty idea that considers human beings to be the supreme being.  If I have such strong two tendencies, it turns out that I always see life as confrontation between God and Demon without waiting for external demon to come.  


CAN November 29, 2018

God or Satan: making no room for evil in our world


The human person is innately religious.More than just being a material creature on the same level as irrational animals, the human person has reason and is always in search of meaning.


In an attempt to respond to the spiritual dimension of human life,some people are turning to New Age beliefs.New Age adherents,now nearly one-fourth of the population, have replaced the personal God of revelation with a spiritual energythat animates the cosmos.   <snip>  For New Age adherents,there is no absolute truth.All beliefs are of equal value. And, since they deny the existence of sin,they do not accept the need for a Redeemer. 


At worse, they reject God and unwittingly fall into the hands of the Adversary.  
And, then there are others who reject God and consciously choose to turn to one form or another of the occult.

It is astounding to realize that there are almost 1.5 million people who are involved in Wicca, a pagan form of witchcraft


The more individuals extol themselves as self-sufficient and exalt reason over faith, they turn from God and enthrone Satan

Attempting to control their lives through the use of the occult, they hand themselves over to Satanwho uses them to destroy the peace and harmony God plans for us.

(The rest is omitted)

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