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Nov 30, 2018

The formula to make people gullible is to put in food and medicines fluorine, heavy metal (mercury and others), psychological drug, canola oil, genetically modified foods

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The formula to make people gullible is to put in food and medicines fluorine, heavy metal (mercury and others), psychological drug, canola oil, genetically modified foods
The first article mentions to put harmful substances in food and medicines as the formula to make people gullible. According to the article, harmful substances include fluorine, heavy metal (mercury and others), psychological drug, canola oil, genetically modified foods. Each substance is summarized. A simple explanation is given for each substance.

Mr. David Wilcock has sounded an alarm about fluorine contained in water because it calcifies the pine gland which controls human intuition.

Heavy metal is not only contained in food and medicines but also sprayed as chemtrail in the air. I think that this is a difficult problem to address.

Psychological drug never cures patients of mental disorder; on the contrary, it is likely to make them incurable. Therefore, I’d like to advise you not to casually visit psychiatrist to get medicine. I think that the Gayatri Mantra and the Mantra of Love are far more effective than such psychological drug.

Canola oil is made from genetically modified rapeseed “canola breed.” Since it is made not by compression method but by hexane extraction, canola oil is cheap but dangerous. 

A Temple University study revealed a shocking result that canola oil may give damage to brain.

Needless to say, genetically modified food products are dangerous. Japan has become GM food superpower. We have to be very careful about food products.

According to Mr. Iguchi’s blog, Donald Ramsfeld got credit for water fluoridation in the U.S. If I remember correctly, he was involved in antiviral Tamiful. I feel that these villains are not servants of Devil but rather Devil itself.

I think that there is another policy to make people gullible other than this: animation and games. If people have been exposed to such harmful information and additionally have been physically damaged since childhood, most people would lose ability to think properly.

I’m often under the impression that Japan may be a country subject to an experiment for carrying out a policy to make people gullible. We might say that we see abnormal people such as Internet far rightists as part of the process.

November 24, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – November 23, 2018 –

Top 5 TOXINS that turn critically thinking citizens into obedient sheeple so that globalists can control elections

November 11, 2018
The formula to make people gullibleis simple: Put enough brain-numbing chemicals in common food and mainstream medicine to convince Americans that there’s safety in numbers, and then deliver those “norms” through the television, press conferences, newspapers, and on the world wide web.  <snip>

Top chemical weapons that turn critical thinking citizens into obedient sheeple so that globalists can control elections
Fluoride, heavy metals, psych drugs, canola oil and GMOs
Sodium fluorideis proven by science to lower human IQ and cause cancer,and it’s dripped into most U.S. municipal tap water by the government on purpose.

The most popular vaccines, flu shots,are loaded with mercury, which has been proven to cause neurological and brain damage to humans. The CDC recommends annual mass-mercury injections for all pregnant women and 6-month-young infants. Ever heard of mad hatter syndrome?

Nearly every psychological drug on the markettoday causes depression, anxiety, confusion, doubt,and other physical and mental conditions that keep people from thinking critically, or thinking straight at all.

Canola oilhas been proven by science to cause memory loss, confusion, cognitive decline and dementia. <snip>

Genetically modified foodscontain pesticides, including chemical insecticidesand herbicides, that literally break down the cleansing organs and systematically destroy the brain, causing cancer and dementia. The more you eat, the sicker and dumber you become.
(The rest is omitted)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Kazumoto Iguchi’s blog 2 – November 23, 2018 –

Muscle building supplements damage liver and Zero calorie drinks damage testicle and brain!?

Food additives in recent years are characterized by hidden dangers. For example, vaccine preservative antiseptic agent chimerosal is chemical molecule which is formed by combining organic matter (carbon compound) and mercury HG.However, since chimerosal is singly a bound molecule, the word of molecule is never found. Namely, mercury seemingly disappears.

However, once it enters the body, mercury is isolated from vaccine and affects the body negatively as mercury ion. It gathers around brain and causes abnormal change to brain cells.
Like mercury, fluorine compound is harmful. That’s why fluorine is cellular inhibitor, which used to be test drug to weaken and kill cells.Nevertheless, it is used for food, toothpaste and dental therapy.Fluorine not only weakens bones but kills brain cells and decreases intelligence.

Compared with 100 years ago, Americans have decreased intelligence by 20 percent today.It is partly because the U.S. changed a policy of using fluoride to sterilize water, which aimed at privatization of water supply business. We can see Taro Aso doing the same thing in Japan, too.

Fluoride is waste material which is produced in mass when nuclear material is purified. A voluminous amount of fluoride accumulated when the U.S. took out purified uranium from uranium to make nuclear weapons. The U.S. was at a loss about how to dispose waste and left it with Ramsfeld, who was a young leader of a chemical manufacturer. After he had U.S. Food and Drug Administration accept wasted uranium as fluorine additive substance. As a result, he was highly praised for his achievement by Bush in the U.S. government. This is sort of breakthrough achievement by rascal Ramsfeld. 

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