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Nov 7, 2018

Halloween is not simply pagan religion’s festival. Halloween definitely originates from Satanism. – Many people take action that unconsciously summons a demon. –

image: Author:Petr_Kratochvil [CC0]
Halloween is not simply pagan religion’s festival. Halloween definitely originates from Satanism. – Many people take action that unconsciously summons a demon. –
According to the first article, there has been news coverage of Halloween havoc including overturning a small truck. Halloween is not simply pagan religion’s festival but it definitely originates from Satanism. Personally speaking, I have a negative feeling about this festival.

I never have fear about demon or Satanism. However, many people have fear about invisible beings, both good spirit and evil spirit. I suppose that’s why they need religion. If the collective consciousness of humans has no sense of dependence on others, religion will disappear, I think.

To put it another way, if many people achieve enlightenment and get spiritually independent, religion cannot become an object of their faith because religion is spiritual science.

According to Mr. Corey Goode, aliens have genetically engineered humans in order to have them blindly worship higher power.

Somebody says that the Japanese feel strong peer pressure. In a word, when seeing people around them do good, the Japanese copy them, while the Japanese people even commit mass violence just because people around them do so. 

If individuality is not established, people will take such behavior patter, which we can say is childish. “Enlightenment” is merely a pass point. People are supposed to naturally achieve enlightenment when grown up in society.

Reading the second article, you will understand how Halloween is dangerous. Many people unconsciously summon a devil. People of good sense never take part in such horseplay. Please foresee the intention of those who intended to entrench Halloween in Japan.

The agenda of the Illuminati is to destroy all nations and destroy morality and ethics. They intend to have whole humanity finally accept Satanism.
I say on the blog that judgment has been going on. Halloween is just an example, but Darkness opens its mouth everywhere and is waiting for people to get corrupted. Those who fall into darkness will be destroyed before long unless they truly repent.

October 31, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of a Japanese article: Yuruneto News–October 30, 2018 –

[That stinks] Ticket machine of Shinbusakiya, a ramen shop, was destroyed at Shibuya on Halloween! After spreading information on twitter, the perpetrator apologized and promised to pay the damage  

What the news?

Around at 4:30 a.m. on October 28, 2018, Halloween horseplay was seen everywhere at ShibuyaIn a ramen restaurant Shibuya “Shinbusakiya”, a group of young people poured a plastic bottle of water into a ticket machine, which caused the machine to be out or order. The shop posted the security footage on Twitterand the event is scattered around the internet.

Subsequently, this footage made the perpetrator come to the restaurant to apologize and settle with the restaurant by promising to pay the damage. The ramen restaurant decided not to file a damage report to the police.


A flood of criticism says “the restaurant should file a damage report” or “The perpetrator should be totally punished” on the internet!


Halloween havoc in Shibuya is reported everywhere. There was news of overturned small truck. There was another incident!

The perpetrator reportedly says: “I don’t remember because I got drunk.” This is absolutely criminal act!(Like overturning a small truck,) they don’t distinguish between good and evil at their age. Unbelievable!

He was caught on film by a security camera and the restaurant filed a damage report to the police. He realized that he would be arrested and chose to apologize unreservedly and pay the damage.

Needless to say, the perpetrator is very wicked. However, a lot of outsiders have raised “a strong hue” against the restaurant that accepted the apology and came to settlement with the perpetrator who promised to pay the damage: “The restaurant should never withdraw a petition”, “Undoubtedly, he never repents at heart!”, “Totally punish him!”It seems to symbolize savage modern Japanand we feel indescribably sad.
If they have enough free time to criticize or name-call lower-class people for their antisocial behavior “with all the strength they have,” they should strongly criticize those with power including the ruling party politicians for their scandals or corruption and injustice:they unlawfully suppress ordinary people, have the people suffer from recession and poverty and furthermore they put all their energy into enriching themselves. It is the “right way of thinking.” They seem to direct extremely wrong target for anger in order to release daily stress.
(The rest is omitted)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: TOCANA– October 30, 2018 –

It has been found that when people celebrate Halloween, their family will be cursed from three to four generations”! When devil’s door opened, we will see one misfortune after another, a well-known priest gives a warning!

According to a CBN News Facebook poll, only 13% of Christians agree to celebrate Halloween.
Former Satanist John Ramirez warnedin a “CBN News” interview that Halloweenisn’t just about costumes and candy – there’sa much darker reality.” According to Mr. Ramirez, celebrating Halloweenis toopen the “door” to the world of the Devil.

I think that Halloween is generally celebrated in families with small children. According to him, however, the door is still open even though the last time Halloween was celebrated 10, 15 or 20 years ago.

“The door is still open. Your family will be cursed from three to four generation,” Ramirez said.

For this reason, Mr. Ramirez recommends that on Halloween this year people go back to the place where they celebrated it for the first time and pray to Jesus Christ so that God can have mercy and close the door.

(The rest is omitted)


English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Kazumoto Iguchi’s blog 2 – October 30, 2018 –

“White Peril” Tragedy of Earth is appearance of Caucasian people!? Jomon people were driven out by Caucasia people!?

By the way, it is generally believed that Halloween is based on Druid faith which indigenous Celts in Europe had. However, it is fabrication which was added afterwards. Halloweencomes from human sacrifice ceremonyheld by Caucasiansin Luciferianism, that is, so-called Satanism. Despite this, they want everything bad attributable to the Celts who have never existed.
For this reason, an ethnic group that practicesHalloween is evilly brainwashed. The custom of “Trick or treat” taught from early childhood is very bad for spiritual education of children. Americanshad a custom in which they appreciated God on Thanksgiving Day. However,their old and good spirit has been lost since adopting the custom where children are dressed as something like a demon on Halloween. The current Americans have precisely the opposite spirituality than the 100-year-old Americans. Considering this history, unless a ban on Halloween is enacted,our country will be a precisely the opposite nation, that is, a bad nation in 20 years when children of today grown up

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