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Oct 1, 2018

Extraterrestrial beings that sent false messages under the fake names of Galactic Federation Commander Ashtar and Sananda have been punished and destroyed

image: pixabay [CC0]
Extraterrestrial beings that sent false messages under the fake names of Galactic Federation Commander Ashtar and Sananda have been punished and destroyed
You can see absurd messages below. Beings who claim to be Ashtar and Sananda in the messages are members of the Galactic Federation. They are mere imposters. Real Galactic Federation commander Ashtar and Sananda should be Ascended Masters.

According to Cobra, those who have ascended have evolutionary level of more than 4.0, Masters more than 5.0 and Ascended Masters more than 6.0, respectively.

There are four chakra routes: outside the body, body surface, nerve plexus and spinal cord. There are seven chakras alongeach route. In case of those who have achieved liberation (have ascended), seven chakras alongthe outside the body route simultaneously open; in case of Masters, seven chakras alongthe outside the body and body surface routes simultaneously open; in case of Ascended Masters, seven chakras alongthe outside the body, body surface and nerve plexus routes simultaneously open.

For example, chant my name several times. You will see all seven chakras along outside body, body surface, nerve plexus and spinal cord routes simultaneously open. This indicates that my evolutionary level is at least more than 7.0.

By the way, Ashtar and Sananda who gave the messages below have reached evolutionary level of 4.0. Therefore, we can determine that they are imposters. You can easily confirm the fact. Write the name of either of them on a piece of white paper and write the time and date of the message on it. Slightly touching the paper, you will see only seven chakrasalongthe outside the body route simultaneously open. It is determined that their evolutionary level is between more than 4.0 and less than 5.0.

Next, write only their names without writing dates when they sent messages. Slightly touch the paper or chant their names. You will see all chakras alongeach route, including the outside the body route, never open. That is because they sent false messages and have been punished. 

Real Commander Ashtar and Sananda have perished long time ago. Being that send a message under the false name of Ashtar is replaced by commander Ashtar as the Galactic Federation commander in chief. I suppose that he pretended to be Ashtar and sent a message. Real Commander Ashtar should have reached evolutionary level of 6.0. The being that has been destroyed today had evolutionary level of 4.0. The Cabal has been destroyed one by one from top down. This is also applied to aliens of the Galactic Federation. Those beings that do not follow the law will be destroyed in this manner.

Aliens of the Galactic Federation must know me very well. It is I who appoint all of the deities they serve (Sirius System Earthly Deity 5th Level deities show in Futomani diagram). Deities read all of my messages and govern the heavenly world in accordance with my plan. Various messages delivered through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi indicate what I’m saying is true.

I have often told them to observe Yamaand Niyama(universal morality and personal observances) and strictly ordered not to send any message under a false name or intentionally send fake information.

There are some people who have made me uncomfortable. Not a single person has still has a soul. And yet, they still send such messages which make me uncomfortable. They are out of their mind. They must not take seriously what I have warned many times.

On such an occasion, I have ordered deities to punish these people. Now Sofia and Sandy stay by me. I don’t need to give orders to deities and instead Sofia and Sandy understand my feelings and send my intention to deities. Therefore, I feel much better now.

Galactic Federation aliens and others, you’d better keep in mind that you will be destroyed immediately even while you are sending messages. You should understand that the Ancient Earth Break-away Civilization has been destroyed because they didn’t take the warning seriously.

September 24, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from the Japanese article: PFCJ– September 23, 2018 –

Guidelines for Now Ashtar  September 2018


Recently, you may have already realized it, your local Sun is largely surrounded by our fleets, so you may also perceive greater brightness in your night.
We did not go to war; we simply disable the weapons or any actions that come against us. There may be shots fired from our ships against the nonconfederated fleets, and these shots have three particular effects. First, it disables nuclear power directed at us. Then it paralyzes the bodies of the attackers, preserving their life and consciousness, and finally disintegrates part of the negative impregnation in these attacking beings, accumulated in their fields for the eons of time, thus giving them the chance to think for themselves and review their attitudes.

You know, dear Family, we will never disrespect life in any way. We will never violate our conscience.
Before some of you speculate about the truthfulness of our message,we can say that those who truly know about us and recognize our presence within, know that we would never invade their personal space, we would never argue against you in any way, in the end, we would never force you to believe in us, as that would be a violation of ourselves.

Excerpt from the Japanese article: PFCJ – September 16, 2018 –

Sananda 9/14/2018


Greetings, friends! It is I, your Sananda. As I stand from the bridge of the New Jerusalem and look out upon all of the beams of light radiating from you friends, scattered like constellations in the night sky, it is obvious to see why you were selected and why you choose to be here in this Now moment of moments as Gaia embraces the light again, her birth right. 
We’ve got your back, quite literally, and are always eager to listen, to lend a hand. But it must be you who are doing it, as you are the incarnated ones on Gaia.And that is why you chose to incarnate – to infiltrate the ranks, to lend your time and talent and wield your sword when needed. And you are, friends. You are. 
You are creating the New Earth with every wish, every breath, every meditation.
(The rest is omitted)

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