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Sep 28, 2018

Most of confusions on Earth are caused by sexual problem. – Sexual activity between man and woman expressed in movies and videos is remarkably wrong and causes people to get confused.

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Most of confusions on Earth are caused by sexual problem. – Sexual activity between man and woman expressed in movies and videos is remarkably wrong and causes people to get confused.
Recently, Pope Francis has given a decent opinion. He says: “Sexuality or sex, is a gift from God.” Christianity is a religion that has a strong tendency to consider sex a sin, which is symbolized by a myth of the Adam and Eve story. Actually, Catholic priests who serve a mediator between God and followers remain single for the rest of their life. They should make a vow of celibacy and keep away from women throughout life. It is purity in deed for them, which enables them to come close to God. In other words, it turns out that they have a tacit understanding that man and woman who get married are impure.

“The Secret Doctrine Stanza VI-6 (a)” by Helena Blavatsky clearly writes: “It was the Fall of Spirit into generation, not the Fall of mortal man.”

In that sense, we can say that Pope Francis has made the decent remark as above. In my opinion, most of confusions on earth come from sexual problem.

Ugandan president reportedly said: “I want to ban oral sex.” Although it might be impossible to legally prohibit it, I can fully understand what he wants to say.

According to “Sex, Perfection and Marital Happiness” by Rudolf Von Urban MD, which I have often introduced on the blog, you have a taboo against contact with the genitalia in foreplay. As a matter of fact, sexually mature people don’t want their private part to be touched.

The reason is so simple. Sexual intercourse where private parts are completely united requires at least 27 minutes. If sexual intercourse finishes within less than the time, each one feels dissatisfaction. To sustain sexual intercourse for more than 27 minutes when private parts are completely united, you have to refrain from unnecessarily stimulating sexual feeling in foreplay.

There is one more important thing. You should never move violently during sexual intercourse, and especially not if you are a man. Such immature method will not only significantly blunt your sexual feeling but it won’t make sexual intercourse last for more than 27 minutes.

Especially a man needs to develop the sensitive body with which he can gain sexual feeling by moving as slowly as possible. In case when the two actively exchange mutual energy, they will obtain strong sexual pleasure even though not moving.

In this sense, sexual activity between man and woman expressed in movies and videos is remarkably wrong and causes people to get confused.

My opinion is that sexual intercourse should usually last for around one hour. If engaging in proper sexual activity, you will not decrease sexuality when you get older, but rather increase it. In that sense, as Dr. Urban points out, when you succeed in sexual intercourse, you don’t want sexual intercourse more than once a week. Dr. Urban says that it is proper to have sexual intercourse once every five days or ten days. It seems to me that the article of Sputnik below supports his opinion.

September 21, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

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English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik– September 19, 2018 –

Pope:  Sex Is A Gift From God

Pope Francis told that sex is a gift from God. He explained for what this gift is. On the day before this speech, the Pope received in audience French young people from Catholic dioceses and answered several questions from these believers as above. The Vatican press office released a transcript of the audience on 18.

Sputnik Japan

The Pope said: “Sexuality or sex is a gift from God. It has two purposes: for loving each other and generating life. It is passionate love. If there is such love between man and woman, it gives eternal life.”

The Pope urged the French young people to distinguish “sexuality given by God” and sexuality “utilized for amusement that separates sex from love”and warned: “Many people make money, for example by sex industry or pornography. Therefore, it is important to take care of your sexuality.” Pope Francis recalled 

Pope Francis has met an old couple at St. Petro Square, who lived together for sixty years. Looking back on the couple, the Pope said that sexuality felt from deep love is “true sexuality.”

English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik– April 19, 2018 –

Uganda President wants to ban oral sex, saying “The mouth is for eating” 

Ugandan President Yoweri Musevenisaid that he wants to ban oral sex in his country,news site “Metro” reported.

Sputnik Japan

Mr. Museveni made a speech against oral sex as part of the campaign to outlaw “wrong sexual practices.” Mr. Museveni said that such wrong practices are brought in by “outsiders” and the “mouth is for eating, not for sex.”

Mr. Museveni, who has assumed the presidency for the 32nd consecutive year, has a policy to prohibit Ugandans from practicing oral sex. The country has the Anti-Homosexuality Act. Those found to be engaging in gay sex face a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison for a first offense. Those found to be engaging in gay sex regularly and those found to be engaging in gay sex with minors or sick people also face life imprisonment. 


English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik– February 2, 2017 –

Theory: How often a week we need to make love?

A research team in Toronto University, U.S. revealed that people should make love once a week to harmonize interpersonal relationship. According to the team, frequent sexual act does not give any influence on the happiness of family.

The team conducted an investigation in which more than 30,000 people participated and asked them about how often they want to make love. The answer given most often is “more often than now.”

The hypothesis that people tend to make love more frequently has been partially confirmed by the answer: when they are together, the more frequently they make love, the happier they feel. However, it has not been confirmed that there is correlation between happiness and sexual activity practiced more than once a week.

The team continued to conduct two similar investigations. Two thousand four hundred couples gave a response to one of the investigations. The responses were similar to those given in the precious investigation. The paper was posted in scientific magazine “Social Psychological and Personality Science.”

Earlier, scholars revealed that sex can completely recover seven serious illneses.

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