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Apr 13, 2018

Who Cobra RM (Resistance Movement) and their friends Pleiadians really are? They are sexually loose and obscene beings.

image: pixabay [CC0]
Who Cobra RM (Resistance Movement) and their friends Pleiadians really are? They are sexually loose and obscene beings.
The article below reveals the true character of Cobra RM (Resistance Movement) and their friends Pleiadians. The part in red letters is what I think is true and the part in black boldface type is apparently incorrect.

As I pointed out in a previous comment, they are sexually loose and particularly female members have sexual relationship with more than one man. This article shows that they confessed it. The expression of “open polyamoruos connections” in the article is exactly what it is. In a worst-case situation, it can be sexual orgy. We can say that they are obscene beings.

Nevertheless, they claim that “Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light.” They are unspeakable bounders.
I am amazed at their foolishness. I’m not making an unfounded claim about them. Reformation of Heavenly World had been carried out since 2007 and now physical level judgment on Earth has been carried out. Consequently, these obscene beings have been brought to justice. For the author of the article I have picked up, the level of love before judgment started indicates Animal level Anahata (4). 

Look at the System of Heavenly World table. In the undermost table, you can see dimensions corresponding to six systems from Animal System to First Elemental System. Although the level of love indicates Animal System Anahata (4), it is more correctly 2.29 D Anahata (4).

As a matter of fact, the average level of love for earthlings at that time is 2.57 D Swadhistana (2). Average earthlings have higher level of love than this being. As Earth itself has increased vibration, the average level of love for earthlings at this time is 3.2D Anahata(4).

Browsing information on the Internet, we can see humans change in contact with animals and the level of love for earthlings has increased.

On the other hand, those brought to justice are in a miserable situation. This can be seen in a social phenomenon of increase in hate speech. For example, the author’s level of love has decreased to 2.01D Swadhistana (2). Probably, the level will decrease to the lowest level.

I hate those who unashamedly tell a lie, which is against the fact. He and his friends Pleiadians must have the same level of love. In this sense, you have to closely examine this type of information and so-called channeled information. It is wise to pick up only correct information and disregard other information.

April 6, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: PFC-JAPAN – April 2, 2018 –

Soul Families

Soul Families

The most effective way to control a society and delay its evolution is to control female sexual energy. This is the reason why cultures that gave maximum sexual freedom to women were the ones that saw most progress.   <snip>  The key of liberation of such society is for the most advanced women of that society to gradually start expressing sensual, sexual Goddess energy:


To be more prepared for those connections, the surface population needs to be aware that the Pleiadians and the Resistance have a very similar societal model that is based on soul families. Sometimes they are fully committed to exclusive sacred union with their twin soul or their primary soulmate, and sometimes they form open polyamoruos connections that are based on Soul Love and free flow of sexual energy. Same sex unions do happen among them, but they are free from any Archon interference that is so prevalent on the surface of this planet. 

These connections will be the final test of integration of surface population into the Galactic society. 

Victory of the Light!

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