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Mar 7, 2018

Official statement of the Galactic Confederation and interesting remarks by Mr. Corey Goode

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Official statement of the Galactic Confederation and interesting remarks by Mr. Corey Goode

The video below is about an official statement of the Galactic Confederation. Judging from the contents of the message and its vibrations, I think it is a true message. A speaker says at the 16 second mark in the video: “This is a short transmission from the Ruling Government of the local Galactic Confederation.” If it is a false message, the vibration of a person who sent the message must fall to Darkness. But it does not.

I have told on the blog that both of the Galactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation of Light serve Esther, Heavenly Empress of Sirius System Earthly Deity 5th Level.

I should call her Esther-sama under ordinary circumstances. However, I often forget to use the title of respect for her because we are very close and she adores me. I ask for your understanding.

The video at the 50 second mark says: “Operations to remove the remaining Hostile Forces under the ground of this planet will continue.” I paste interesting remarks of Mr. Corey Goode on the underground base below.

After watching the video, I found an inappropriate description in the video, which is the local Galactic Confederation, and I’d like to make a personal comment about it. They say that the local group of galaxies is a group of about 30 galaxies found within about five million light years in diameter, which are near the neighborhood of Milky Way Galaxy our galaxy belongs. However, the Galactic Confederation is a group which occupies only about five percent of the Milky Way Galaxy civilizations. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the Galactic Confederation is the local government within the Milky Way Galaxy but this description causes misunderstanding.
On this blog I have already introduced the true Galactic Federation. According to the information from Mr. Corey Goode, the Galactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation of Light will be disbanded in near future and they will be reconstructed after being absorbed into the true Galactic Confederation.

The Resistance Movement that Cobra mentions is considered to be originally the marginal organization of the Galactic Confederation. Judging from their attitude, however, I think that there is no chance that the will be saved.

People on Earth are deceived by dualistic thinking and get used to a way of thinking by simply dividing into good or bad.  However, the reality is not so simple. For example, the Earth Alliance facing off against the cabal can be recognized as the Light against the Darkness. However, all people that belong to the Earth Alliance are not the good. I suppose that many of them belong to the Earth Alliance based on the judgment that it would put them at an advantage in a power struggle over future Earth.

My message is “those who pursue power will be expelled from the universe at some time.” The Galactic Codex the Galactic Confederation mentions is not an authentic codex. There is a true Galactic Codex which the Galactic Federation observes. Yamaand Niyama (universal morality and personal observances) provide fundamentals for the coded. Yama and Niyama are the ultimate law of the universe and they exist even after our universe disappears. Those who do not observe the law have to brace themselves up for disappearance from the universe in the future.  

February 21, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Distributed by YouTube – February 13, 2018 –

Official statement of the Galactic Confederation

Excerpt from a Japanese article: spiritual-lightblog – January 4, 2017 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Undersea Bases
Season 9 Episode 5


Corey: Yes. It's like a mole, boring machine, a nuclear tunneling machine that crushes and vitrifies the rock as it goes.   <snip>  Some of the ones that were actually built as cities, underground cities, for what we call the elite and their families to escape to.

David: Really? Let's go now to Phil Schneider, who is a whistleblower who came out about, as you said, Deep Underground Military Bases, or D.U.M.B.s, . . .

Well, let's take a look now at this map that Phil Schneider hand drew over America that shows a series of round circles where bases are, and then a series of lines between them that ostensibly represent tunnel systems.

Corey: That's extremely incomplete.  <snip>  Because the underground tram system goes under the ocean.  <snip>  The tram system travels all over. And there are underwater bases.  <snip>  Just about any country you can think of is doing this on some level.

David: Are these countries that are not part of the Cabal, are those bases disconnected from the Cabal bases? 

Corey: Absolutely.   <snip>  I mean, not a few, but a small percentage, that are a part of this underground network – a small percentage, globally, of them all. The vast majority of them are built to be self-contained and to house a certain amount of people, anywhere from 10, 20 to 100 years, and sustain them.  <snip>  And they see that as a golden ticket if there's a catastrophe above ground.

(The rest is omitted)

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