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Feb 23, 2018

Historical change of move to improve the relations between the Vatican and China – The overt Illuminati has finally given up World War 3 –

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Historical change of move to improve the relations between the Vatican and China – The overt Illuminati has finally given up World War 3 –
As long as reading the following Fulford Reports, we will get a bright perspective for the future. From previous report, I thought that the Earth Alliance reached an agreement with the Goldman Family’s Group (the Council 200) and the Nazi faction in the military/industrial complex and they cooperate with each other for the prosperity of future earth.

At that time I commented that they say that the three organizations excluding the overt Illuminati have reached an agreement. Reading these Fulford reports, it appears that the Vatican (Society of Jesus), the core organization of the overt Illuminati, has reached an agreement with the Earth Alliance. Specifically, the article says “move to improve the relations between the Vatican and China.”

If this is true, it turns out that those who often tried to cause World War 3 have given it up. Probably they might have realized that they have no chance of winning after seeing the above three organizations reach agreement. According to the article, “the other issue Kissinger brought up with Trump was the Middle East and the fate of Khazarian oligarchs” and “the cabal is in full panic mode.”

As I told on this blog, now that the North Korea issue has been settled, we should pay attention to the Middle East and Israel. It is my understanding that the cabal mentioned here includes the 13 families at the top of the covert Illuminati, 13 Zoroastrian families which controlled the overt Illuminati and Zionists. However, I think that a certain blood line of the 13 Zoroastrian families will be saved.

They need to cause global chaos for their survival. However, World War 3 is unlikely to happen. Therefore, it is more likely that they will carry out a plot to cause the “collapse of stock market bubble.” The Trump administration, which puts them into a corner, has to manage to break through this economic warfare in order to continue mass arrests and bring the wicked to justice in military tribunals.

I think that the problem is who owns the gold, which supports the new financial system.

In an article dated July 26, 2017, I commented that probably the Dragon Family has about 85 percent ownership of gold on Earth.” In an article dated on 9 this month, Mr. Neil Keenan says: “We call it ‘East gold’ or ‘Family gold’ because the family has legal ownership of 85 percent of this ‘international asset.’” As expected, my tuition was right.

However, according to Uzumasa Kibi, informant of Mr. Eiken Itagaki, 80 percent of gold on Earth belongs to Japan, if my memory serves me right. I am not sure which is true. However, I predict that 51 percent of gold will be owned by the Dragon Family and the remaining 49 percent will be shared by other countries. It might not be decided which percent Japan will get. Unless this problem is settled, we would never see end of struggle.

February 14, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

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English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: benjaminfulford.jp
– February 12, 2018 –

Move to improve the relations between the Vatican and China

Changes in global power structure have been accelerated. We might say that unification of the joint team between South and North Koreas for the first time in Olympic history, stock market collapse, financial disaster the U.S. government faces and others are exactly the refection of such changes. However, the movement of the Vatican and China, whose diplomatic relations were broken in 1951, to improve their relations indicates the most remarkable historical change in global power structure among the recent events.

[Vatican and China]

On 2 this month, we had the news: “The Vatican has acknowledged bishops granted by the Chinese government.” The government-recognized Catholic church (Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association) was established after diplomatic relations with the Vatican was cut off. Since then, the Chinese government has taken a hardline stance toward the Vatican by declaring independence from the Vatican and claiming that “the Chinese government never admits appointment power of the Pope.” In response to it, the Vatican also has never acknowledged Chinese government-appointed bishops. However, the Vatican and the Chinese Communist Party reached de facto agreement on appointment of bishops to jointly select bishops for the Catholic Church in China.

This may seem like a minor issue pertaining only to the 9 million or so Chinese Catholics (including underground churches). However, the Vatican and its umbrella organization P2 Freemason in Italy have …. from very early times


Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – February 13, 2018 –

Fulford Report (February 12)


Growing evidence signals that the Vatican, the Chinese Communist Party, the British Empire, and the Pentagon are negotiating the creation of a world government.
The latest sign came in an agreement reached between the Vatican and the Chinese government to jointly select bishops for the Catholic Church in China.


The agreement means each side has veto power over who gets selected as bishop—meaning both have to agree—and this is a blueprint for a future East/West process of selecting world government leaders, the sources explain.


The British Commonwealth, the Catholic Church, and the Chinese are responsible for the destinies of 5 billion people out of a world population of 7.6 billion. Add in countries like Germany, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, and Iran, whose governments also support this plan, and it becomes clear the world is headed for a new age.

Former cabal bagman Henry Kissinger has been secretly shuttling around the world negotiating the creation of this government, multiple sources confirm.


The other issue Kissinger brought up with Trump was the Middle East and the fate of Khazarian oligarchs, Pentagon sources said. “The cabal is in full panic mode after getting no deal from Trump.”


A military parade may be used to bring the National Guard to D.C. after mass arrests, as a show of force to protect Trump and the military tribunals,” they say.


Of course, for the military tribunals to take place, military salaries will have to continue to be paid. That is why the ongoing financial war is just as important as the arrests and assassinations that are occurring in this epic power struggle.


To ensure that the bursting of the stock bubble does not cause problems for the real economy and for the U.S. military and agency white hats, the White Dragon Society and their allies have been working on their own alternative financial system for the West.


At last, the fighters of the planet are doing their job and making sure the good guys win. The meek are about to inherit the earth.

(The rest is omitted)


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