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Feb 16, 2018

Deceitful, false message from Nordic alien – I have to warn you that if you deceive earthlings, your soul will disappear.

image: pixabay [CC0]
Deceitful, false message from Nordic alien – I have to warn you that if you deceive earthlings, your soul will disappear.
The message below is absolutely horrible. The part indicated by boldface is false information. At present, judgment is being carried out mainly on aliens called Nordic aliens involved in crimes on the earth. It seems that this message is exactly from Nordic alien.

With regard to a fool who calls herself “Mother God” in the message, the person who sent a message on 7 is different from the person who sent a message on 6. As for the person on 6, soul (jiva) and all bodies other than the physical body have been destroyed. On the other hand, the person on 7 still has soul (ijva). Therefore, they are apparently two different persons.

Both of them had an evolutionary level of 4. This person calls herself a God. What a laugh!

You can easily find this message deceitful if you know how much sins this woman has committed. This person is accused of involvement in drug syndicate, slave traffic in earthlings, unlawful genetic experiments on earthlings, prostitution inside a cult which is called sacred prostitution, attempted destruction of earth by artificial pole shift. She is slated for execution at midnight on February 10.

The information that ascension will occur at 12 midnight on February 10 is correct only for this woman. Although she is impure, this woman sends an absurd message: “I look upon you with delight and affection.” People who know nothing are easily deceived only with this message.

Nordic aliens have known little about me. However, due to the judgment during the past few days and a decisive event which occurred this morning, all of them should know my name now.

I have warned it on the blog many times. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to deceive earthlings by playfully calling you “Mother God.” I have to warn you that your soul will disappear if you send a message under a false name and that if you intentionally send false information as seen in the message, your will face a more serious charge.

I order all life including deities to observe cosmic law Yama and Niyama (universal morality and personal observances). Anyone cannot survive in the universe unless observing it.

I predict that this fool claiming to be “Mother God” is guilty of serious crime and might be executed. Her soul (jiva) will disappear. But that’s not the end of the story. Three days after being executed, this person will resurrect as spirit body three days after being executed and then probably come to kill me as spirit body. She will have soul (monad) disappear. She will lose a chance to start again from scratch as mineral. This means complete disappearance from the universe.

I consider this way because I have witnessed such cases many times.

Today’s comment is warning to all aliens including Nordic aliens intervening in the Earth. Those who have got involved in slave traffic should be voluntarily surrendered and repent their sins. Otherwise they will be completely destroyed.

February 9, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Reprinted from a Japanese article: GFLService Takisan’s website – January 8, 2018 and February 6, 2018 –

February 8, 2018, Thursday

It is false information that ascension will occur on March 7. It seems to be the most reliable information that ascension will occur at 12 midnight on February 10.

Mother God via Galaxygirl, February 7th, 2018

Mother God 2/7/18

Dear beloved children it is I, your Mother God. Please know how I look upon you with delight and affection. I long to comfort you when I see your tears or feel your pain. Please allow me the joy of this connection of comfort and of your trust. For truly I am here for you. You are surrounded by love. If you can start to feel and to appreciate this, so much more joy will be available to you.

Dream with me. Create with me. All is well and all is truly unfolding and proceeding marvelously. For we see you all as the superheroes of this universe and are so excited to see what you Human children will do next!

The darkness is being cleared. Do not fear the changes ahead for they will be gripping – intense and we need our ground crew to hold the light, the peace, and the neutral point to balance these energies of high intensity that are streaming in through your atmosphere. Breathe me in and let us co-create together as one.

This one is fatigued so we will keep it short and sweet tonight. Be at peace. I am always available for you. I am your Mother God.

February 6, 2018, Thursday

Mother God permits me to announce that ascension will occur at midnight tomorrow on March 7.

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