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Jan 16, 2018

Theosophical worldview with a lot of dubious points is a confusing theory. – Video lectures on science of religion aim to eradicate wrong worldview claimed by theosophy

image: Shanti Phula
Theosophical worldview with a lot of dubious points is a confusing theory. – Video lectures on science of religion aim to eradicate wrong worldview claimed by theosophy
Judgment on the physical body is being carried out on the earth. The physical body is formed by composite bodies. It is difficult to explain it. I have wanted to explain this if given the chance. The article below has been posted at the right time.

Please read the Cobra interview below while seeing the table of “Seven Planes and Forty-nine sub-planes of physical dimensions in the universe” which you can see in an article posted on January 22, 2016.

Seeing the “Order of Heavenly World 6,” you can understand how dimensions of the world of desire are structured.  The above-mentioned table corresponds to 3.0D – 3.9D in the world of desire.

The Idea plane at the top of the table is 3.9D. It is followed in descending order by 3.5D corresponding to the Manas plane, 3.4D to Astral plane, 3.3D to 1st ether sub-plane of physical plane, 3.2D to 2nd ether sub-plane of the physical plane, 3.1D to 3rd ether sub-plane of the physical plane and 3.0D to lower planes (that is, 4th or lower ether sub-plane of the physical plane). In the table, there is dotted line between 1st ether plane and gas. The dotted line seems to describe the Plasma plane.

The physical body (in a narrow sense) we usually recognize is indicated as a black triangle in the table, which is described as area overlapped among gas, liquid and substance.

Cobra says that causal body is “not the body of the soul.” There is the Manas plane in the plane table based on theosophy. You can see a “small triangle” composed of components: ATMA, BUDDHI, and MANAS.” There is a word “Ego” inside the triangle. It is soul (Pursha). Theosophy might consider the body of the soul (Pursha) to be Atma=Buddhi=Manas. The table has no causal body.

Theosophy has very unique philosophy. For example, we cannot find a very important concept of Ahamkara anywhere. We see a character of Atma in the sub-plane of the mental plane in the table. It seems that in theosophy, Atma is often translated into will.

Atma is supposed to be chitta. However, theosophy claims that causal body is “in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sub-planes of mental plane.” I am in doubt about this viewpoint.

Like this, theosophy has quite questionable and confusing worldview. To tell the truth, this table is applied only to humans belonging to the Sirius System Earthly Deity 5th Level. This table is never allied to beings belonging to higher planes.

I’m going to give more detailed explanations of this including theosophical worldview in the intermediate video lectures on science of religion in some day. I’m going to show you detailed tables in the lectures. I intend to eradicate the wrong worldview of theosophy.

December 26, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from PFC—JAPAN – December 25, 2017 –

Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group



Untwine : How do negative ions effect plasma fields ?

Cobra: Negative ions do not effect plasma fields very much. Sometimes they can make it a little bit more harmonious but basically they don’t have much effect on plasma field

U: Are electrons composed of smaller particles ?

C: Yes but not on the physical plane

U: Are quarks or electrons, the permanent atom of the highest etheric sub-plane ?

C: No

U: So those permanent atoms are inside the quark or electrons or ?

C: They are existing on a higher plane

U: Are all particles actually waves ?

C: Yes

U: Some have described that matter of personality bodies that has been redeemed is retributed to the causal body or causal energy field, which then strengthens the aura, could you talk about this?

C: It is not transmuted to the causal body, I would say the anomaly is removed from that matter and then the Light forces can translate or transmute that matter to any dimension they want.

U: So then the causal body flows better into the personality bodies ?

C: Causal body does not flow into personality bodies, causal body is not as it was described in the 20th century in many esoteric books, is it not the source of the soul, it is not the body of the soul.

U: Ok. So what is its purpose ?

C: It is simply a body that, I would say is a bridge between entropy and syntropy, it’s a bridge between higher and lower dimensions of the cosmic physical plane.

U: And so it is in the higher mental plane?

C: If you look at it from above it’s the second third and fourth sub-plane of the mental plane.

U: At what plane do twin souls split?

C: On the first sub-plane of the mental plane (if you look from above).

U: Ok. So above that they are always one

C: They are one being

U: At what plane are tachyons created?

C: The tachyons are created in the Source and they emerge from the highest sub-plane of the cosmic physical plane into this Universe, that’s the Adi plane.

(The rest is omitted)

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