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Dec 12, 2017

Heavenly Message from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 38 - Dialogue with Pi

image: pixabay [CC0] & Author:MarianSigler [Public Domain]
Heavenly Message from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 38 - Dialogue with Pi
I have received an interesting correspondence from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. According to Mrs. Nakanishi, surprisingly, circle constant pi spoke to her.

I think some people can understand that stone is life form but many people are puzzled by the fact that pi is life form and consciousness and mind has body. I told it in one of video lectures on science of religion that as a matter of fact, words have life and they are the same existence as we are.

Circular constant Pi is possibly life form belonging to First Elemental System 1st Level. With regard to systems and levels, please refer to System of Heavenly World 10. We earthlings are supposed to be 4-dimensional beings. However, most of earthlings are forced to have their everyday state of consciousness confined in lower 3D layers by Dark Forces.

Three dimensions are composed of seven layers; 1st ether layer, 2nd ether layer, 3rd ether layer, 4th ether layer, gas layer, liquid layer and solid layer from top down. It seems that Cobra calls 4th ether layer the plasma plane. Lower 3-D layers mean the layers lower than the plasma plane. Most earthlings don’t even know that the plasm world exists.

As I commented in the last article, there are so many earthlings whose consciousness level has tumbled to 1st Elemental System 5th Level. Judging from the fact that they still handle words and still keep on doing the same evil as before, it could convince us that pi-san, higher-level being, has consciousness, mind and body.

December 8, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 36

While listening to the melody of piano, which is introduced in an article “Pi makes a melody line –Revival!” on this blog, I paid attention to beautiful refrain as if it were speaking to me.

After listening to it many times, I felt I have a visitor. So I spoke to the visitor, saying “Who are you?” It gave an answer: “I’m Pi.”
“Say what?”
I have communicated with various life forms. However, since I never thought that I could speak to circular constant Pi, the number of “3.14159265…”, I couldn’t believe such unpredictability at once.

After regaining my calmness, I decided to have a conversion with Pi. I’d like to let you know our conversation.

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: on December 6, 2017 from 9:00p.m. – >

Pi-san: π
Nakanishi: N

N: Who are you?
π: I’m Pi.
N: Pi? (No way.) I’m listening to the numbers of π played by piano.
π: Yes, you are. Are you surprised?
N: Yes, I’m really surprised. While listening many times, I felt as if Pi were trying to talk to me. I was thinking that pi might have consciousness.
π: You are exactly right.
N: So, I would be happy if you let me know how you feel. Don’t you mind if I pass on how you feel to readers of “Shanti-phula” which introduces your music?

π: I’m so happy. It’s like a dream for you to let readers know how I feel. Nobody has tried to listen to how I feel for a long time.
I feel at ease because a person who tries to express my numbers with music has finally appeared.
N: Please talk to me.

π: Thank you. I appreciate for your love.

We are your comrades in the universe.
Stars are connected to each other with rounded shapes like a chain.
We are going our own way, while echoing and talking with each other.

Round shape is love itself.
We are traveling day and night, making melody of love.

You find my shape in everything.

Just look around you.

Cup, bottle, fruit, magnifying glass, various containers…
Look at a cupboard, too.
Look! Almost all tableware is round.

Round shape or circle wraps human heart gently and assuage human suffering and sadness.

Even if you disagree or quarrel with somebody, don’t worry.
Try to draw a lot of circles on a piece of paper.
You will completely forget about quarrel and feel peaceful before you know it.

You earthlings live on a very beautiful sphere.
Try to gently wrap Earth with your palms and caress it.
Just put it into your imagination, and you would be certain to realize the tenderness and love of Earth and the beauty and joy of life.

If you do so, it would also make Earth very happy.
Why don’t you try it?

Please have a try at it, while listening to πmelody.

Thanks to your talking to me, I was able to speak up about how I have felt for a long period of time.

Thank you for your love.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

N: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for great piece of information. Thank you so much.

May I ask you a question?
It’s about Mr. Takeshita’s comment. He asks you:What a surprise! I wonder if we can make music with another transcendental number.” What do you say?

π: Yes. That’s because numbers can be expressed with musical scales. However, there are some abstruse numbers.

I think that abstruse numbers are probably transcendental numbers. I wonder if I can understand your explanation about it.

π: Impossible. Ha-ha

N: You are exactly right. You have found me out. Ha-ha. (I am all of a sweat)

The above is a message from Pi-san.
I was surprised to learn that mathematics can be replaced with music.
Letters and numbers have consciousness and they may possibly secretly talk to the human race with desire to serve for harmony and peace of all life forms of the universe and all consciousness.

Incidentally, Pi has already known about “Gayatri Mantra” and “Mantra of Love”

Seiko Nakanishi

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