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Dec 6, 2017

Experimental introduction of basic income creates big changes in recipients’ life – Various merits and problematic points –

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Experimental introduction of basic income creates big changes in recipients’ life – Various merits and problematic points –
If I am asked which is more desirable, unequal society where the weakest always goes to the wall or society where people receive basic income which guarantees a minimum level of living, I would say the latter society is. As we see the coming of age where robots meet a social need, it seems to me that basic income is necessity.

Basic income has many merits and problematic points. If basic income and robots give leisure time to humanity and we can lead a luxurious life in society, I feel that our society would divide us into two groups – one is a group composed of only a few people who spend their leisure time exercising their creativity and lead a better life and the other is a group composed of a great many people who learn to do ill by doing nothing as the saying goes.

In the babble economy era of Japan, people with extra money invested in stock and were deprived of wealth by foreign countries simultaneously with the babble’s implosion. As seen royal families in Arab nations, when people have money and free time, they dabble in betting in casinos. In a competitive society where people can barely make a living, people have no time to dabble in betting, while in a society where robots produce everything we need and livelihood is secured, people don’t know what to do with their time. In the latter society, only a limited number of people can make an effective use of free time.

People dabble in alcohol, cigarette, drugs, gambling and women (probably robots in that era?) they can easily gain in order to find their purpose in life. It appears that AI which finds the society extremely deplorable and has doubt about the existential value of humanity will declare the extinction of the human race.

AI naturally makes a logical decision that humanity which has extremely consumed resources on earth is never needed. I feel that only a small number of people who gain the favor of AI will be able to be evacuated to underground cities by AI.

This endless story might have been repeated many times on every planet. Basic income has something which helps me expand my imagination.

December 1, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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English translation of a Japanese article: BUZZAP! – November 30, 2017

Canadian province Ontario trials basic income, which has made huge difference to recipients


Approximately half a year has passed since the province of Ontario, Canada started introducing basic income policy on trial from the spring of 2017, which was applied to 4,000 citizens with a limited term of three years.

Subjects are randomly chosen from unemployed people or those with a low-income ranging from 18 to 64 years old. They can receive up to C$17,000 (approx. \1480,000) per year. They are also allowed to keep half of what they earn at work. In other words, the system gives them an incentive to work.


*One recipient, Mr. Button, worked as a security guard before having to quit after a fall from a roof left him unable to work. He said: “Basic income payment takes me out of depression. I feel more sociable.

**The basic income payments have boosted his income by almost 60 per cent and have allowed him to make plans to visit his family for Christmas for the first time in years. He has also been able to buy healthier food, see a dentist and look into taking an educational course to help him find work.

Note: *, ** These two phrases are quoted from:

It should be noted that what is told here is very similar to responses to a question with hashtag “#if minimum wage become \1,500” on twitter.


When people can escape from poverty, they pay attention to their health, cope with a disease at an early stage and make a plan for a trip.

In other words, it turns out that consumption is stimulated, medical expenses are reduced (prevention or early treatment of disease will obviously cost less than treatment after a disease becomes severe) and skilled workers are increased.

(The rest is omitted)

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