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Dec 8, 2017

Curse of demons in rock music which brings about anger, hatrade and confusion – testimony of a former Illuminati member

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Curse of demons in rock music which brings about anger, hatrade and confusion – testimony of a former Illuminati member
You can see an interesting video below, which gets to the bottom of rock music. See the video at the 2:30 – 8:03 mark. Mr. John Todd, who was the highest echelon of the Illuminati and a member of the Council of 13, gives a testimony about rock music.

Mr. John Todd is famous as an informant to Mr. Fritz Springmeier who revealed the truth of the Illuminati to the world for the first time. Mr. John Todd was murdered due to the whistleblowing and Mr. Springmeier was put into prison. This made many people think that Mr. Springmeier provided trustworthy information.

I don’t think that you can understand the meaning of the secret told in the video only once. Try to listen to the testimony of Mr. Todd repeatedly. According to him, the master tape on which music is recorded is taken to a secret room of executive office and a ceremony to call demons is held there. He says that a person who buys a record which is produced from the master tape gets evil spirits into his house.

I can understand this story. As a matter of fact, calendars sold by Shanti-phula are made based on the same principle. Staff members of Shanti-phula neither hold a secret ceremony sitting in a circle in front of the calendars containing data nor pray to God so that divine blessing will reach receivers. However, we properly treat them while producing so that divine light pours out from the calendars. We use the same principle as that used in the Illuminati ceremony. The only difference between us and them is positive light or negative light.

Divine light brings us harmony, mental calmness and inner peace. On the other hand, light by magic of Darkness brings us anger, hatred and confusion. I never listen to rock music because music itself is negative. I feel the same thing about rap music, though not every piece of rap music.

We can really understand how greatly people are brainwashed by Illuminati magic when seeing the women’s fashion. They don’t beautify or ennoble women but they treat women as an object and devalued women into whores.

They call for all women to become whores. Many women adore those women who never look attractive but they look nasty to the eyes of men and some women get involved in such industry and dragged into the world of evil.

Some people gain wealth and fame but they are mentally the damned in the hell. Such people cannot become happy. It is crucial to keep a distance from such world as far as possible. To this end, you need to have eyes with which you can see something really beautiful and ears with which you can hear something really beautiful.

December1, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Distributed by YouTube – November 30, 2017 –

Testimony of former Illuminati member // Curse of demons lurking in music

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