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Dec 21, 2017

A man who was preparing to reveal a massive pedophilia network in court was killed in prison – Royalty is at the top of a massive pedophilia network –

image: Author:Koyos [Public Domain] & pixabay [CC0]
A man who was preparing to reveal a massive pedophilia network in court was killed in prison – Royalty is at the top of a massive pedophilia network –
A man “who was preparing to reveal a massive pedophilia network in court” was possibly murdered. According to the original article, this man seems to have exploited novice models or actresses with a similar trick Weinstein in Hollywood used. They say that this man was arrested because several victims who had been raped in their childhood accused him against sexual abuse.

According to the article, this man had deep ties in British Royalty and said to a guard about the Royalty: “If you knew what those people did with kids, you'd never sleep again.”

As expected, British Royalty is at the top of a “massive pedophilia network.” They assassinated even Princess Diana without any difficulty and they must never feel guilty about killing those disadvantageous to them.

The intelligence organization protects the royal family which we may safely say is a crime group. If ordinary people get to know this fact, I think the royal family will not be able to exist any longer. They are most afraid of this.

December 13, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: Creation of Design Society – December 13, 2017 –

Police: Max Clifford Was Murdered Before He Could Expose Elite Pedophile Ring

Celebrity publicist and convicted child abuser killed in prison before giving evidence

Jay Greenberg
10th December 2017

Convicted pedophile Max Clifford was preparing to expose elite pedophilia network

Convicted elite pedophile Max Clifford has been found dead after he was preparing to turn evidence against a massive pedophilia network, according to police.

Clifford, who was serving 8 years for historic child sex offenses, was found unconscious and "foaming at the mouth" in his prison cell before he was rushed to the hospital where he later died of a "cardiac arrest."

As a political and celebrity publicist, Clifford was one of the most well-connected most powerful men in the UK before his arrest in 2014.

He was convicted of a number of charges under the Met Police investigation set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal - Operation Yewtree.

Considered to be the British Jefferey Epstein, he had deep ties in the upper echelons of UK politics, was on first name terms with Royalty and was famed for transforming disgraced celebrities into some of the most well-loved household names.


One officer said the death looks "suspicious," saying:

 "There was nothing to suggest it was a suicide - no note, no sign of unusual behavior before the death.

"The 'foaming at the mouth' symptoms don't seem like it was natural causes either.
"Typically, we'd look at this as a suspicious death, possibly a murder.

"But the orders came from above that he was a 'witness' and to just mark it down that he 'died of a heart attack'."


According to one of the guards at the Littlehey Prison in Cambridgeshire where Clifford was serving his sentence, he had been receiving daily visits from unknown "men in suits."


"He used to say, 'what I know about the Royal Family will be my ticket out of here.'
"I used to ask what sort of stuff he knew, but he said to me, 'do you have kids? If you knew what those people did with kids, you'd never sleep again.'
Clifford was reportedly attending secretive meetings on a daily basis with suited officials.

According to the guard, the meetings were held in private rooms and not even the prison staff knew who the men were that he was meeting with.


"No one ever gets in here with a visitor's pass, not even cops, but these guys were above that."

Clifford remained tight-lipped about the meetings, only to say that they were "creating a passageway to a new life" for him in return for the "things he knew."


Clifford had close ties with one of the world's most prolific child-killing pedophiles, Jimmy Savile, who was believed to be a procurer of children for British elite pedophilia rings.

Throughout his trial, he refused to give up names of those he had information on in relation to the sexual abuse of children.

After his convictions, he continued to protest his innocence, despite the overwhelming evidence against him.

The Court of Appeal was due to hear his case appealing against his sentence in the coming months.

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