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Nov 6, 2017

Synergy effect of contaminated food, water, air creates more than 100 times greater toxicity ―No early solution would create a serious situations –

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Synergy effect of contaminated food, water, air creates more than 100 times greater toxicity ―No early solution would create a serious situations –
I pick up here an interesting article posted by Trend of Japan, World and Universe. What is written there is exactly true. As Mr. Corey Goode said the similar thing in Cosmic Disclosure in the past, I paste it as the second article.

It appears that there is a move to privatize water supply operation in Japan, too. If privatized, water rate would certainly more than double. Furthermore, water would be fluorinated. Official reason is cavity-fighting. However, the real reason is to impair the function of the pine gland.

According to the first article, the NWO elite planners carry out “multi-pronged attacks on food, water and air.” In other words, they are genetically-modified food, fluorinated water and air contaminated with chemtrails. The article reads that when mixed together, “toxicity is 100 or 125 times greater.” It is a very serious situation. It has to be solved as soon as possible. However, spirituality-related problem might be too difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Mr. Corey Goode recommends mediation and diet. According to him, spring water is best to drink. Water purified may be absolutely necessary for city dwellers.

I am changing the subject, but the Pleiadian cosmonaut, RaTesh appeared in my dream this morning. Surprisingly, RaTesh was a beautiful woman. To tell the truth, I didn’t see the face. However, as a beautiful woman emits so-called beauty beam of light, I can judge she must be beautiful just from appearance. I got the impression that she was a cute girl, but she is probably around 102 years old. It means that she is not a girl but a beautiful woman.

I am rather kind to a pretty woman. I’d like to give her a piece of advice.

It is the same with Ms. Ivanka Trump, who probably get negative energy from people around her due to her job. She must be more beautiful by removing negative energy. So please never fail to give Prayers for Exorcism and Purification with Gayatri Mantra every day. Additionally, SevenDhatus Prayer would help greatly increase effectiveness.
It seems to me that RaTesh intentionally appeared in my dream. I believe that she would receive my message.

October 31, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – October 29, 2017 –

New World Order Elite Planners try to make humanity have low vibrational energy by using contaminated food, water and air.


October 28
Fluoride, Chemtrails, And Roundup Are 125X More Powerful When Combined Together! They Want Your Pineal Gland To Not Vibrate High Frequencies!

This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, very scientific, revelation of a highly secret New World Order (NOW)agenda.This telepathic message, from the Pleiadian Cosmonaut, RaTesh, now assigned to Earth, was received on October 22, 2017.

(Part of the message)
The Shadow Government do not want this information known by the masses on your planet. We Pleiadians must now deliver a MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE.

It concerns your New World Order Elite Planners multi-pronged attack upon all of you Earth Humans, the Earth Mother planet herself, as well as most of her indigenous creatures.
There are 3 basic prongs, or points, to this attack: food, water, air. It involves, as we have spoken of before, the SYNERGISTIC EFFECTS, of certain things when combined together.


With synergistic toxicity these 3 poisons, when mixed together, can have a toxicity many times greater – say 100, OR 125 TIMES GREATER – than each poison had alone.


A normal, healthy Pineal Gland serves also as “the seat of the soul”. Your Pineal Gland does serve as THE ENTRY POINT, or CONNECTIVE LINK, to the multi-dimensional Spiritual energy form incarnate into your Earth body, through a complex system of multiply nested magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic chemical/biological processes.

Now, when toxins enter your bloodstream, then go to the Pineal Gland, it sees them as poisons, then secretes, or pushes, them out. Most of your brain is isolated from toxins by the blood-brain barrier, BUT THE PINEAL GLAND IS NOT. Your Pineal Glands are very sensitive to toxins, so this secretion process forms an “encasement”, or a shell. The more toxins in the bloodstream, the more encasement, the thicker the shell, until a dense covering is formed around the Pineal Gland. This shell, then serves to LIMIT, OR DISRUPT, THE NATURAL, DELICATE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE PHYSICAL 3rd-DIMENSIONAL BRAIN/BODY and THE HIGHER-DIMENSIONAL SPIRITUAL ENERGY FORM.

Excerpt from PFC-JAPAN OFFICIAL – April 19, 2017 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions Part 7
Season 7, Episode 15



Corey: Yeah, our entire environment has been weaponized against us. That's why we've got to mitigate all of those weapons as much as we can.


David: Right. Next, we have DJ Miss Mixit:
Corey, could you please ask some of the beings from higher vibrations the best, most efficient tools for clearing the pineal gland.
Is there a Hertz frequency I can make? Is meditation enough for me to simply imagine it being cleared?”

Corey: Meditation and diet are the way to go. You want to make sure that you can remove the calcification in your pineal gland, but also you want the pineal gland interacting with your higher self in a conducive way.
So you need to have yourself on the right vibratory level through meditation

David: I would also just point out, one of the things Peterson said is that the halides, which would be like chlorine [chloride], fluoride, etc., pass through the blood brain barrier and attach to the little crystals in your pineal gland, and that's one of the main things that causes calcification.

Corey: That's true.

David: So have the beings told you to avoid tap water and things like this?

Corey: Yes, I only drink spring water at home.

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