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Oct 2, 2017

New York City Catholic Bishop defends rapes by priests by priests by saying: “Children are asking to be raped.” “The boy is culpable.”

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New York City Catholic Bishop defends rapes by priests by priests by saying: “Children are asking to be raped.” “The boy is culpable.”
The two articles below say that Robert Cunningham, a New York Catholic bishop, claimed that a raped child was an accomplice and had “committed a sin.” Speaking about the 7-year-old child, he said: “The boy is culpable.” This is a crazy sophistry which defends rapists.

I’d like to give an example to understand his side of the story. This is the same situation in which a man accused of raping a woman explains that it was “consensual sexual activity.” According to the man, he and the woman consensually went to a hotel to have sex and he is accused of raping her many years later. In a word, the man says that he is a victim.

What the bishop says is similar to this explanation. A priest consensually had sex with a 7-year-old boy and if the bishop committed a sin, the boy who knew what he was doing was also culpable. In a word, the bishop wants to say that it is a consensual sex act and not rape.

However, since this bishop calls victim boys “accomplices,” he seems to admit that pedophile priests are also to be blamed.

Child marriage is sometimes on the news in India. I suppose that the final goal of Satanists is to legalize pedophilia. It makes me feel the disgusting future when a president in a country will confess that he is a pedophile and the people praise him for his brave confession very highly. I want you to understand that it is President Putin who bravely stands against such lunacy.   

September 20, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: Design of Creation Society – May 2, 2017 –

Catholic Bishop: 'Children Are Asking to be Raped'
Claims victims of pedophile priests are to blame for being sexually abused

By Jay Greenberg
17th September 2017

A New York Catholic Bishop has caused outrage after claiming that victims of pedophile priests only have themselves to blame because "children are asking to be raped".

Bishop Robert Cunningham made the shocking comments during a deposition for a lawsuit in which the victim claimed he had been sexually assaulted by a number of priests from the Syracuse diocese.

Cunningham attempted to pass the blame back onto the victim by claiming that, in the eyes of the Church, the child who had been raped by a priest had "committed a sin".

Speaking about the 7-year-old child in question, he said:

"The boy is culpable"

During his testimony, Cunningham not only said, "the boy (the victim) is culpable," he also referred to victims as "accomplices", saying it was "what they wanted" and they were "asking for it".

According to Patheos, Bishop Cunningham made his odious claims in a 2011 deposition responding to a federal lawsuit filed by a man who said priests in the Syracuse diocese sexually abused him as a child.

However, the despicable claims were only made public earlier this month.
Commenting on the story, David Clohessy, director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said:
 "Blaming a victim of childhood sexual violence for his or her trauma is among the most inhumane things I can imagine a person saying, especially a well-educated man like a bishop."
Clohessy added: "It’s important to remember that a deposition remarks are the opposite of off-handed remarks."
At this point in time, nothing that members of the Catholic clergy say or do should come as a surprise.

READ MORE: Pedophile Priest With HIV Who Raped 30 Children Forgiven by Church

The litany of horrors committed, enabled, and excused by Catholic clergy members would fill volumes.

And, as always, it is the children that suffer.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Designof Creation Society – May 2, 2017 –

Pedogate: Bishop Claims age of Consent Should be 7 Years Old
  Says children should share the blame with pedophile priests


By: Jay Greenberg
2nd May 2017

A New York Catholic bishop has claimed that pedophile priests shouldn't be held responsible if they rape children aged 7 and over as he believes that young boys are "culpable" for their own actions.

Bishop Robert Cunningham of the diocese of Syracuse, NY stated that priests have been wrongly accused of sexual abuse against young boys for centuries saying that "at 7-years-old, children know what they're doing, so it isn't rape".

Bishop Cunningham made the shocking statements in his testimony, that was recently released, during a deposition in a federal lawsuit for mass child abuse by pedophile priests.

According to church doctrine, seven is the age a child should understand the difference between right and wrong. It’s also the age a child is eligible for communion.
"Well, I mean, without knowing the circumstances completely, did the boy encourage, go along with (it) in any way?" Cunningham asked.
The lawyer asked Cunningham if he could imagine any circumstance in which a 14 or 15-year-old boy could be held responsible in the eyes of the church when a priest asks him to engage in sex.

"Obviously, what the priest did was wrong," Cunningham said. "You’re asking me if the young man had any culpability, and I can’t judge that."

Actually, you can judge that. Anyone can judge that.

What happened is priests used their influence and position as "messengers of God" to force children to comply with their perverted sexual desires. In the very least they were forced to make adult decisions they didn’t have the capacity to make.

This bishop and all the priests he defended with this mindless argument betrayed the trust of the parishioners and especially the children of the Diocese of Syracuse.

(The rest is omitted)

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