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Sep 9, 2017

Urgent message by high-level military source: Hurricane Harvey victims transported to FEMA camp are killed – The Rockefeller faction driven into a corner finally put a pre-planned conspiracy into action –

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Urgent message by high-level military source: Hurricane Harvey victims transported to FEMA camp are killed – The Rockefeller faction driven into a corner finally put a pre-planned conspiracy into action –
I have often commented that the U.S. is practically in a civil war. The first article shows it is true. I have picked up the horrifying situation described in FEMA-related news as conspiracy by the Illuminati since a long time ago.

Recently, I picked up it in an article on Jade Helm dated May 2015. In the article, I commented: “Jade Helm is not mere military drill. … It is apparent that the Obama administration has a great interest in rooting those who oppose to the government and transferring them to detention facilities.” The article read: “Walmart in various cities have been confiscated and transformed into concentration camps.” Walmart stores had been transit points from where people are transferred to concentration camps long before. It was rumored that underground tunnels leading to Walmart stores were built.

The first article, therefore, indicates that the Rockefeller faction driven into a corner has finally put a pre-planned conspiracy into action. The situation is different from that at the time of Jade Helm; the military supporting the Trump administration is regular military forces. The Trump administration supports a good cause and the Rockefeller faction would probably be eradicated. I have very often commented that we will see an end coming around the middle of September. I still think that I am not wrong.

September 5, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article – Trend of Japan, World and Universe – September 4, 2017 –

Hurricane victims in the U.S. killed?


Urgent Alert! Call to All Americans!

Earlier today we were contacted by a high level military source and asked that we provide the attached information to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. For safety and protection, we cannot reveal the identity of the key sources. We respect and value our sources, and provide them the same protection as we would expect them to provide for us.

Reports have been coming in from boots on the ground in the Houston metro area about FEMA/ DHS / police involved with shooting/ murdering hurricane victims.  Many hurricane victims are observed being loaded on to busses and transported to WalMart staging locations, then off to Louisiana where many are murdered.  These reports have been verified by appropriate high level sources, which is why this notice is now being circulated with a request to keep this information moving across the nation, especially to those areas expecting similar events as Houston is currently experiencing – hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, … <snip>  Please provide the attached information to your own contacts ASAP.


… at this critical time during Hurricane Harvey aftermath with 2 more hurricanes pending   <snip>  If you are within 300 miles of a major coastline, get away to safety quickly. STAY AWAY FROM ANYONE OR ANYTHING FEMA OR DHS, and POSSIBLY EVEN LOCAL POLICE.

(The rest is omitted)

English translation of a Japanese article: Nanking Letter – September 3, 2017 –

Evacuate or Die

Hurricane “Harvey” hit Texas, whose low-altitude areas are reportedly flattened by the hurricane. There is information on another hurricane to come.

The US Army Corp of Engineers who arrived to help sent out a stark warning on 31 as follows:

*The flood gates were opened to 100 feet at 3 pm CSDST. River levels will rise to near seventy nine feet. With additional rainfall accumulations, a potential elevation could reach near eighty two feet.  All residents living in Mt.Neches, Barlow Lake Estates, Works Bluff on CR 4415, Sheffield Ferry and Bottom Loop-CR 4700 who have not already evacuated must do so immediately.  Anyone who chooses not to heed this directive cannot expect to be rescued and should write their social security numbers in permanent marker on their arm so their bodies can be identified. The loss of life and property is certain.”

* Quoted from and pictures can be seen at:
This is a notification exactly saying “if you stay, you will die.” Eighty feet is equivalent to about 24 meters. As it is the height of a mega-tsunami, nobody can survive. First of all, life should be secured. However, as is the case with Hurricane Catarina, it appears that residents had almost never prepared against disaster. The lesson from Catarina has not been learned and damage would be expanded.  September 3, 2017

Distributed by YouTube – August 23, 2017 –

Is the Government and HAARP controlling the weather?

English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik – September 4, 2017 –

Individual information of thousands of U.S. military and intelligence personnel leaked

Individual information of thousands of U.S. military and intelligence personnel has been leaked on the Internet due to an information protection system failure, “The Hill,” an American political journalism newspaper, reports.

Sputnik Japan

According to the newspaper, leaked information includes addressed, telephone numbers, mail addresses and curriculum vitae of military personnel. Such information which has been collected for employment agencies was available for public download on a cloud storage.

Mr. Chris Vickery, a researcher at U.S. security firm “Upguard”, found information protection system failure in July this year.

However, it’s not until August that free-accessible data was removed because a problem on identification of leak source occurred.

“I hope we were the only people to find them,” Mr. Vickery told The Hill.

According to earlier report, “Deep Root Analytics,” a media analytic firm, erroneously left individual information of 198 million voters in the U.S. freely accessible to the public.


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  1. Hurricane Harvey (2017) was DELIBERATE.

    Check out this link to NATURE / Hurricane weather warfare reference material:


    Ted Owens Space Intelligences contact could accurately predict the EXACT circumstances of Hurricanes impacting on Yewess coastlines from 1960's to 1980's.

    The correlation with Hurricane Harvey and the terrorist bombardment of Rakka is right there :

    In August 2017 the New$ World Order was attacking Rakka in Syria with one terrorist missile bomb artillery shell every 8 minutes for the month of August (total about 6000 terrorist attacks).

    Intensity of Coalition’s Raqqa bombardment greater than for all of Afghanistan, official data shows

    So NATURE/Intelligences reacted created and directed Hurricane Harvey to visit Yewston,
    on Gulf of Mexico and in Yewess state of Texass, where their favorite battle cry seems to be
    "Praise the Lord and Pass the Am Yew Nition"

    The Yew Knighted States Government (ruled by Yews) actively covers up the ENTIRE SUBJECT about Intelligences
    and correlations between Yewman warfare
    and responses by NATURE / ALLAH ALMIGHTY GOD to deviate destructive DANGEROUS Yewmanism... Fascism... Racism.

    Other Example of The Law Enforcement of Nature:

    Knew/know Ted Owens and Space Intelligences.

    In September 1973, an Intelligence, i.e. a Space Intelligence, sent telepathic VISIONS that depicted

    1. a cockpit view of the 911 Pentagon swoop and crash
    2. the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
    3. the space shuttle Challenger explosion

    Just do a web search for

    "Black Pearl 911 in 973"

    (September 1973 : the same period when the New$ World Order installed their new $talin Augusto Pinochet as dictator supreme over Chile.0

    Reported this to Linda Moulton Howe of UFO X Files fame.
    Linda responded that she had heard similar from other UFO contacts.
    Yewman War Criminals are opposed by UFO's / Nature / Intelligences.


    Under $urveillance/Intimidation by
    Ki$$inger / Khazar / KGB (KKK)

    the past ~45 years for

    Pro Peace Anti War
    Pro Environment Anti Nuclear

    sentiments and activities.

    Law of the Boomerang :
    "What Goes Around Comes Around..."
    i.e. KARMA