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Aug 29, 2017

U.S. military commander admits American defeat in Afghanistan – Russian victory in Afghanistan, too? –

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U.S. military commander admits American defeat in Afghanistan – Russian victory in Afghanistan, too? –
The U.S. was defeated in Syria. The U.S. is about to be put out from Iraq. Now the U.S. military commander has admitted the U.S. defeat in Afghanistan, too.

Although defeat of the U.S. forces has been known since a long time ago, the forces have been driven into a situation where financial crisis forces them to withdraw from Afghanistan. U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis also has wished for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan as Mr. Jarett Kushner has. He seems to have intended to outsource U.S. military services to a private military company. However, this plan seems to have not been implemented because of dislike by the Afghanistan side.

Vice President Pence seems to think that the U.S. troops should not be withdrawn from the viewpoint of strategic importance. Although President Trump has announced to temporarily increase troop numbers dispatched to Afghanistan, he would probably have bluffed the Taliban to negotiate a favorable settlement with it.

The Taliban shows an overwhelming strong presence in Afghanistan and the U.S. troops are completely disregarded by the Afghans. The first tweet shows that Russian troops are likely to intervene in Afghanistan. Does it mean that like Iraq, the puppet regime of Afghanistan has prepared the ground for acceptance of Russian cooperation? If so, it seems that we will see the war in Afghanistan end with victory of Russia.

August 23, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Naoya Fujiwara
Russia says that if the Afghan government and the U.S. cannot contain the Islamic State in Afghanistan, the Russian troop will go into action, especially when the IS crosses the border to Central Asia.
8:36 – August 23, 2017

Naoya Fujiwara
Stars Stripes, the U.S. military quasi-organ paper
The U.S. government has spent taxpayer money of $714 billion since the start of the Afghan war in 2001, but almost every effort ends up in vain.
8:15 – August 23, 2017

English translation of the Japanese version of ParsToday – August 22, 2017 –

U.S. military commander admits defeat in Afghanistan

Commander Nicholson of the U.S. troops in Afghanistan admits defeat in Afghanistan.

According to IRIB from Kabul, Afghanistan, Commander Nicholson said on 21, Monday: “The defeat in the Afghanistan war is irretrievable.”

Tens of thousands of people have been killed since the U.S. attacked Afghanistan under the excuse of the fight against terrorism in 2001.

Many of these people were killed by criminal acts of the U.S. troops and repeated attacks by U.S. drones. This has provoked resentment of the Afghans.

The Afghans also call for the withdrawal of the allied forces from Afghanistan.

At present, 10,000 U.S. troops and about 13,000 coallition forces are stationed in Afghanistan. The Trump administration has announced additional 14,000 troops would be deployed to Afghanistan as part of new policy to Afghanistan.

English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik – August 22, 2017 –

President Trum : U.S. support to Afghanistan is not unlimited

President Trump warns that the U.S. is not going to give unlimited support to Afghanistan.

Sputnik Japan

President Trump gave a special speech to troops at Fort Myer base, Virginia, said:
“America will work with the Afghan government as long as we see determination and progress. However, our commitment is not unlimited, and our support is not a blank check.”

President Trump emphasizes that the American people expect real reform and actual achievements.

The U.S. military operation in Afghanistan stated in 2001. The U.S demanded that the Taliban, antigovernment armed group, hand over Osama bin Laden, leader of international terror group al-Qaeda, which controls most parts of Afghanistan, along with top members of the group. After the Taliban refused to extradite them, however, U.S.-led coalition decided to start military action in Afghanistan.

After several years of military actions, a gradual withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan started in July 2011. It was announced that troops would only play a role to support security in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, war has been practically continuing in Afghanistan.  

According to earlier report, a rocket struck the heart of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, at night on 21.

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