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Aug 22, 2017

Chief Strategist Steven Bannon Resigns and Ivanka to become the playmaker in the Trump administration – It will produce very good results –

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Chief Strategist Steven Bannon Resigns and Ivanka to become the playmaker in the Trump administration – It will produce very good results –
Reportedly, Chief Strategist Steven Bannon has resigned. According to an article in Sputnik, he has been suspected of plotting to leak information to the mass media and it was highly likely that he would be forced to resign. I feel that the result was predictable.

In the White House, President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Kushner has competed with him for leadership. Finally the struggle has been settled.

I have claimed on the blog to push out Mr. Bannon. In that sense, I think that his resignation will produce very good results.

Look at the photo in the twitter below. I find the resignation of Mr. Michaele Flynn (on the extreme right) regrettable but others are inappropriate for President Trump. The photo shows that President Trump was surrounded by almost every enemy.

As a result of expulsion of Mr. Bannon, the Trump administration is moving in a unified direction; Evanka will become the playmaker in the Trump administration, good people of the Pentagon will control the military and Mr. Kissinger’s people will control foreign diplomacy. Contrary to the setback to or confusion in the administration seen in the article, it seems to me that the administration is going along on the right track.

August 19, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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English translation of a Japanese article: Yahoo!japan news – August 19, 2017 –

Mr. Bannon, aide to president, hard-line conservative, key player in the victory in the presidential election, practically fired – Blow to the Trump administration

[Jiji Press, Washington]
White House Press Secretary Sanders announced on 18 that Chief White House Strategist and Senior Advisor Steven Bannon would resign on the date.


Mr. Bannon was a key player who led President Trump to victory in last year’s presidential election as chief executive of the election campaign and he was the president’s most trusted confidant. He was regarded as the behind-the-scenes fixer who took the initiative in implementing hard-line conservative policies. However, there have always been struggles in the administration. His resignation is considered to be de facto
removal from office.


Mr. Kelly, who assumed as successor to White House Chief of Staff Priebus at the end of July, makes efforts to rebuild the confused White House. According to the Washington Post, Mr. Kerry decided to dismiss Mr. Bannon.


Confrontation between Mr. Bannon and moderates Ivanka, aide to the president and his eldest daughter and Kushner, senior advisor to the president has been often reported in the White House.

(The rest is omitted)

English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik – August 13, 2017 –

Mr. Trump casts dubious eyes at an aide over leakage of important information

President Trump has begun to suspect Senior Advisor Steven Bannon as one of aides who organized information leakage to the mass media. Portal site “Axios” reported it as information from a source within the White House. According to the source, President Trump has already talked about the suspicion with his several supporters.

Sputnik Japan

According to portal site “Axios,” Mr. Bannon has less often personally met with President Trump since Mr. John Kelly was appointed as White House chief of staff.

The other day key members of the inner circle enjoyed playing golf with the president in a golf club, New Jersey, while Mr. Bannon did not joint it.

Mr. Bannon has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the president. Mr. Bannon officially criticized President Trump for having too much attention to his popularity and complained to the president about his cooperation with Joshua Green, a correspondent at Bloomberg Businessweek.

Portal site “Axios” mentions Mr. Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka and her husband Mr. Jared Kushner by name as Mr. Bannon’s rivals in the White House.

Earlier, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that terrifying amount of classified information has been leaked to the media and representatives of other countries and the volume for the last half year is more than that for the last three years.

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