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Aug 9, 2017

Bright prospects for the future …Collapse of financial system will come off with not the worst scenario but three months of confusion.

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Bright prospects for the future …Collapse of financial system will come off with not the worst scenario but three months of confusion.
According to the first article, President Putin is readying his people to stand up to the New World Order led by the Rothschilds. It appears that Russia is preparing for a new financial system backed by gold.

The article reads that Russia is locked out of the global SWIFT system, “an unprecedented reversal” will occur. I could hardly see whether this will cause a mere major reversal or a significant confusion. It seems to me that we can finally expect bright prospects for the future.

At present, probably the Dragon Family and the Goldman Families Group (the Committee of 300) that has about 85 percent ownership of gold on Earth are negotiating over important subjects at the highest level. I predict that they are negotiating toward reconciliation and the Dragon Family will finally have 50 percent ownership of gold. If negotiations are settled in this manner, it will be very welcome.

I think that this can avoid unprecedented chaos leading to a major war in the future. The current financial system will inevitably be collapses but the worst scenario of recession which will last 10 years after the collapse of the system will never happen. If we can make it, confusion will last three months at most.

If all goes well, it is likely that a new financial system will be launched after 10 days or about two weeks’ confusion as Cobra always mentioned. If it happens, I think that a corporation such as Monsanto which does harm to our planet will go bankrupt and every decent corporation that contributes to actual economy will be protected.

The last pending issue was confusion in economy. However, I have a hunch that something good is going to happen. Stockpile of water and food for three months would be all right.

July 26, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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(1) Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – July 24, 2017 –

Putin Russian Global Strategy


Russia's TV networks are educating people about the Rothschilds: the threat of their excessive global power, the history of the Rothschild-controlled IMF, why globalism is a threat to the nation, and the mainstream media in the West which.is constantly shoveling propaganda down the throats of the public.
Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to be "readying" his people to stand up to the New World Order as the country prepares to separate from the world banking system.

(The rest is omitted)



March 25, 2017


Putin is readying his people to divorce from the international banking system altogether, and start over with a nationalistic platform, backed by thousands of tons of gold, and growing alliances with Europe, China and the BRICS nations, the Middle East and several emerging powers.


Shortly after sanctions were announced in 2014, Moscow set out to prepare for the worst-case scenario: being cut off from the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system.


Russia under Putin has seen a significant challenge to a world order that has, for some time, been ultimately controlled by the central banking elite.


If Russia moves to drop their central bank, or if they are locked out of the global SWIFT system, it will mean a thudding silence, an unprecedented reversal in the concentration of power.

(The rest is omitted)

(2) Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – July 25, 2017 –
A Mystery Investor Has Bet That The Stock Market Will Crash By October



July 23

One mystery trader has made an extremely large bet that the stock market is going to crash by October, and if he is right he could potentially make up to 262 million dollars on the deal.


Many prominent investors are loudly warning of an imminent stock market collapse.


Stocks could start crashing tomorrow, but Central Banks in the world would buy massive shares and boost share prices before the crash.

The biggest players in this ongoing charade are the global central banks. If they decide to keep pumping trillions of dollars into global financial markets, they may be able to keep the bubble going for a little while longer.

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