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Jan 7, 2017

Crash of Russian aircraft Tupolev T-154 is due to terrorism by Israel/Nathaniel Rothschild in hiding/Giant in Antarctica Awakens

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Crash of Russian aircraft Tupolev T-154 is due to terrorism by Israel/Nathaniel Rothschild in hiding/Giant in Antarctica Awakens
According to the report, mopping up of the Cabal’s last stronghold, the vast underground base at Denver airport is in progress.
The report says that the crash of a Russian aircraft Tupolev T-154 is due to terrorism by Israel. It seems that this information is probably correct. It says that the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the downing of the Russian plane have given Russian legal ground to mount a real global war on terror. According to the report, Netanyahu is a war criminal. The real Netanyahu was definitely a war criminal.  However, he is probably dead. Current Netanyahu we see now is a Netanyahu imposter, who, I think, is not involved in the terror of the Russian airplane. It is natural to think that this terrorism was carried out by Mossad and CIA.
It seems that the battle continues within the Rothschilds. According to Mr. Fulford, he has got the word from Nathaniel Rothschild who says: “I have not been killed but has merely gone into hiding.” It seems that he is hiding to protect himself against possible assassination because there is a struggle for the position as the next family head among family members.
I thought that Nathaniel had already been dead, but it was wrong. One day, it suddenly came to my mind that he might put himself in an environment where his physical vibrations cannot be detected, and so I examined his vibrations at the level of much deeper consciousness. I felt his physical body surely vibrate. I suppose that he is hiding in special underground space where ordinary physical vibrations are blocked. However, after seeing subsequent developments, I think that he actually has passed away because even physical vibrations at deeper level I had felt have disappeared.
Something surprising is written in the last paragraph of the report: nearly four-meter giants who were in a frozen state inside very large pods in Antarctica have awakened. They might be original humans before not being genetically engineered, who used to live on earth.   

December 28, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – December 27, 2016 –

Fulford Report (December 27, 2016)



Donald Trump, president elect of the shallow US state, will have his chain jerked by the deep state if he tries to prevent the final takedown of the Khazarian mafia, including war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, Pentagon and agency sources say.

The takedown is now entering a mop up phase, Pentagon sources say. “The Cabal’s last stronghold, the vast underground base at Denver airport, was routed by a contingent of US, Russian and other troops, mopping up is in progress with more raids,” the sources say. In another operation “100,000 children and sex slaves were liberated from the underground bases of the Getty center in LA ,” they add.

The South of Chile was hit by an earthquake weapon last week to in order to “shake up the Nazi enclave in Bariloche and Patagonia in general,” they say.

The Khazarian stronghold of Israel is now also under unprecedented attack, as can be seen by the passing of a UN resolution condemning their illegal settlement building in the West Bank.


The murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the downing of a Russian aircraft over the Black Sea by the Israelis has given Russia both moral authority and legal grounds to pursue UN sanctions against Israel and to mount a real global war on terror by going after ISIS/Mossad assets worldwide, the Pentagon sources say.


The remaining Khazarian agents in the CIA are bracing for massive purge by Trump of the Bush faction, CIA sources say. The reformed CIA will end all drone attacks and drug flights, and will focus on human intelligence (humint), as well as open source intelligence (osint), the sources say.

Friendless Israel is now expected to face an air/land/sea blockade and other actions to force that state to conform to international law, Pentagon and agency sources agree.


The Khazarians are also planning to counter attack by creating a major financial crisis, multiple sources, including from the Rothschild family, agree.

The financial attack, which will accelerate rapidly in the New Year, has already begun with a major push to cause interest rates world-wide to rise to crippling levels. This is being done by means of a huge sell off in the bond market by the Khazarian mob families. The planned result will be to cripple indebted emerging nations’ economies and punish debt slaves in countries like the United States by forcing them to pay more for their card, car, house and other loans. The plan is to blame the engineered economic hardship on Trump, Rothschild family sources say.


On that front, we got word from Nathaniel Rothschild who says he has not been killed, as claimed by Pentagon sources, but has merely gone into hiding.


Here is what a source with access to Nathaniel had to say: “His family members are out to take away his position as the next head of the clan. They are not out to eliminate him, but need his signature on a specially prepared document only used by ‘the family’ that will annul his upcoming leadership ascension.”

The source also said “The battle continues within the family. They are losing control of the world’s financial system but will still remain in the club with China at the helm, via the Shanghai gold exchange… of which they are a main player”.


The same source said that “The intel regarding David Rockefeller [being dead] is correct.


Queen Elizabeth II, head of the committee of 300 has also been put under house arrest, Pentagon sources say.


However, sources close to the Royal Family say the Queen is simply avoiding public appearances as a security precaution because they have received reports the gnostic Illuminati are targeting her.

The other visible bloodline public figure being targeted by the gnostic Illuminati is Adolf Hitler’s daughter and Rothschild family member Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. The Illuminati say members of the German army and intelligence services are determined to remove her from power during the coming year. The recent fake German truck terrorist attack, and subsequent media campaign pinning the blame for that on Merkel, was just the first round of that campaign they say.

The year 2017 may also be time when the secret space program and ET folk get their long awaited disclosure.


The cabal are all freaked out by what they found in Antarctica – It gave Buzz a heart attack. Very large “pods” with beings inside. That is why John Kerry was there Election Day. Animals and people frozen in time. 12 – 14 foot humans in the pods who were in stasis, are now awakening”.

The rest is omitted

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