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Aug 20, 2016

Message which superficially pretends to be from Light but actually has contents of absolute darkness – Idea of God’s chosen people under the name of ascension

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Message which superficially pretends to be from Light but actually has contents of absolute darkness – Idea of God’s chosen people under the name of ascension
In an article dated July 31, I conveyed that a “group of remnants of the Hierarchy which spiritually guided production of a series of video Alcyon Pleiades” would be executed. As I had warned, they were executed at 2100 hours on July 31.
The message introduced in this article is from a person announced as a representative of Space Ship Council of another universe beyond this universe. The message is different from the message of the second video I introduced on July 31 in that the length of time of perfect darkness is slightly shorter.
As a rule, I indicate correct information in red letters.  However, there is almost no correct information in this message. So I reluctantly have indicated in red letters the outline of this message you can understand.
The person who sent this message might seriously give such a warning to earthlings. When I focus my consciousness on the date slightly before he presumably sent this message, he seems to be an alien residing in the 3.1 D, whose evolutionary level is 4.0. However, he does not emit good vibrations because he is full of negative energy, which I immediately feel. This vibration can often be seen in power-oriented people in higher positions. As expected, this person and his group were destroyed at 2100 hours on August 3. Therefore, if you focus your consciousness on this message, targeting subsequent date, you will see you cannot feel physical vibration.
I always advise you to be careful about channeling information. It is wise not to be interested in it, if possible. However, those who have a strong interest in this kind of channeling information are likely to get involved in a very dangerous situation because they are often used as their collaborators. It is highly likely that those who are interested in such message that pretends to be from Light but actually has contents of absolute darkness, who are in tune with the vibrations of them, will have their souls disappear in some day as the above remnants of the Hierarchy did.
Reading the message carefully, you will understand that those who are sympathetic to such information accept that many people will be killed in disasters on the earth. And on top of that, some of them completely believe that they are sure to be saved. This egoism that I am special, namely, “idea of God’s chosen people” is the root of all evil I point out.

August 5, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Service – August 2, 2016 –

One and half a days of darkness
1 August, 2016

Space ship council of another universe beyond this universe
Representative: Somaliameiyas
Channeler: Taki Chino

Note: Wave frequency can be expressed by a formula, A×10. In this article the number N shall be called frequency index (FI).

On one day in the year 2016, 1.2million souls who are going to return to the cosmos will experience the Ascension. Vibration frequency, in another word, FI, of these souls will start to rise form 22O'clock on this day. The base frequency is 10~12 which has been reached on the 27th of July, 2016. This means that the Earth has ascended to the 5th dimension on this day. 36 hours later, the FI of the ascending souls will rise up to 10th dimension of which FI is 30.This is actually the Ascension. At the time when the FI reached 22, the body of the ascending soul will transform into the original humanoid form. Several days later, these souls will take a space ship to go to either home star, a space ship of special duty, or another planet in higher dimension.

It is to be noted that the vibration FI of the Earth will rise form 10~12 up to 13 at the same time. At this FI, not only the light from the sun, but also everything including the Earth itself and other matters on the Earth becomes invisible for the souls residing in the lower frequency with FI 3~7.

This situation will continue until around 9 O'clock of the third day during one and a half days. During this period, the periphery around the souls residing in the 3rd dimension with vibration of FI 3~7 will be in the perfect darkness. However those souls should be rest assured because the situation will become the same as it was before the start of the Ascension with full light and energy. During the time of the perfect darkness, not only the light from the sun but also the power form the power grid will not be available because of the difference of the dimensions. It is natural that the electrical and electronic equipment, except for those driven by batteries, cannot be used. It is very important to keep warming in the extremely cold area without using any power equipment including heaters, motors or fans. In addition, the automobiles of which vibration frequency is high will not be able to drive as well.

The souls who ascend on this date should leave from their families, friends and community members at 22O'clock for ever.

Approximately 800million souls with FI 11~18 will shift to the inner Earth within 2016.These souls will experience the same Earth as usual with enough light and energy even during this Ascension period. It can be said that the souls who experience the same Earth during this Ascension period will be the ones to shift to the inner Earth in the very near future changing the vibration frequency to that of the 5th dimension , FI 10 which corresponds to the frequency of the inner Earth.

The souls who reside in the 3rd dimension will shift the place to live to another 3rd dimensional planet other than the Earth by the summer of the year 2017.

Many souls will ask When will be the day of the Ascension? The most probable date will be the middle of October, 2016. However, please be minded that the anticipated date is always incorrect.

Anyway, please remember and prepare for the event that prefect darkness of one and a half days will surely come when no light and no energy is available.

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