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Jun 8, 2016

Fulford Report (May 31) – There will be no control by bloodline on Earth, either. Media people are targets for judgment now. –

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Fulford Report (May 31) – There will be no control by bloodline on Earth, either. Media people are targets for judgment now. –
When I introduced the last Fulford Report on this blog, I felt that Jacob Rothschild had an intention of negotiating with the White Dragon Society. It’s just as I expected. The opening sentence of the report says that this negotiation is now deadlocked because the Cohen crime family blocked it.
Hitler is said to be of the Rothschild bloodline. Chancellor Merkel seems to be a daughter of Hitler. According to the article, Merkel is of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild bloodline and the G7 leaders other than Merkel are “just servants.”
It is true that priority has been given to bloodline also in the heavenly world and the ruling elite have been connected by bloodline. However, as the result of the reformation of heavenly world, such control by bloodline has completely disappeared. Those who tried to restore the past control system have all been destroyed. Since the world on Earth is a reflection of the heavenly world, control by bloodline will disappear on the earth, too.
The condition to assume a high position in the heavenly world is pure heart, neither bloodline nor talent. Aliens or some psychics could make an objective judgment about pure-heartedness to some extent by seeing auras.
I think that we can determine to some extent whether a person is antisocial or not by means of psychoanalysis, on the earth, too. Similarly, I think a technique of determining pure-heartedness will be figured out. We have to avoid at least such a society where antisocial people believed to be psychopaths or sociopaths are pivotal members of a government. Regrettably, people believed to be psychopaths or sociopaths are appointed to importance offices in most government on the earth, who have led governments to destruction. It is important that people should recognize it. And such people are not allowed to have power but they should be treated in the future.
Reading the report, world transformation seems to be going smoothly. As I have already reported, 99 percent of the Cabal has been spiritually destroyed. I think that they no longer have any vigor to resist. To speed up the transformation, ordinary people who have been connected with the power elite are targets for judgment. To be specific, media people are targets for judgment now. If they give more distorted report, most of them will be destroyed and become nothing more than beings only with the physical body. They will get seriously ill immediately after suffering from depression. There is little time left. They should know their place and act.

June 2, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – June 1, 2016 –

Fulford Report (May 31)


When Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild, hiding out at Mark Rich’s house on the hill in Zog, Switzerland was identified as the head of the Khazarian mafia, Rothschild reached out to the White Dragon Society via a nephew to negotiate a peace settlement involving an exchange of gold for money and the establishment of a future planning agency.
This is now on hold because the New York branch of the Khazarian mafia, headed by the Cohen crime family, blocked it, Rothschild family sources say.
Rothschild and Khazarian mafia control has been reduced, in essence, to the bankrupt G7 group of nations. Take a look at this picture taken at the G7 meeting last week in Japan.

Notice that while all the other leaders are waving in the group photo German Chancellor Angela Merkel is making the sign of horus with her hands, using the button on her jacket as an eye.
Since Merkel is the only leader there who is of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild bloodline that runs the G7 and the eye of Horus represents supreme leadership, she is sending out the message that the other leaders in the photo are just servants.
What is important to know is that the WDS and its allies have identified the names and locations of all the top members of this ruling bloodline and have the technical capability of removing them from this world.
The point though is that the families that currently control the G7 and the UN corporation are no longer in any position to dictate to the world.
Almost all of the real gold in the world is now in the hands of WDS allies.
What this means is the WDS is now in a position to offer to trade gold for all outstanding Euros and US dollars that can be traced to legitimate commercial activities.
After a two month window US dollars and Euros would no longer be accepted for international payments. Under this proposal the US military and agencies would continue to be financed using the new currency. This would essentially remove the final vestiges of power of the Khazarian mafia.
In such an event the WDS is proposing that all legitimate commercial activity continue as always. The illegal drug trade and other grey area activities would be given appropriate legal status and moved into the new system.
The future planning agency proposed by the WDS would start by hiring, as initial planners for setting up the agency, about 7 to 9 people.
This means stopping environmental destruction, ending poverty, ending war, eliminating disease and otherwise restoring the planet to full health.
Most future planning agency projects would be put out to competitive bidding and run by the private sector, which is why it will never become a Stalinist type central planning monolith.
As mentioned above the current system, under the UN Corporation run by the Rothschilds, is bankrupt and largely dysfunctional. There is thus an urgent need to start working on rebooting the system in a manner that is more beneficial to the humans and other life forms on this planet.
The WDS believes we need to start with a campaign, similar in scale and ambition to a world war.
A jubilee, or one time write off of debt and redistribution of assets would be a very good way to start us on a track to exponential growth into the future.
In any case, negotiations are ongoing and the above represents the initial bargaining position of the WDS and its allies.
If no counter proposal is received within a week, the WDS and its allies will officially go on the offensive in ways that will be both “unpredictable and worse than they could imagine.
The US Treasury Department, now free from Khazarian control, is issuing a new $20 bill that will either be backed by Asian gold or will be a new US domestic currency, depending on how financial negotiations go, they say.
To conclude, if the Rothschilds and their fellow Khazarian gangsters fail to negotiate a deal soon with the WDS, they will have no bargaining chips left and will be forced to panhandle on the streets of New York and elsewhere for pocket change, if they are lucky.
A nephew of Jacob Rothschild was supposed to contact the WDS this week, we hope, for the sake of that extended family, that he does. World peace is now a realistic possibility.

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