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Jun 7, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Personality Metamorph Program

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Cosmic Disclosure: Personality Metamorph Program
It seems that sociopaths are characterized by “being glamorous and narcissistic, affable, sociable and extroverted” as well as habitual lying and excellent intensive ability. These people are highly likely to exist on the Internet. They infiltrate an organization or group to tear it up through inner fighting.
I gave some thought to whether such a sociopath exists on the Internet. Yes, such person really exists. I’m not going to say who he is. How about calling such sociopath “Mr. G” in the sense of socially disliked person?

May 31, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – May 4, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Personal Metamorph Program


David: So we know in the public lexicon that there are people out there that some people call sociopaths, some people call them psychopaths.  *sip* If you have a sociopath that's part of your life, what are some of the characteristics that that person might display?

Corey: Well, usually it's not going to be any shock or mystery to you – a complete lack of empathy for any type of emotional or physical pain that you're going through. That's a major sign. The way they behave towards animals and children is a good indicator. A lot of these people have learned to blend in pretty well. *snip*

David: Do you agree with the commonly held notion that these people tend to be glamorous and narcissistic, that they're kind of affable and personable, outgoing, extroverted?

Corey: Exactly. Yes. *snip*  With social media, the Internet, the topic is pretty heavy out there. People know about Internet trolls, they know about sociopaths and what they're doing to this world, usually from places of power. *snip* And we've, of course, done an episode on the government troll centers that I've helped set up, where paid government trolls get online and cause all kinds of problems. *snip*
They don't realize that MKULTRA was a program that developed a lot of techniques that were later used in a wide range, hundreds of other programs. *snip*.
the program we're talking about today, they also want people who are compulsive liars and also have intuitive empath abilities to where they can read people and manipulate people. And then they take these people and they put them in the program that I always heard referred to as the Personality Metamorph Program.  *snip*   The whole purpose of these assets is to manipulate people, control people and infiltrate organizations. *snip*
One of the strangest things about it is that the people that were training these children, these children as they were getting into adolescence were getting so good that the trainers could not control them. The kids were manipulating them. They just could not totally handle them. So they brought in intuitive empaths to work behind glass and help them tell – they would wear an earwig – help them tell when the subject that was going through the Metamorph Program was being deceptive or truthful or manipulating the person that was doing the training or debriefing with them. So they were very, very difficult to manage and control.

David: Why do you think these people are fearless? I mean, most people feel afraid about all kinds of things. How does a person actually get to this point where they don't have fear at all?

Corey: Well, a lot of times some of these children have been put through incredibly horrific experiences to where they shut off their feelings and emotions. *snip*

David: Well, just to bolster what you're saying, let's take a look right now at an A and B shot where the A shot, as you're seeing now, is a normal brain, and the B shot is the brain of a psychopath or sociopath. And what you're noticing as you look at this is that all of that greenish-yellow color that's all over the brain of the normal person, that color is missing from the frontal lobes of the brain in the sociopath.  *snip* So is that some kind of defense mechanism against further trauma, like the body adapts to the trauma so that you can just plow through it?

Corey: In the cases of people that had to disassociate so many times. This has happened in rape victims and other assault victims that have been repeat victims. They've disassociated, disassociated, disassociated to a point to where that part of the brain just shuts down and quits producing impulses. But that's just a certain portion.

David: Another thing that we hear about sociopaths when you read about it in pop psychology all the time is that they are invariably going to be thrill seekers. They're constantly in a fight against boredom, and they need adrenaline. *snip* Most people when they lie, a good police officer can tell signs of lying. People will do the long blink while they're talking to you or they'll start to fidget with their hands or something like that. Are these people able to lie and beat a polygraph or beat a typical person who's trained to detect lying?

Corey: Yes. They had to poll an intuitive empath to be able to finish their last four to five years of training because they were so incredibly gifted at any type of lie detective technology that was in the programs, which was quite sophisticated. *snip*

David: So when we hear the word “metamorph”, personality metamorph, why was that term chosen?

Corey: Because they can morph their personality to match any other clique or group that they're around, or even individual. *snip*  They're reading the people, so they're drawing off of the information that they're pulling from the people intuitively and all of the other things, reading body language and micro facial expressions, watching the eyes to know exactly how to approach them. *snip* They receive all types, all kinds of training when it comes to counterintelligence, intelligence, all the different types of ways of manipulating people. *snip*  UFOlogy has been infiltrated since the beginning, in the '50s, by the intelligence organizations. But the Personality Metamorph Program has been deemed one of the most successful infiltrating programs ever.  *snip*  And one of the main goals that the personality metamorphs and other infiltrators have done with the esoteric and UFO community is to try to fragment us as much as possible through inner fighting and strong belief system differences.

David: You're saying that public figures in the UFO community would get a handler.  *snip* What do they think they have?

Corey: They think they have a new friend that is very charismatic, that gives them insight into theirselves that they hadn't seen before and has a wisdom about them that is unusual for their young age. And they want to spend time with them, therefore giving the metamorph access to them and their psyche. *snip*
Well, the personality metamorphs are not looking at a dossier of a personality profile. They're taught to size up a person and profile them on the spot. *snip*  They become very confident of their skills, and they're very accurate with their profiling.

David: In the case where psychological profiles are created on people, because you said that's one of the most important tools for an intelligence agent, what do they look for? What would be in a profile?

Corey: The baseline is personality types. There are 16 main personality types. And when you have these personality types, you can then build off of that by gleaning information about what magazines they get, gleaning information about where they go on the Internet, information dipping into their medical records. You gather all this information. *snip*
They were used mainly for Special Access Programs down here on Earth. And as I said, they were inserted into just about every walk of life, every part of life from government to banking, everything.

David: What is the best way that you or anyone could identify that this is being done to them, and what kind of countermeasures can you take? *snip*

Corey: Well, the best defense is to know that you need to guard your inner information and guard information that could be harmful to you at all costs. If you're in a situation and you've met someone new through a friend, or a friend of a friend, and they like the same hard to get soft drink that you do, oddly. They happen to like this offbeat band that no one else has ever heard of that you do, and all these just little coincidences occur and y'all become good friends, and you find yourself becoming somewhat addicted to wanting to be around them all the time, and you find yourself wanting to tell them things that you wouldn't normally tell anyone else, red flags should go up a little bit.  And it's only after you have really started to share information and made yourself vulnerable to these people that they then start the actual manipulation of you.

David: Are personality metamorphs being directed against people who are having spiritual contact with orbs or dreams and visions, synchronicity, and then talking about it on Facebook or on the Internet?

Corey: Yes. Yes. And any other number of targets, including financial people who need to be controlled or managed. A lot of times, they'll go in and control or manage people.

David: What is the greatest weakness that these personality metamorphs have that we could use to defend against them?

Corey: Their own hubris. They underestimate everyone. They are convinced that . . . They're very intelligent. They're convinced they're the smartest person in the room. They're always convinced that they're the smartest person in the room. The people that . . . If you learn to sit back and keep your ears open and keep your mouth closed,  *snip*  you might start noticing these people.

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