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Jun 11, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: The Earth Alliance – After the Cabal is destroyed, those who try to release only information favorable to them will become the next target.

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Cosmic Disclosure: The Earth Alliance – After the Cabal is destroyed, those who try to release only information favorable to them will become the next target.
At the right time, this interview explains how negotiations on the new financial system are being carried out. Interestingly, full disclosure of information will be damaging to both sides and problems will be created among loosely connected groups. Such situation is well described by Mr. Corey Goode’s phrase: “there are no clean hands in these negotiations.”
Things are developing as expected. There is no possibility other than full disclosure however desperately they may resist, because it is the will of deities. Those who try to disclose only information favorable to them for fear that evil they have done in the past will be exposed should know that their actions are being kept close watch over by not only the Sphere Alliance but deities. Those who have got involved in such cover-ups will be destroyed though they still have souls.
Such people, if they intend to topple the Cabal and gain power, will also be destroyed after the Cabal is destroyed. All we have to do to bring about peace on Earth is to reveal the truth and administer justice in accordance with the law. Who will gain power has no meaning to deities, though it might be important to them. In fact, those who compete for power will be destroyed one after another by deities.
Giving an easy-to-understand explanation, the word of former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica hits the nail on the head: “We have to run people who love money too much out of politics; they are a danger in politics.” Money is another form of power. We have to run power-oriented people out of politics.

June 5, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-being Alliance – May 18, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: The Earth Alliance



David: There's a widespread belief that this Cabal has just penetrated every country, all aspects of society.  *snip*
Corey: It is true that this Cabal is a master at infiltration, and, indeed, they have infiltrated elements of the Earth Alliance. And, you know, this is a problem, but, like the BRICS Alliance . . .
David: You're talking Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa is the BRICS.
Corey: Right, they've gotten together, and they've created pretty much a new world bank and financial system to compete with the Western or Cabal banking system.
David: And you're talking about the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB. *snip*
Corey: There's a reason that all the big banks right now are buying silver like crazy and stockpiling it. There's very little gold left in any of the vaults that are supposed to have gold in them. *snip*

David: Well, Germany asked for 3,000 metric tons of their gold back from the US, from the Federal Reserve.

Corey: It's all zeroes and ones and computers at this point. How all these different bubbles have not collapsed already is beyond me. *snip*  Well, I've heard that with the latest negotiations, members of the Alliance are now wanting to come in and not allow the Western dollar and the Western financial system to totally collapse, but to get to the brink of collapse and then move in and buy it at a cut rate and annex it into their new financial system. And, you know, everybody's been hearing for years and years now the promises of debt forgiveness, jubilee, and money that will be given to people specified on their age, how many dependents they have, and that kind of a thing. And people have heard that so much now they scoff at it, but this is something that is openly discussed in these meetings. So it is a part of the discussion and the negotiation.
The revaluation of all the currency that is being discussed is very controversial.  *snip*  Or when they're talking about equaling the playing field, they're talking about changing the value of all currency to being the same. And even inside the Earth Alliance, there are groups that do not like that plan at all, and they want a sliding scale based on GDP and a bunch of other numbers and information.  *snip*
David: Are you aware of the Alliance being in possession of surveillance footage that's very compromising of the Cabal?  *snip*
Corey: Every form. They've got everything from emails, texts, phone conversations, videos, audio recording. *snip*  Now the big thing that has been going on in the secret negotiations between the Earth Alliance and various Cabal groups is how to release information, and they're pretty much in agreement to release information in a slow manner. The main reason *snip* is that a lot of the data that has been accumulated, that we were just talking about, is damaging to both sides. And there are no clean hands in these negotiations.  *snip*
David: What about the idea of natural disasters and weather being involved in this war? Are there technologies that you're aware of where weather can be manipulated as part of fighting this war?  *snip*
Corey: It was heavily being used in open warfare against each other. That's slowed down some. They're still using it, but it's slowed down during the negotiations. *snip* … dries up the breadbasket of your region that grows all of your food. You know, that type of thing . . . or inundates you with hurricanes or heavy rain, which can then lead to other natural disasters that cause you to declare a national emergency and put all your assets and focus on that problem.
David: Yeah. So you're saying both sides use this against each other?
Corey: Absolutely. And that's not the extent of it. US Navy, many years ago, discovered super volcanoes that are below the ocean.  *snip*  Apparently they have placed some sort of charge or energetic device that could cause it to erupt.  *snip*  You know, they're acting like a child. If we don't get our way, we're going to break all the toys and leave. *snip*
David: Is there a plan for a large number of people to be arrested at once?   *snip*
Corey: There are going to be arrests and prosecutions, but the extent of which depends on these current negotiations.  *snip*  They have quite a distance to bridge before they get to where they want to be. And that's going to give us in the community time we need to get a grassroots effort going to demand Full Disclosure and the full truth.
David: What will media look like in the aftermath of some kind of . . . if the mass arrest thing happens, as an example? *snip*
Corey: All stations might be taken over for a while, and the population be given a massive re-education about our true past.
David: Now some people who watch this show and are into this might be aware that laws have been openly passed in the US.  *snip*  It's openly now a law that the US government can seize all of your assets in the bank in the event of having a financial crisis.  *snip*  If an event like that takes place, does that mean that people's money is lost forever? Or does the Alliance have contingencies in place in case to say, “Oh, you don't actually have money in the bank. It's all ours.”?

Corey: Every contingency they have a plan for, but how things play out are yet to be seen.

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