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Jun 18, 2016

Cobra/Corey Joint Interview (Latter half) – Get started by recognizing your negative thought –

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Cobra/Corey Joint Interview (Latter half) – Get started by recognizing your negative thought –
In the article of Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 19, I described as follows. “Earth history is recorded in a gigantic crystal presumably existing under the Sphinx in Egypt.” Cobra says a similar thing in this interview. It shows what I said is true. In the past I asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to get access to the crystal and got some past valuable information from the crystal.
I think that it is far more effective to take out the past history of the earth or the universe in this way and examine it again in a scientific method. According to the article below, it is possible to extract information from the Akashic records with technology. Therefore, I believe we will be able to correctly know the past history in the near future.
The latter half of the interview is about the Disclosure Day. Since “we have a tremendous power of manifestation”, Corey gives a suggestion to launch an ad campaign to promote the disclosure and make July 8th Disclosure Day by using our collective consciousness.
This is just the point. Your consciousness is directly related to this world. Therefore, it is obvious that result differs depending on the way of thinking by many people – whether they think “nothing can change politics” or they think “we will expose injustice and remove the evil.” What the most important is to become aware of what we usually think consciously in daily life. Many people hardly want themselves or the world to be happy, or they erroneously believe that they cannot be happy. First of all, I would advise you to get started by recognizing your negative thought.

June 9, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article Now Creation – June 8, 2016 –

May 2016 Cobra-Core Goode interview with Rob Potter Part 1


(Sequel to the first half)

<Situation underground>

Rob – Cobra, can you describe the underground landscape? 

COBRA - The situation underground is very dynamic and is changing all the time, but I would say I am in contact with certain of the factions, and apparently there are more different factions down there than we all know.  But the RM for example has never claimed they are Pleiadians or representing themselves to any part of the surface population claiming that they are gods to be worshiped, nor have any other factions that I know of that form the global Agarthan Network or the Eastern Agarthan factions. 
Currently there is process of unification taking placeThere is a lot of contact a lot of negotiation between various factions and a lot of mistrust.  Part of this mistrust comes from manipulation of the Chimera group of one of the factions against the others and cooperation between the Chimera group and the various subterranean Draco factions coming from 1930’s and 1940’s and the Nazi groups on the surface.  So there is a lot of mistrust created at that time and a lot of healing still needs to happen. 
Also I would say mostly the Eastern Agarthan factions have a similar perspective than the surface population Eastern philosophies would have had on life.  And this is quite much different than what the western people have.  So what is happening on the surface is actually a reflection of what is happening below ground.  There has been communication established between those various groups and the healing is taking place.  But again, this takes time.  This is slow because they have millennia upon millennia of history to be solved, resolved and healed. 

<Mt. Shasta group>

Rob - I live in Mt. Shasta.  It’s near and dear to my heart.  Do you have any intelligence on the inner earth Agarthan civilization under Mt. Shasta?

Corey - I have received some information about the groups that are not only under Mt Shasta but around the region going for quite a ways up into Oregon and Washington.  And they are definitely a very positive group and they are a part of a network as well but I am not in contact with them.  

Rob - Thank you - Cobra could you comment on the Mt. Shasta group

COBRA - The group below Mt. Shasta and inside Mt Shasta is part of the, I would say,  global Agarthan network which originates from the time of Atlantis when part of the light forces had to go underground because of the Archon invasion 25,000 years ago.  And 25,000 years ago they have created a network of underground cities and underground tunnels.  One of those tunnels goes through Alaska, through Washington State, through northern California with Mt Shasta, through southern California, Mexico, Central America and down into South America ad there is another main tunnel which goes through Peru underground through Caribbean through Atlantic, through Morocco, through Egypt and then onwards towards Tibet.  This is all part of the same network and there was a very, and there still is a very positive civilization of light which I would call the global Agarthan network existing and Mt. Shasta city is a part of this civilization.  The surface population has received intel about this group through certain channels.  Certain people that lived in Mt. Shasta have had encounters.  I would say about 80% of that intel is correct.  I would not say they are ancient Lemurians.  I would say they are remnants of the old positive Atlantis.  

<Anshar Alliance>

Rob -  Cobra, have you heard anything about the Anshar Alliance group underground, specifically the ones that Corey has talked about?

Corey - the Anshar Alliance is only three  (Oh, three) The ones that wear the Saturn symbol.

COBRA - I have read Corey’s report.  I have not heard about this group from any of my sources but I know that Sheldon Nidle has mentioned the truce of Anchara back in 1995.

<Akashic records/Halls of Amenti>

Rob - Ok.  Thank you.  Cobra, can you speak about your knowledge of the Halls of Amenti and the Akashic records as Corey has described?  Was this crystal that they were trying to grow? Is that correct Corey?

Corey - Yes, and that’s a living technology that has a lot of records in it and that technology can tap into the Akashic records.  It’s definitely a major historical data base that is very important to them.  

Rob - Just for your clarification Corey,  Akashic records is the mineral kingdom which stores all information that’s ever taken place on the planet. 

Corey - I’ve heard it also used... that has all . . everything that’s ever happened in the Cosmos.

Rob - Cobra could you talk about the Akashic records and the halls of Amenti?  

COBRA - OK, the Akashic records are a natural imprint of any event in the etheric matrix, in the etheric structure, sub-structure of reality itself.   With proper technology you can always read what is stored, that informational imprint.  So light forces, of the advanced races have technology to read that record directly from the etheric substance.  Crystals, physical crystals can store that information quite effectively.  I would say physical crystals are more and more advanced versions of our current hard disc of computer.  They can store more information, more dimensionally and more effectively. 
Basically Akashic records can be accessed directly from the etheric plane with certain technology and for more involved beings they can access the akashic records directly with their consciousness.  

Rob - Thank you.  Can you speak about the halls of Amenti.  These were spoken of in the Emerald tablets?

COBRA - Okay.  Each city of light had their own records and particularly in Egypt there were crystals, crystal records of the past beneath the Sphinx.  And the RM have accessed those crystals back in 1999 before the Cabal could get them.

Corey – I heard they were remove.

<July 8th  Full Disclosure Day>

Rob - Cobra and Corey you have both mentioned we have a tremendous power of manifestation that the Cabal doesn’t want us to learn about.  They even use techniques like programming, scalar plasma waves, mind controlled imaging that has us working against ourselves.  If our group focus and the collective consciousness is the most influential factor to speed up liberation, shouldn’t we as a group try to encourage the entire light worker community to come together and to meditate and pray for a common goal.  Would you both agree.?

Corey - Absolutely.  That’s one of the things that has been talked about in our Full disclosure project group.  July 8th is Disclosure day and we’ve been trying to launch an ad campaign and all kinds of other stuff to promote disclosure, so yeah, that’s a good time to do other things..

Rob - Cobra, would you agree?

COBRA - Yes of course.  I would agree that mass meditation is the one single most influential factor that the surface population can contribute to the breakthrough.  July 8th is Disclosure day and is one opportunity to unite diverse groups to a common goal and to focus our attention to that particular point in space and time to get closer to the breakthrough.

Rob - July 8 Full disclosure day, planetary world peace.  This is the emphasis is to bring people to the awareness any way you can, through videos to help support this so the world at least the social media groups that are following us can grow to clear awareness of what full disclosure is into the main stream media to insert ourselves into the conversation and get people’s awareness of what’s going on  So that’s a done deal.  Now, folks, it’s up to you.  You can focus through PFC. They are going to pick this up and I’m sure Corey’s full disclosure project is already working on this, but we’re adding world meditation and peace day.  That’s a done deal. 

COBRA - I would suggest that other groups that are following or attempting to assist in the liberation process also support this.  If David Wilcock could support this, other people could support this.  We all need to see and manifest more of this support.  It doesn’t matter if it’s my meditation or somebody else’s meditation.  What matters is focus and common goal at a certain moment in space and time.  This is what brings results. 

Corey - Focus on the unity.  If all of us work together like this and cross-promote other programs like this and you know partake of them together and we’re going to make a difference.


Rob - We’re going to have part 2 here coming out. 

COBRA - If you go to Google, you can just google:  Cobra, portal 2012 and you will find my blog.  There is a vast treasury of information there: http://2012portal.blogspot.com

Corey - Yes, my main website is http://www.spherebeingalliance.com.  The newest site is http://fulldisclosureproject.org. We’re also working together with other groups.  We’re already starting to work with Steven Greer’s group to help support his new movie “Unacknowledged."  You can watch some free episodes and sign up at  www.blueavians.com http://www.gaia.com/show/cosmic-disclosure?cid=aff:amb:sh:goode:s024

Rob – My site

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