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May 9, 2016

“Special children” incarnated on Earth in large numbers – Let’s change the society into an equal society where everybody can develop a rich parental relationship. –

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“Special children” incarnated on Earth in large numbers – Let’s change the society into an equal society where everybody can develop a rich parental relationship. –
I think little children today have much difficulty adjusting to this society. It’s because bad factors flourish in the society, which ruin children mentally and physically unless parents pay much heed to them. Such factors include toxic substances in food and effect of the microwave. Microwave has a significant effect on humanity. Additionally, women are encouraged to work outside and as a result, there is an increasing tendency for women to have their children taken care by nursery schools.
The message below says parents “should not try and force children into the societal mold.” Children need “loving guidance” of parents. Children should be grown not with materialistic affluence but with the energy of safety and security given by parents who warmly watch over them. Then they can naturally develop their talent.
Many children being born are spiritually advanced than their parents. The current school education system prevents their growth.  When children do not want to go to school, it means that the current education does not fit them. Therefore, it is wise not to have them go to school.
In case of my son, he was a child who voluntarily refused to go to school. He went to school only two days a week and spend other days relaxing at home. I think that his special personality and talent was the result of such environment. Even if not going to school, it never lowers academic performance or creates discord at home. Rather it gives a more chance to have conversation between child and parents. It makes good things happen for a family.
However, it seems that not everything was good for my son. First of all, school teachers considered him as a queer child. His classmates envied him for being exceptionally permitted to stay away from school. Such being the case, he seems to have had difficulty forming a private friendship with his classmates. However, I think that he seems to have overcome such mental issues on his own because we parents warmly watched over him by giving proper advice on mental issues and others.
I think that children who share similarity with my son, so to speak, special children have been incarnated on Earth. In that sense, this message hits the nail on the head.
The society will make a significant change from now. We live a miserable life in the current society, where women cannot live unless working outside. We have to change the social form itself, not to mention our consciousness so that everybody can develop a rich parental relationship.

May 3, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

 (Note) Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from GFL Service – May 2, 2016 –

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, May 1, 2016


Dear Ones, we welcome you in these times when new and higher states of consciousness are rapidly becoming the norm within a growing majority. Many children being born at this time are actually very evolved Beings of Light who have come not to resolve karma or clear personal energy but simply to assist the Ascension process through the addition of their Light.


Dear parents and grandparents, if you have been blessed with one of these “special” children, do not expect or try and force them into the societal mold you were raised with. These “new age children” need independence accompanied by love and structure. Their views need to be listened to and honored, but within the structure of loving guidance and rules tailored to fit their needs and abilities.
Children must be allowed to feel fresh air, to experience nature, and feel dirt on their hands. They must be allowed to do nothing at all now and then – free from rounds of continuous activity and technological toys.


Children need love, not continuous activity and material concepts of love. Love allows the bud to unfold and blossom within an energy of safety and security.


Many “new age” children are from planets much evolved beyond Earth and are thus totally bored with what they are expected to learn in the world’s distressed school systems. They are often diagnosed as ADD and given drugs. In order to become balanced adults, children need the art, music, creative activities, and recess that so many schools have eliminated.


The world continues to view the idea of doing nothing as a negative thing. Doing nothing is an activity, a very important activity for adults as well as children. Allow time do nothing – to lay in the grass of a field or natural area and watch the clouds and feel the sun on your face.


Too many parents are trying to assuage the personal guilt of having careers that keep them away from home by planning activities to fill every free moment or allow technology to be their babysitter.


With present day technology and its many offerings for activity, busy parents are easily lured into concepts espousing what is best for children.


Women in particular struggle with these issues because much of the world continues to see them as “less than” – their only role meant to be a mother, wife, lover, or even servant of the masculine.
As feminine and masculine aspects grow into balance, people will begin to realize that Gaia really is the mother – the source and fountain of all that those living on her, need.


Many of you have already or are ready to move into a conscious realization of Oneness.


Love is all there is. Love is the answer and reality of all you have sought through lifetimes of struggle and search. You have arrived. You have moved beyond obsolete beliefs of separation and are qualified now to live and experience Oneness – Love. It is time to claim your inheritance.

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