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May 27, 2016

Cobra has not been informed anything about disappeared Masters – How to confirm complete disappearance of Ascended Masters –

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Cobra has not been informed anything about disappeared Masters – How to confirm complete disappearance of Ascended Masters –
I don’t understand what the first question and Cobra’s answer are all about. However, I do understand that Cobra gave a wrong answer. His answer that an Ascended Master does not have a personality any more is wrong. In Theosophy Master Jesus and Master Morya should be considered to be Ascended Masters. The first issue of “Tonpa” (published by Shuppan Shinsha) describes at pages 35-37 that Master Morya “lives in Shigtue in the Himalaya mountain range and is known to border villagers,” while Master Jesus “has a physical body as a Syrian and lives in a holy place (in the suburbs of Rome as of 1998).” In a word, both of them have a physical body, not mention to Linga-sarira, which is called personality.
In response to the second question, Cobra says that a life as Jesus was “his last incarnation on the surface of this planet.” The above-mentioned book describes that Jesus subsequently received the 5th initiation as Apollonius of Tyana.” In other words, Jesus was reincarnated as Apollonius of Tyana after death in crucifixion. My intuition says that Jesus and Apollonius is the same person (the same soul). What Mr. Benjamin Creme says is right.
Like in this case, it seems that Cobra gives a lot of misinformation, in particular, on those higher up such as Ascended Masters. Reading the original article I have picked up, it seems that Cobra has not been informed anything about Masters and saints who have disappeared.
I give comments on the assumption that not only earthlings but aliens and deities involved in the earth are reading this blog. I’d like to tell you how to confirm what I say.
Prepare a piece of properly sized paper (or card) both sides of which are white. For example, write the name of Jiddu Krishnamurti and a date. He received the 4th initiation at the age of 49 (Maitreya’s Mission Volume 2 page 387, published by Share Japan). Therefore, write the date May 16, 1950 when he undoubtedly reached evolutionary stage of 4.0. Hold the paper, on which his name and the date of initiation are written, with both hands and focus your attention on the outside-the-body chakras. Holding the card of a person who reaches 4.0 or above, you feel every chakra on the outside-of-the-body is opened. Incidentally, write the date of May 16, 1940 when he had not reached that evolutionary stage. You should have a different feeling about every chakra on the outside-of-the-body when compared with it you had on May 16 of 1950.
In the same way as this, prepare a piece of paper on which the name of Paramahansa Yogananda and a date. When he died in 1952, he reached the evolutionary stage of 5.0, which is described in the “List of Initiates” at the end of the book “Maitreya’s Mission Volume 3”. Now, let’s write the date May 16, 1950. Any month or any day is all right. Touching the paper with both hands, you should feel every chakra on the body surface is opened. You see that he undoubtedly reached the evolutionary stage of 5.0 on this date.
In the same way, touch the paper on which a specific date is written. If you feel that every chakra on the outside-the-body, on the body surface and on the nervous plexus is opened, you see the person has reached the evolutionary stage of 6.0 or above on the specific date. Furthermore, if all chakras on the spinal cord are opened, you understand the specific person has reached 7.0 or above on the specific date.
Now, write this year on the paper for Jiddu Krishnamurti and Paramahansa Yogananda, respectively. For example, try to write May 16, 2016. What will happen when you hold the paper? You should feel that every chakra is not functioning. It means that they have their souls destroyed and they have disappeared.
Then, try to do the same thing with Mater Jesus and Master Moriya. For example, slightly touch a piece of paper on which the name of Master of Jesus is written with both hands. Since he is an Ascended Master, every chakra on the outside-the-body, on the body surface and on the nervous plexus should be opened. Surprisingly, however, nothing happens. The heavenly reformation started on the New Year’s Day of 2007. As of 1998, the two Masters should have their souls exist. However, we cannot examine it with this method.
What happens? What makes a difference between Jiddu Krishnamurti and Yogananda and the two Masters? The two Masters have even Monad destroyed and their past has disappeared. I have often explained that the evil people have not only souls but Monad destroyed and they have completely disappeared. You can confirm who have disappeared, with this method.

May 16, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: NowCreation – May 16, 2016 –

PCF and Cobra Interview (Latter half)  3 May 2016



Ascended being and enlightened being

Richard – What is the difference between an Ascended Master and an Enlightened Master?

COBRA – This is basically the same, but there are subtle differences.  Ascended being, I would not call it Master, because it is simply too loaded word.  An ascended being is a being that has completely transcended space/time continuum and doesn’t have a personality any more.  An Enlightened Being is a being that has had an experience of that state but that experience is not yet completely stabilized inside of the personality.


Richard – What was the mission of Jesus Christ that has not been fulfilled yet?

COBRA – That being wanted to have the so-called Second coming or the revelation or the new age or The Event.  He was actually expecting this to happen during his life-time on planet earth when he was having his mission 2000 years ago and of course this has not been fulfilled yet.

Richard – What will it take to fulfill his mission, The Event?

COBRA – The Event, yes of course.  The event will complete the age on this planet the cycle on this planet and will begin a new cycle. 

Lynn -Cobra, do you know how many incarnations Jesus has had.

COBRA – He has quite many dozens of incarnations before the last one 2,000 years ago.

Lynn – So 2,000 years ago was his last?

COBRA – Yes, it was his last incarnation on the surface of this planet.

Lynn – Do you see or is there a plan for him coming back into a physical body here on earth.

COBRA – An Ascended Being does not come back to a physical body.  He creates a hologram that looks like a physical body.  This hologram becomes visible to other people.  It is actually condensed light.  It is not a regular physical body.

Lynn – So it will appear physical to human beings.

COBRA – Yes.
Lynn – What role do the end times and Jesus returning have to play in the coming Event?

COBRA – There has been many prophecies and many mental belief systems created out of those prophecies about the end of the cycle about the new age, about the change on this planet and all those are a reflection of the truth.  There is some element and truth in all of them and there is some distortion.  How exactly it will happen we will see when it happens.  And this being called Jesus had his role and will have his role as well as anybody else.  So we all will all create this together in a way that will be in the most possible form in alignment with the plan which exists. 


Richard – Can two souls occupy one body?

COBRA – It is possible and it’s quite common in the so-called possession phenomena when a certain host entity leaves space for another entity to come into the same body.
Richard – What benefits would this provide.

COBRA – There would not be many benefits but more of a control mechanism that the Cabal uses and dark forces use to control the population.


Outside the veil
Richard – Cobra, haven’t many people were already outside of the veil: astronauts, military pilots, participants in the space programs, secret space program? What does this mean for these people; how does this affect them?

COBRA – OK. It’s a double edge sword.  First there is many of them have deep spiritual experiences because they were outside of the veilAt the same time the controlling forces tried their best to suppress those experiences and keep the secrets going.  So all those people, all those astronauts were under great psychological pressure and were heavily mind controlled to suppress what they had seen and experienced.  So being an astronaut was not an easy job.  They have some beautiful experiences and they were also heavily traumatized.  This is the reason for the strange behavior of the astronauts.  There are some famous cases of astronauts who returned from the moon and had deep psychological problems as a result of their psychological and physical mind programing that had been subjected to. 

Lynn – On another subject, one of our readers is asking about men and women staying as virgins and if there is any spiritual value for this.

COBRA – If somebody is guided in that direction of course it has a spiritual significance for that particular person.  But I would say, I would not support any ideology that would put this as a condition to achieve a certain spiritual state.


Master Morya and the Great White Brotherhood
Richard – Cobra can you please tell us something about Master El Morya and the Great White Brotherhood?

COBRA – That particular ascended being is working in, I would say, guiding politicians and people in positions of power around the planet and he has a very difficult task because people who are in positions of power in most cases not able to handle that power.  And the Russian President Putin is one example when his mission was successful.

Richard – Can you tell us anything about the Great White Brotherhood (GWB).
COBRA – This term GWB simply describes Ascended beings of male/female polarity which have gone through earth incarnations have reached the  ascended state are are helping in the process in the planetary liberation

(The rest is omitted. Please refer to the above source.)

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