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May 11, 2016

Channeling information: Deformation from Darkness has disappeared and proper information has come out. – One in 1,000 people walks the Path of Light. –

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Channeling information: Deformation from Darkness has disappeared and proper information has come out. – One in 1,000 people walks the Path of Light. –
According to the following message, there are some wicked people, though they are indeed the minority, who came in with the intention to rule this world and they are not on a journey of Ascension. The message also says that the dark beings of this group have spread the false new age teachings and channeling information and that those who believed channeling information from Darkness “have a less awakened consciousness.”
However, those who detected that most channeling information comes from Darkness, for example, that NESARA (National Economic Security And Reformation Act) is not justice but fake information from Darkness. We have almost never mentioned NESARA on the blog. It is almost certain that this is information from Darkness because it was signed by former President Clinton and supported by Obama.
At present, proper information has come out, which was once-unthinkable. This is related to my opinion posted on the blog that false channeling information would disappear some day in the future. I think that disclosure of the truth, represented mainly by Cosmic Disclosure, is in progress now. Although it might give a real shock to those who have been contaminated by false channeling information, such move will be accelerated from now on.
The latter half of the article mentions that almost none have kept pace with the ascension of Earth.
The article says: “Numbers and majorities do not come into it.” I’m giving a more specific comment that one in 1000 people walks the path of Light. According to false channeled information, it was said that everybody will reincarnate in the future, depending on his awareness level. However, this is not the fact.
Many people will not reincarnate on a planet in accordance with their awareness level, but they have already lost their souls and they have to start again from scratch. They would be fairly lucky if they restart from a stone. They should probably restart from the existence inferior to a stone. This is not the concept of rebirth because the past has completely disappeared.
More wicked people have already have their Monad destroyed, too and have completely disappeared into nothingness. Buddhists have sought for this as the ultimate goal of liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth, that is, as the highest state of consciousness. It turns out that some of wicked people have succeeded in fulfillment of a wish by doing every possible evil.

May 5, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in bold face type or in red letters.

Excerpt from GFL Service Takisan’s Homepage – May 4, 2016 –



First, understand that not all beings upon the Earth are capable of giving and receiving Love in the way and to the degree that you reference here.

Some are strictly raised, though they are indeed the minority, to live without compassion or empathy, to fulfill only those roles they are given to them by their overlords (their parents, grandparents, and others), and to fulfill those roles with complete loyalty to their class of being—that which was formerly called your ruling class—without ever looking right or left, nor questioning their place in the hierarchy, for the whole of their Earth lives.
These beings are on a journey of Ascension, just as you are, though they would never call it such.

Unlike you, they came in with the intention to rule, crush, own, and oppress, whereas you came in with the intention of exponential soul growth and increased awareness of Life and its varying frequencies on this planet, which your soul desired from its fullest depths.


It is so that the darker beings of this group have infiltrated the new age websites, communities, teachings, and channelings, to induce more separation amongst Lightworkers and amongst Earth’s peoples, while putting forth only a slightly “new and improved” version of the third dimension, dressed up to be the fifth dimension.
Some who came here as Lightworkers have bought into these false images and ideas, and some have not.
Those who have bought into (sometimes literally) the schemes and promises of the false new age teachings and channelings are still Lightworkers. But they live at a less mature level, and have a less awakened consciousness, than those who have not bought into the false presentations, or who have awakened to and broken away from them.
Those who have not accepted the lies as their Truth are more likely to see through false veils and representations.

They are far more likely to see through the false channelings and false teachings that describe NESARA mainly in terms of financial prosperity rather than in terms of universal freedom, equality, and justice (of which worldwide Abundance is a part, but not the most vital ingredient).

And the far brighter Light of those who are the Truth Seekers and Truth Tellers is coming forward with, as they say, “So much Light, that I need sunglasses to see you!”
That is how we see all of you, in fact.

Herself to Ascend—and you would not miss that astounding and breathtakingly brilliant event for anything in the Universe.


Numbers and majorities do not come into it, as this path of Light was set into motion long ago, and growing into its fulfillment more each moment.

Were there only a handful of you, at your current rate of growing power and consciousness, you and your beloved planet would still Ascend.
And yes, you are the brightest Light we know.
Namaste, dear ones! Know and remember Who you are, and why you have come here.
We are with you, always.

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