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Apr 27, 2016

[Future Predictions] Finally financial system will collapse!? Predictions by Joseph Tittel 1-20

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[Future Predictions] Finally financial system will collapse!? Predictions by Joseph Tittel 1-20
Today I happened to find out this prediction video. Although I have no knowledge of a prophet Joseph Tittel, I saw the video and thought his predictions are decent. I think that his predictions are almost true.
One of the predictions is “the people get back power and start resistance, but the elite will not let go control so easily.” They will do every possible evil including false flag terrorism. If incidents they got involved in are revealed, it would offend the people. Therefore, they try to produce new incidents and disasters to distract the people from such revelation. Of course, eventually they will try to cause a World War III.

April 22, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of an excerpt from YouTube – February 25, 2016 –

[Future Predictions] Finally financial system will collapse!? Joseph Tittel’s Predictions 1-20
1.     The year 2016 is a year of big change.
Collapse of the existing system will be in progress because of the need for a new system.
Each of us will be forced to shift towards a new direction.
For example, the universe might collapse the existing energy supply system to head off toward introduction of natural energy.
It is in 2016 when such a change will occur.

2.     In 2016 a power struggle will be intensified.
In the process of this struggle the existing elite will lose power and cannot control the world.
That’s because the people will get back power and start resistance.
However, the elite won’t let go control so easily.
They will stick to power and set off all negative events.

3.     For this reason, the worst incident will occur in various fields.
This is the beginning of a cycle of confusion.
We have to prepare for the worst situation.
But you don’t need to be afraid of it.
Because there is light on the other side of the tunnel and you will see a bright future.
It is a trying time to reach such future.

4.     And in 2016, astounding miracles will occur in various fields.
They are splendid miracles.
Such miracles will occur individually and socially.

5.     It is a trying time especially for the elite in the U.S.
Hillary and Obama have the worst vibrations.
The more the elite stick to power, the more they will lose power.

6.     The U.S. has to stop intervening in other countries and instead concentrate on national problems.
It should immediately stop intervening in Iraq and Syria.
It should not develop the Black Sea oil fields or get involved in Ukraine.
Continuation of intervention is sure to cause a war with Russia.
On that occasion, many countries will side with Russia.

7.     The time has come to seriously consider in what manner assets are stored.
The dollar has reached its limit and it is impossible to save it.
Not only banks in the U.S. but the Federal Reserve Bank will face bankruptcy.
However, it is never a bad thing.
The old system has to be destroyed to have a new system come into being.
We will see not only collapse of the dollar but of the euro.

8.     Destruction of the existing financial system will make paper money unusable.
Therefore, it is necessary to think about storing assets before it’s too late.
Paper money cannot be used and you should replace it with precious metals.
However, this collapse is never a bad thing.
As people cannot survive under the existing system, they create a new system like the barter system in order to survive.

9.     We live in the era of Aquarius.
In the last era of Pisces, people had to live following organizations and authority that had great power.
On the other hand, in the era of Aquarius, people gain strength and build a new system.
So destruction of humanity will never happen.
It may occur some day in the future but it is in the remote future.

10.  Under a new system to appear in the era of Aquarius, humanity will be liberated from war, famine and all kinds of diseases.
Among such diseases is cancer.

11.  In 2016 many miracles will happen.
That’s because there never exists fixed future.
Future immediately changes when we voluntarily make a selection change.
The universe causes miracles to happen in order to show it is possible.

12.  There are many my predictions which did not come true.
It shows that future is not settled but we can change future by our daily selection.
Predictions did not come true because we made the right choice.
Like this, it is very important for each of us to make the right choice every day.
And to move toward a hopeful future, thoughtful people have to unite and help one another.

13.  The year 2016 is a year when epoch-making discoveries will be made one after another.
This is especially prominent in archaeology.
Such discoveries will disclose the existence of beings such as giants, mermaids and aliens which have been considered nothing more than a myth.
This will occur in the U.S., too.
The earth is an older planet than one might imagine.
Humanity has repeated prosperity and fall many times.
A part of it will be clarified.

14.  And, mysteries of the ocean will also be discovered.
They include lost islands and remains of civilizations which disappeared in the sea.
Furthermore, a Bible and myths will be discovered.
However, such things will be concealed by the government.

15.  Deep-sea exploration technique will make a progress.
With the technology, many new animated beings will be discovered.

16.  Low-cost filtration technology which can make sea water drinkable will be realized.
This technology is environment-friendly.
This technology is likely to solve most of global water shortage crisis.
However, fight for water due to draught will occur before the arrival of such time.

17.  In 2016, additional facts that aliens are visiting the earth will be revealed.
During the past 60 years, technology has made a rapid progress. That’s because aliens’ technology have been brought about to the earth by revere engineering.
By the way, nuclear war will not happen on the earth.
Because aliens never allow it and nullify missile launches.

18.  UFOs will crash and UFO crash sightings will be recorded as videos by many people.
The videos will be spread too fast that the authority cannot control it.

19.  The “Islamic State” will continue to destroy more ancient remains than in 2016.
This will cause most of ancient history to be completely lost.
When U.S. forces occupied Iraq, the first thing they did was to break into Iraqi museums and destroy remains.
The purpose was to conceal the true history of the earth and humanity.
Now the “Islamic State” is doing the same thing.
This indicates that U.S. forces and the “Islamic State” are connected to each other because they have the same purpose.

20.  In 2016 many truths will be revealed.
Persons like Snowden will make a public appearance and confidential information of government institutions will be revealed.
And, what Dick Cheney and Bush did in the 911 will be revealed.
Furthermore, what they are planning will be revealed.
This disclosure will foil their plan.

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