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Jan 27, 2016

Some major financial institutions and countries, including the US corporate government are about to go bankrupt.

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Some major financial institutions and countries, including the US corporate government are about to go bankrupt.
The battle against Darkness has entered an important phase. According to the report, “some major financial institutions and countries, including the US corporate government are about to go bankrupt.” Comprehensively observing all events occurring now, I think what the report says is exactly right.
The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers just caused bankruptcy of securities corporations. And it plunged the whole world into turmoil. What is about to occur is the bankruptcy of mega banks and nations. You must understand that it is far larger in scale than the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.
According to the latter half of the article, the Chinese led AIIB seems to be already ready to go. However, how long confusion and its aftermath will last is unknown. The whole trend is apparently going along on the right track and we will see evil and evil cultures destroy. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that a great number of people will be plunged into this turmoil and lose their life. We will see such people as victims of turmoil or part of evil on a case-by-case basis.

January 19, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – January 20, 2016 –


There is a systematic effort underway to remove all fraud from the world’s financial system. This campaign is now getting to the point where some major financial institutions and countries, including the US corporate government, are about to go bankrupt. This is all part of a hybrid war involving finance, super-computers, special forces operations, news, propaganda, pin-point assassinations and more.
Perhaps the most dramatic, and under-reported, new aspect of this ongoing struggle has been the freeze on global shipping. To confirm reports on the internet of a shipping freeze, this writer called NYK lines, a major international shipping firm, and was told “we cannot speak for the whole world but, as far as our company is concerned, with current shipping prices we will lose money every time we send a ship so we have stopped.” Chinese government sources told this newsletter shipping companies are now demanding to be paid in Chinese yuan and not dollars and that is a major reason for the freeze in shipping worldwide. If this continues, it will lead to empty super-market shelves and social unrest, especially in the US. The announcement last week by Walmart that it is closing 269 stores is just the beginning.
Another major dimension to this hybrid war has been the attack on the oil cartel and control of the petro-dollar. Furthermore, now that sanctions against Iran have ended, Iran, which has some of the lowest production costs in the world, will be flooding the market with an extra million barrels of oil per day. China is helping both Iran and Russia deal with low oil prices by sending them Chinese goods at cheap prices in exchange for their oil. India is also avoiding the petrodollar when it buys Iranian and Russian oil.
This campaign will continue until Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Countries and the big Khazarian banks go under, according to Pentagon white hats. The first Khazarian megabank domino that is expect to fall is Citibank, a Saudi owned bank which is sitting on about $58 billion in losses linked to low oil prices. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Furthermore, the Pentagon and agency white hats are seriously contemplating confiscating the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Arabia and GCC nations like Qatar, Pentagon sources say.
On the military front, Jordan has now joined the Russian Middle East bandwagon and allowed Russia to set up a command headquarters facility in their country.

Now the Chinese led AIIB has officially opened for business with most European countries on board. The Europeans have reciprocated by inviting China to join the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This means a massive infrastructure boom linking Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa is about to begin.The Chinese and BRICS CIPS alternative to the Khazarian controlled SWIFT international payments system is now also up and running.

The British, for meanwhile, having already abandoned the US Khazarian mob by agreeing to join the AIIB, are now seriously considering getting out of the failing Khazarian EU project.

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