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Jan 26, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Season1, Episodes 1& 2 Message for Humanity/First Encounter – Sphere Federation Council Mr. Corey Goode Attended –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Season1, Episodes 1& 2 Message for Humanity/First Encounter – Sphere Federation Council Mr. Corey Goode Attended –
I have summarized Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2 of Cosmic Disclosure. The report is compressed so that you can understand the story more easily. If you are interested, please read the original report.
The report describes that Mr. Corey Goode was chosen as delegate for the Blue Avians of the Sphere Alliance, the most advanced organization in the Galaxy and he attended the Special Federation Council in the LOC (Lunar Opertaion Command), a facility on the back side of the moon.  The Blue Avians suddenly appeared in the Council meeting and gave a message to the participants through Mr. Corey Goode. The part described in red boldface (Episode 2) is important. It is the same message as what I have repeatedly conveyed to you through video lectures and others. And this is “the opposite of what the elite believe.”
Reading around the end of report (Episode 2), you see that the Sphere Alliance does not allow military strikes and that “full disclosure is what they’re going for.”
This applies to not only the people on the surface of the earth but the subterranean humans and aliens get involved with the earth. Everything including what they have done is set to be disclosed. Anybody cannot be allowed to prevent such disclosure. It is a deadly sin to send a message under a false name or intentionally send false information for interruption. I give you a warning in advance that if you do such thing, karma will immediately return to you, your vibrations will decrease and the light being emitted from the galactic center will cause you to go spiritually bankrupt. I also warn you that anybody who ignores my warning and continues malicious acts will be executed.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 19, 2016

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – July 14, 2015 –

Cosmic Disclosure: The Message for Humanity Season 1, Episode 1


DW : We are interviewing Corey Goode, age 45. And what he has done here is to come forward as an insider and share with me more information about what's really going on behind the scenes in the so-called secret government and secret military programs. And if you could really quickly give us an overview of your involvement with what this whole space program subject has been in your life.
CG : Okay. For me, it started at the age of six years old when I was brought into what is known as the MILAB, some pronounced it MILAB programs. I was identified as an intuitive empath.
And empathic, being that you have a strong emotional connection with others around you. You can feel what they're feeling and connect with them emotionally. And I was trained, and that was enhanced. I was around 12 or 13 years old, me and a few of the people that I was training with, being brought into a program. And this was a federation of a large amount of ET federations that met to discuss the grand experiment.
DW : What was this experiment? What were these ETs doing?
CG : There was a group of 40 human-looking ETs that were pretty much always present, and up to 60 at other times that were present. There were 22 genetic programs that were going on. And the earth delegates had been trying to become a part of this for a long time. And they were finally able to get a seat. And as the intuitive empaths, when we were sitting there, we didn't know what was going on.
DW : Why are they doing this?
CG : That I do not know. But a lot of it didn't - why would they try to mix all of their best genetics together, and then manipulate us and our civilization to keep us down?
DW : How long do you think this program has been in action for?
CG : Of the 22 different programs, they've been going on for different lengths of time. But the genetic manipulation of what we are has been going back at least 250,000 years.
DW : Could we stop them?
CG : I don't think so. I mean, this is something that we've just recently been able to beg to get a seat at their table, to be a part of the discussion.
DW : So would these be negative-oriented extraterrestrials?
CG : It depends on your point of view, because they see what they're doing as a positive thing.
DW : You mentioned on your website something called LOC. Could you tell us what that is?
CG : The Lunar Operation Command is a facility on the back side of the moon. There's some people that are stationed there and work there, but it's more of a way station. People are coming and going from it all the time to go to their further out into the solar system and beyond, to go out to other stations, other bases.
DW : On your website, you've mentioned that there are five factions within the secret space program.
CG : I'll start with the oldest, which is “Solar Warden”. They were started back in the late '70s, '80s. And then we have the ICC, the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, which is corporations all over the world that have representatives in a super-corporate board that control the secret space program infrastructure that they have out in space, which is massive. We have Dark Fleet, which is a very secretive fleet that works mainly in the outside of the solar system. We have various BlackOps Military secret space programs that we put into one group. And then, we have this Global Galactic League Of Nations group to maintain this veil of secrecy about what was going on in outer space.
DW : What's the sequence of events that led to you becoming a whistle-blower ?
CG : I was contacted by an actual higher density ET group that has now been known as the Blue Avians.
DW : And avian means bird?
CG : They're eight feet tall. They're blue to indigo in color with feathers. They have a very human-looking torso, arms, hands, feet...
DW : So they're hominid. It's like a bird head on a human body?
CG : It's a real soft, flexible beak.
DW : And what is their agenda? What are they here for?
CG : We're moving into a part of the galaxy that is a very high energetic part of the galaxy that's going to change the density of our solar system and our local star cluster.
DW : Okay, and if we go into a different density, what are these Blue Avians telling you will happen to human life as we know it now?
CG : That we're going to go through a transformational experience that is going to change us on a consciousness level mainly. They are here with these giant spheres to help defuse these large tsunami energy-waves that are entering our solar system.
DW : So you've actually had in-person meetings with these Blue Avians?
CG : Yes. I had sat in as an intuitive empath support as a young teenager. (Photo)I met this Blue Avian named Raw-Tear-Eir.

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – July 14, 2015 –
Cosmic Disclosure: First Encounter 
Season 1, Episode 2


DW : Had these Blue Avians ever spoken to the space program people before ? 
CG : Yes, they were in contact with Lieutenant Colonel Gonzalez. 
DW : How did you find out that you were requested? 
CG : I was contacted by Gonzalez. I ended up getting picked up in one of the craft, one of the shuttle craft. And I was informed that I had been selected by the Blue Avians, and I had been informed by the Blue Avians that this was going to occur. 
DW : You said they’re eight feet tall, so how do they fit into your house? 
CG : I have a high vaulted ceiling house. They have plenty of room to fit into my house. They’ve appeared in my house. 
DW : So they had been doing this off and on for four years, just appearing in your house?
CG : Right, it wasn’t a very regular contact. 
DW : So Gonzalez gives you the message that they’re going to bring you up there, and you said that a shuttle craft came
CG : Yes, there’s a small shuttle that fits five people, two crew in the front, and then three seats in the back.  When it would float in the backyard, I’d go into the backyard to get in. When you’d step in, it would dip down and move a little bit. 
DW : And so it doesn’t have landing gear? 
CG : No. Within a matter of a few minutes, it would zip up to the LOC. 
DW : Did you have windows you could see you flight through? 
CG : Well, at times they could make the panels go transparent where you could see out. 
DW : You’ve been invited to be this delegate for Blue Avians. You get brought up to the moon in this shuttle craft. What happens next? 
CG : And there are a lot of other people disembarking for this conference. I was met by Gonzalez and he walked me right into the very front of the very crowded room and told me to stand. He said, stand right here. I saw all these people in these swivel chairs in a cathedral - like conference room that went very high up. The room could hold around 300 people. And there were people from all over the world.  
CG : And people that looked like they were from that area of the world. There were people in different military type uniforms, different type of Air Force type jumper suits, and just a wide variety of people. 
DW : You were alone on stage? 
CG : I was alone on stage. No prep. I was just walked there, told to stand there. And then all of a sudden everybody got quiet and just filed to their seats and started looking behind me.
I’d look behind me. And there was standing one of the Blue Avians that I’ve come to known as Raw-Tear-Eir. And I know one of the other sphere beings that we’ve come to now call the golden triangle head. It just stood here. And it just seemed just very weird apparition looking. And then Tear-Eir began to communicate to me telepathically.
DW : Well, I guess nobody’s heckling you once they showed up. 
CG : No. And then at that point, I then was told by Tear-Eir to turn, and introduce, and repeat everything that he said word for word, to make sure I repeated everything word for word, and not to change anything. Everything had to be exactly word for word.  And there were a number of questions. They were things that I didn’t understand what they were asking.
DW : When you say there were a lot of technical questions that you didn’t really understand, was the overall gist of it seeming that they were trying to enhance their war footing and have tactical strategy? 
CG : Yes, it was tactical, and it had to do with offensive capabilities and wanting to use their ability to know future events, all these different temporal kind of questions, things that were far above my head in understanding. 
DW : And the Blue Avian said, Tear-Eir said, that there’s a tsunami of energy coming into our solar system?
CG : And since then, he said that these energy waves are coming in like ebbing and flowing. They’re coming in waves, as well as our solar system, our local star cluster, is in the torsion field of the galaxy as we are entering this area of the galaxy, this high energetic area of the galaxy. 
DW : What the immediate short term effects of that would be as a - like what would happen to us as a tsunami comes in? 
CG : Well, if they were not defusing this energy, there would be a lot of really catastrophic sun activity, and a lot of really bizarre behavior in humans and animals, and really bad weather, earthquakes, all kinds of things that these spheres diffusing. This energy is supposedly alleviating for us. 
DW : What is the effect that will happen as this continues? 
CG : Well we’re gaining time right now to raise our consciousness to become - well, their message is to became more loving, more forgiving of yourself and others. And they say that stops the wheel of karma, and that we should focus on becoming service to others on a daily basis, not being so focused on ourselves and our own self needs, but on to daily try to raise our consciousness and our vibration
DW : Well, it seems like it’s the opposite of what the elite believe. 
CG : Well, it is.  But if you want to raise your consciousness and become a higher vibratory type of person or being, that’s the path you gotta take. 
DW : Did they tell you there’s a relationship between consciousness and physical reality? 
CG : Well, our mass consciousness has been used as a tool against us to keep us enslaved. The powers that be will use media to plant a seed in our mass consciousness, and then later on through mass media, or false flags, or whatever cause an incident to cause us to emotionally give it energy and the masses to, through our mass consciousness, to create that situation, and make it happen.  And our consciousness is a vibratory state. And our joint consciousness is a very powerful co-creative mechanism that has an effect to all of the other vibratory states around us. And once we learn to harness that, we can change reality.
DW : You said that 40 different - there’s 22 different genetic programs going on. And so we have all this DNA from other intelligent civilizations. What happens with all that mix and match of DNA in us as we go through tis change? 
CG : Because of all the tinkering that’s happened with our light bodies and our genetics, it’s not just genetics. We have a wide spectrum of emotions, which is a blessing and a curse, because I mean, right now we can control those emotions. 
DW: The sphere being is not allowing the alliance to actually create military strikes. Wouldn’t the alliance perspective be that they need to attack these negative groups of extraterrestrials in order to ever change anything? 
CG : Negative begets negative. The alliance., the secret space program alliance has been given defensive technologies, but they have been told not to do any more of these strikes that cause large losses of life, not to destroy any more of the infrastructure.
DW : Well disclosure would be a really key word there. 
CG : Yes, full disclosure is what they’re going for
DW : So these sphere beings are helping us get to disclosure? 
CG : Right, that is the goal. They want for humanity to free themselves through disclosure and through us rising up and freeing ourselves. And hopefully - and it’s going to be messy, because a lot of people are going to be angry. There’s going to be some messy parts but they want us to do it in a way that’s going to be a foundation for a whole new era for humanity. 
DW : Well this is a really fascinating subject, Corey. I applaud you for your courage and your bravery in coming forward and being willing to do this. And I think you’re a hero, and we all owe you a debt of gratitude. So thanks for being here, Corey. 

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